Jeanne Gruchy and the Clos des Pauvres

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Jeanne Gruchy and the
Clos des Pauvres


Trinity stone

Jeanne Gruchy (1765-1848), the daughter of Jean Gruchy, of St John, and Jeanne Baudains, was one of the Island’s best known benefactors

St Lawrence Clos des Pauvres


In her will, signed on 5 February 1843, she called herself "a native and resident of St John's" and added:

"I bequeath to the most necessitous poor of this isle the sum of 1,728 silver livres, according to the ancient currency of France, that is to say 144 livres in one payment for the poor of each of the twelve parishes, to be distributed at the discretion my executors".

Then came a list of personal legacies to relations and friends, and the will ends:

"As to the rest of my property, I leave it for the benefit of the Poor of the twelve parishes to be divided equally between the parishes, on condition that the sum received by each parish be used by the Parochial Committee for the purchase of land, and that the produce or rent of that land be employed every year to succour the necessitous Poor, my wish being that the distribution be made extraordinairement (ie not as ordinary parish relief) to the native poor of this isle who are not in receipt of relief".

She died on 6 January 1848, aged 84. Each parish received £725, according to the Commissioners' Report of 1869, and in that year the land produced an annual income of £338.

The bequest became known as Le Don Gruchy.

It has not been possible to fit Jeanne Gruchy and her parents into any of the Gruchy trees in Jerripedia.

Income details

A 2017 report in response to a Freedom of Information request, listed the Clos des Pauvres in each parish, the income they produce and the use of the money generated.

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