Jean de Roches, Robert de Norton and Raoul Basset

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Jean des Roches, Warden of the Isles 1326-1331

On 29 March 1327 Edward III appointed Jean de Roches and Robert Norton as Wardens. Jean de Roches had probably already received instructions to go to the islands the previous year, and is shown in documents as having been appointed on 26 August 1326.

There are several documents relating to petitions to the King in 1329 and 1330 which name him as Warden.

In 1328 the islanders petitioned the king to appoint a Warden following the death of Lord of the Isles Otto de Grandison and the name of Raoul Basset de Drayton appears alongside that of Jean de Roches.

He was probably Sir John de Roches, the son of Hugh de Roches of Fareham, Hampshire.

Like many before him, Robert de Norton first came to the islands as an itinerant justice and may never have performed any other role.

Raoul Basset

Raoul Basset de Drayton was Ralph Basset, 2nd Baron Drayton, born in 1279 in Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, Staffordshire, and died in 1343 in Drakelow, Staffordshire

The Complete Peerage shows that on 14 March 1300, though still a minor, he had livery of all his lands, and licence to marry whom he would. From 29 December 1299 to 25 February 1342, he was summoned to Parliament. He received knighthood with the Prince of Wales on 22 May 1306. He was a Banneret in 1341. He was subsequently Steward of the Duchy of Aquitaine, and distinguished himself by his proud defiance of the King of France. He was Constable of Dover Castle, Warden of the Cinque Ports, March to September 1326; Seneschal of Gascony etc.

He married Joan, daughter of John De Grey, of Wilton and Ruthin, by his 1st wife, Anne, daughter of William de Ferrers

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