James Vivien De Fleury

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James Vivien de Fleury


A Fleury painting of St Brelade's Bay in 1866

Fleury's painting of Bonne Nuit, dated 1903

Although his name suggests thats he was of French, or possibly Channel Island origin, James de Fleury is known as a London-based painter of landscapes and coastal scenes who worked in watercolours and oils. Several of his works are known which were painted in Jersey and Guernsey.

He lived in Fulham and Notting Hill, and then moved to Margate in 1861 alao living in Birmingham in the 1890s. He first exhibited in London at the Royal Academy from 1847 and also at the Society of British Artists and British Institution. He did not exhibit at the principal societies after 1869.

In addition to working in the Channel Islands he travelled in Brittany, Switzerland and North Italy.

His dates of birth and death are not known but his last-known work from the Channel Islands was a painting of Bonne Nuit Bay in Jersey, dated 1903.

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