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There were no pictures in Jerripedia for the first six months, but in the ensuing 4½ years we have added over 24,000, at an average rate of over 400 a month. Understandably the rate of growth of our picture collection has slowed, although in the first six weeks of 2015 it has had a major boost with over 700 new images added.

In the summer of 2011 we introduced our popular Picture of the week feature, and some remarkable images from Jersey’s history have been featured on this page. We have had enough difficulty arriving at a picture of the year in recent times, and decided against attempting to select a picture which would be given the accolade of the best on the site to date.

However, we have chosen to highlight the second picture we chose as our weekly feature picture back in 2011, because it epitomises everything that Jerripedia is about. We have a photograph of the famous Jerseyman with links to other articles about golf in Jersey, his biography, the Vardon family page in Jerripedia and his family tree

Happy birthday to us!

Jerripedia celebrates its fifth birthday on 15 February 2015 and looks back on five years of unprecedented success for the website which set out to become an online historical encyclopedia for Jersey.

Launched by Mike Bisson, who had a long career in journalism with the Jersey Evening Post, eventually becoming its editor and then managing director, Jerripedia was conceived as a resource for family historians, but from the outset it was intended to provide them not only with access to family records which had hitherto been unavailable online, but also with background information about the island their families lived in.


The success of the site can be measured not only by the fact that it is still growing daily five years after its launch, but in a simple set of statistics:

  • Registered users (it is not compulsory to register to use the site, only to edit and add pages): 1153
  • Daily visitors (2015 average) : 425
  • Total daily visits (2015 average) : 600
  • Daily pages viewed: Peak 40,000-plus, 2015 average 6,883
  • Pages on site: 5,994
  • Pictures on site: 23,210
  • Family pages: 425
  • Family trees: 1,600
  • Family records (births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials): 311,118, and growing daily

The future

So, where do we go from here?

The editorial team's 'to do' list seems to be as long as ever, and we expect to continue to add content to the site on a daily basis for the next five years, and hopefully far into the future.

Our work on providing access to family records to researchers throughout the world continues as we celebrate our fifth birthday, and the first weeks of 2015 have seen the addition of an index to 45,000 birth records from 1842 to around 1920 (depending on parish). We will soon turn our attention to records of marriages (1842-1940) and deaths (1842-1970), hoping to complete this stage of the project by mid-2015.

Further progress will depend on being able to scan more records in Jersey, but we hope in due course to add St Helier birth records from 1842-1920, to complement our collection of baptism records for the parish over the same period, and also to start providing baptism records from 1842 onwards. Although these largely duplicate the birth records added this year, they contain far more information and are, therefore, a very important source of information for researchers taking their family trees back through the second half of the 19th century.

We also hope to plug some gaps by introducing records from the Roman Catholic churches and other denominations.

And we will shortly be asking Jerripedia users to make their own contribution to our family records by entering more detailed information from their own research into individual database records.

General history

But Jerripedia is not, and never has been, all about family records, and we will continue to expand our general historical content, linking articles about Jersey's homes, businesses and prominent people in its past to our unrivalled collection of family trees (now over 1,600) and the 400-plus pages devoted to the most important Jersey families which form the core of the site
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