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Jersey cider
apple varieties


Apple harvest at Le Douet, St John, in 1912

An enormous variety of apples was grown in Jersey when cider production was at its peak in the first half of the 19th century

When representatives of La Société Centrale d'Agriculture de la Seine Inferieure visited Jersey in 1856, to seek advice from Jersey's farmers on apple growing and the production of cider, they noted the following which had been recommended to them:

By Col Le Couteur of Belle Vue, St Aubin - Rumril, Arseul, Museau-de-Boeuf, Ambroise-Capital, Stone Pippin, Amer-doux-blanc, Vermillon, Quarré or Carré, Pepin Jacob, Doux-Capé, Fréquin or Frais-Chien, Laid Oux, Pépin la Tenue, Coccagee and Golden Pippin.
Col Mourant, of Samarés Manor added Le Doux Eveque, Mauget, de Bretagne, Aumone, Lamey to the list.
Moise Gibaut added Petit Jean, Tete-de-Chat, l'Aumone and Rouge-Ameret

20th century list

In the 20th century Frank Le Maistre made a lifetime study of apples and pears grown in Jersey. He recorded them in Jèrriais in the quarterly bulletins of L'Assembliée d'Jèrriais, and an abridged and translated list was published in the Annual Bulletin of La Société Jersiaise in 1970:

  • Doux Am'theé: Sweet, soft, yellow; very juicy and makes good quality cider
  • Vert Am'theé: Bitter-sweet, green, hard and late. Fruit well shaped but poor in quality
  • Pommes d'Avouetage: Ripening in August. Yellow, small, sweet and soft. Good eating but do not keep
  • Pommes d'Avranches: Very sweet, green and soft. October. Good for cider and very good for baming
  • Nièr Binnet: A very good all-purpose apple. Makes excellent cider when really ripe. December
  • Pommes dé Brétangne (du Gros Brétangne): Sweet, flat in shape and streaked with red. Good for baking. February. If the apples are really ripe the cider bottles well. Strong tree
  • Pommes dé Cabot: Sweet, soft, reddish colour. Good for cider. October. Bears well
  • Cadelinnes Rilyies: Sour, streaked with red and of good quality. Good cooker, bears well. October
  • Vèrtes Cadelinnes: Cooker. Twelve to 15 other varieties of Cadelinne were known.
  • Pommes dé Cannelle: Small, bitter-sweet yellowish fruit. Good cider. November
  • Caplyi: Streked red. October. Good flavour cider
  • Gris Caplyi: Sweet, small fruit, greyish-red. February to March. Sweet, good flavour cider. Bears well in alternate years
  • Gros Caplyi: Sweet, green, November. Good cider that bottles well. Mix with other varieties
  • Su Caplyi: Sour. November. Heavy crop. Cider keeps well
  • Vert Caplyi: Small fruit, bitter-sweet, grey-green. January. Good cropper
  • Pommes à Chucre: Small, sweet, yellow. Strong tree bears well
  • Pommes dé Cire: Sour and green, flushed red. January
  • Cotard: Green and sour, December. Small tree bears well
  • Court-Pendu: Bitter-sweet, green fruit, good for cider. Does not bear well and tips die back
  • Douoches Danmes: Very sweet and early. Cider does not keep
  • Pommes d'Empereur Alexandre: Sour, soft. September
  • Jaune Ernet (l'Ernette Dorée). Golden Russet, Good keeping, all-purpose apple
  • l'Ernette de Batard. Hard green sour apples, good for cooking. November
  • Grise Ernette: Sour, very grey, ruddy skin, good cooker. December
  • Blianc Fieillu: Sour, green, medium size.
  • Rouoge Fieillu: SOur and hard, red and medium size. January. Keeps very well
  • Belles Fil'yes: Early, sweet and green. All purpose fruit. Bears well
  • P'tites Fil'yes: Good, old apple, sweet, very small, red striped. November. Good cider
  • Fosset: Soft green, slightly sour but good eating. August to September, useful early apple
  • Gros France: Large, sweet green, all-purpose apple
  • P'tit France: Medium size sweet apple, hard and very green. December-January. Good cider keeps well.
  • Gros Fretchian: Red, sweet, large, soft and shiny. Best for cider
  • P'tit Fretchian: Reddish grey. Mix with other varieties for cider. Two or three trees in every cider orchard
  • Frisé: Soft, striped red, good for cider. October
  • Gare d'Angliéterre: Large, soft green, sour apples. Good dry cider. October
  • Pommes d'Ivraie (or Su France). Bitter aples good for jelly and cooking. Long-keeping cider. Bears well
  • P'tit Jean: All-purpose, sour, red streaked. Keeps well
  • Pommes dé Juin: Little sour, soft and yellow. Cooking and eating. Does not keep. June
  • Pommes dé Limon: Hard, sour, green and late. March. Good for baking. Does not crop well
  • Loumé (Lonmé): Good, greeen and sweet. Sweet dark cider. December
  • Maugi: Sour to bitter, hard, medium size. Bears and keeps well. Good jelly. Good dry cider. Mixes well with other varieties
  • Mère du Mênage: Sour apples, keep well
  • Musé d'Boeu: Sour, soft, red striped. Early, all-purpose, bears well
  • Musé d'Brebis: Bitter-sweet, small, green. November. Good cider
  • Pépin Batard. Cider only. Sweet, green. Bitter-sweet. November
  • Pépin Billot. Cider. Sweet, green, November
  • Pépin au Bro. Cider. Sweet, green, November
  • Pépin d'Fliandres. Hard, green, sour. Cooks and keeps well
  • Pépin J'valyi (Chevalier): Soft and sour fruit, grey, striped red. Good eater and cooker. September
  • Pépin Orange: Large, sweet, flat apples with yellow skin.
  • Vert Pépin: Sweet, green, medium size, cider only. Bottles well. November.
  • Pigeonnet: Sour, hard, red, medium size. January. Keeps well
  • Pommes dé Pontis: SLightly sour, soft, green and medium size. Very juicy. August. Eater and cooker
  • Doux Rom'thi (Romeril). Flattish, green and sweet. Mix with Maugi for bottling cider
  • Gros Rom'thi: Sweet, soft green. Poor for cider. November
  • Su Rom'thi (Sueur): Flattish, green. Does not bear well
  • Pommes dé Rosée: Sourish, soft, greenish yellow. Eater and cooker. August-September. Does not keep
  • P'tit Rouoget: Sweet, red, hard. Keeps well. Good cider. January-February
  • Rouoget: Late. Acid, keeps well
  • Pommes dé Saule: Bitter-sweet and yellowish. Cider only. December
  • Pommes dé Suzanne: Sour, soft, red striped. August. Bears well but does not keep
  • Têtard: Cider only. Bitter-sweet, green. December
  • Tête dé Cat: Sour keeping apple
  • Doux au Vêque: Small apple. Yellow cider, bottles well. November
  • Pommes dé Vin: Sour, soft with red flesh. August. Good for baking
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