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Jurats of the Royal Court
from 1700 to 1899


A thank-you card sent by successful candidate Francois Arthur to one of his supporters, Charles Journeaux, after the 1845 election

18th Century

  • 1700-1731 - Raulin Robin, of Augerez, St Peter. Seigneur of Prieur and d'Orville. Elder son of Jurat Raulin Robin. Replaced Jean La Cloche. Became Lieut- Bailiff
  • 1701-1701 - Abraham de Carteret, Seigneur of St John. Replaced David Bandinel
  • 1701-1728 - Josué Pipon. Replaced Philippe Richardson. Lieut-Bailiff
  • 1702-1727 - Charles Poingdestre of St Saviour, eldest son of Jean Poingdestre, Lieut-Bailiff 1669-76. Replaced Abraham de Carteret by virtue of an Order in Council.
  • 1704-1723 - Edouard de Carteret, Seigneur de St John. Replace Amice de Carteret
  • 1708-1728 - Jean de Carteret, Seigneur of Vinchelez de Haut. Replaced Elie Le Montais
  • 1711-1729 - Philippe Dumaresq, Seigneur d'Anneville et de Samares. Replaced Philippe Le Geyt
  • 1712-1718 - Jean Dumaresq, son of Jean, son of Abraham. Replaced Charles de Carteret. Represented States in England with Josué Pipon in 1708
  • 1712-1730 - James Corbet of St Saviour. Replaced George La Cloche
  • 1713-1725 - Amice La Cloche, Seigneur de Longueville. Replaced Henry de Carteret
  • 1714-1737 - Charles de Carteret, Seigneur of Trinity, Replaced Charles Dumaresq
  • 1718-1734 - Michel Lempriere, Seigneur of Dielament. Replaced Jean Dumaresq. Removed from office by Order in Council of 1734
  • 1723-1746 - Guillaume Dumaresq, Seigneur of Saval. Replaced Edouard de Carteret
  • 1725-1726 - Philippe Pipon, Seigneur of Noirmont. Probably replaced Jean Durell. Elder son of Elie Pipon, Receiver General 1681-96, he also became Receiver General from 1696 to 1716
  • 1725-1746 - Nicolas Dumaresq, Seigneur of Ponterrin. Eldest son of Richard Dumaresq, Constable of St Saviour 1676-94. Replaced Amice La Cloche. Lieut-Bailiff
  • 1726-1734 - Jean Le Hardy, son of Charles, of Grouville. Replaced Philippe Pipon. His position was confirmed by an Order in Council of 30 May 1734, which dismissed five Jurats, but he refused to continue
  • 1726-1740 - Jean Pipon, son of Elie of Noirmont. Replaced Charles Poingdestre
  • 1728-1734 - Philippe Patriarche. Probably replaced Josué Pipon. Dismissed by Order in Council of 30 May 1734 for failing to obey certain Orders at the time of the troubles of 1731
  • 1728-1734 - Jean de Carteret of Vinchelez de Bas. Probably replaced Jean de Carteret. Absent from the island when elected the same day as Jurat Patriarche but because he obtained more votes he was accorded seniority. Confirmed by Order in Council of 30 May 1734 but refused to sit
  • 1729-1747 - Philippe Le Geyt, son of Jean. Replaced Philippe Dumaresq. Lieut-Bailiff
  • 1729-1734 - Replaced James Corbet. Dismissed by Order in Council of 30 May 1734 for failing to obey certain Orders at the time of the troubles of 1731
  • 1731-1734 - Abraham Richardson. Replaced Raulin Robin. Dismissed by Order in Council of 30 May 1734
  • 1731-1734 - Jean Dumaresq, eldest son of Advocate Elie Dumaresq of Augres. Replaced his grandfather, Elie Dumaresq. Dismissed by Order in Council of 30 May 1734
  • 1737-1762 - Michel Lempriere, Seigneur of Diélament, eldest son of the Jurate of this name dismissed by Order in Council of 30 May 1734
  • 1737-1744 - David Patriarche, eldest son of Jurat Philippe Patriarche, dismissed by Order in Council of 30 May 1734
  • 1737-1743 - Philippe Le Geyt, eldest son of Jurat Matthieu Le Geyt, dismissed by Order in Council of 30 May 1734
  • 1740-1754 - Elie Dumaresq, Seigneur of Augrés, known as Avocat des Augrés
  • 1740-1775 - Jean Le Hardy, eldest son of the Jurat of the same name who refused to sit in 1734. Lieut-Bailiff and long-time Juge-Délégué
  • 1740-1745 - Jean Hamptonne, of St Peter
  • 1740-1758 - Edouard Marett, of La Haule, Seigneur du Franc Fief in St Brelade. Absent from the island when elected
