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Jersey chronology

Our Chronology of Events is a timeline of all the most important events in Jersey history from Acheulean Man to the present day. The chronology is now so long that we have decided to break it down into sections which are accessed by the links on the left. You can easily move from one section to the next once you have entered the timeline


This chronology draws on various sources in print and on line, the most important of which is A Chronology of Jersey, by Ralph Mollet (1949), based on an 1892 Chronology by E T Nicolle. It is likely that the majority of the other sources are also based to a greater or lesser extent on Mollet's work, published by La Société Jersiaise. Further details have been added from Jersey Through the Centuries - a Chronology of events and matters of interest by Leslie Sinel, which is itself based on Mollet's work.

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