  • 1740-1754 - Philippe Anley, of Aix, St Peter
  • 1740-1779 - Jean Poingdestre of St Saviour, eldest son of Jurat Charles Poingdestre. Replaced Jean Pipon
  • 1743-1767 - James Pipon, Seigneur of Noirmont. Replaced Philippe Le Geyt, son of Matthieu
  • 1744-1761 - Jean Dumaresq, son of Elie, son of Philippe. Seigneur of Orville and Prieur à St Pierre. Replaced David Patriarche. Constable of St Ouen when elected. Father of Jean Dumaresq, Lieut-Bailiff
  • 1744-1767 - Jean Dumaresq, son of Jean, son of Jean, son of Abraham, probably of Gros Puits. Replaced Jean Hamptonne. Was Constable of St Helier when elected
  • 1746-1762 - Francois Marett of St Lawrence. Replaced Nicolas Dumaresq
  • 1746-1770 - Charles Hilgrove of St Helier, replaced Guillaume Dumaresq. Obtained discharge from office by Order in Council on 12 December 1770
  • 1750-1781 - Charles Lempriere, eldest son of Michel Lempriere, Seigneur of Diélament. At the time of his election his fatherm father-in-law Charles Hilgrove, and his cousin Jean Le Hardy were already Jurats. Some time after his brothers-in-law Thomas Pipon and Edouard Ricard were also elected and sworn in without opposition. Charles Lempriere replaced Philippe Le Geyt, who died in 1747. The first election on 7 March 1747 resulted in Richard Dumaresq, of Ponterrin, St Saviour, winning by a large majority but he refused to be sworn in on grounds of deafness and loss of memory. Eventually the Privy Council gave him dispensation and a further election was ordered
  • 1754-1770 - Daniel Messervy of Mont au Prêtre. Replaced Elie Dumaresq. Obtained discharge from office in December 1770
  • 1754-1770 - Jacques Lempriere of St Helier. Replaced Philippe Anley. Obtained discharge from office in December 1770
  • 1758-1785 - Josué Pipon of La Moye, son of Lieut-Bailiff of that name who died in 1728. Replaced Edouard Marett. Lieut-Bailiff
  • 1761-1764 - Thomas Pipon of St Aubin. Replaced Jean Dumaresq, son of Elie, son of Philippe
  • 1762-1782 - Edouard Ricard of St Ouen, replaced Michel Lempriere
  • 1763-1776 - Amice Marett of St Helier. Replaced Francois Marett
  • 1764-1815 - Edouard Le Maistre, Seigneur of St John La Hougue Boëte. Replaced Thomas Pipon. Juge-délégué Died on 18 July 1815 at the age of 91. He had been Jurat for 51 years but had not sat for more than ten years
  • 1767-1794 - Philippe de Carteret of Mont au Prêtre, replaced James Pipon. Greffier fron 1747. Lieut-Bailiff. When he died in 1794 his grandson Philippe de Carteret was Greffier
  • 1767-1801 - Francois Marett, Seigneur of Avranches
  • 1771-1808 - Nicolas Messervy, Seigneur of Augrés. Replaced Charles Hilgrove. Lieut-Bailiff and many times Juge délégué
  • 1771-1789 - Charles Payn of St Ouen, Seigneur of Nièmes, son of Jean, son of Edouard. Replaced Daniel
  • 1771-1782 - David Patriarche of St Helier. Son of Jurat David Patriarche. Replaced Jacques Lempriere
  • 1776-1788 - Elie Pipon, Seigneur of Noirmont. Eldest son of Jurat James Pipon. Replaced Jean Le Hardy
  • 1776-1821 - Philippe Robin of St Aubin. Grandson of Jurat Raulin Robin. Jurat for 45 years, he died in 1821 in his 83rd year
  • 1779-1800 - Jean Poingdestre of St Saviour, Seigneur of Anneville. Replaced Jean Poingdestre, his father
  • 1781-1790 - William Charles Lempriere, Seigneur of Diélament. Son of Charles Lempriere, Seigneur of Rosel. Replaced his father. Sworn in on 4 August 1781 and presided over the court as Lieut-Bailiff on the same day
  • 1782-1786 - Nicolas Fiott, Seigneur of Méléches. Replaced Edouard Ricard. The Court refused him precedence and his protests were in vain
  • 1782-1789 - Philippe Le Hardy, son of Jurat Jean Le Hardy. Replaced David Patriarche. Obtained discharge from office in October 1789 and died the following year
  • 1785-1814 - Jacques Hemery of St Helier. Replaced Josué Pipon. Twice Député des Etats in England. Lieut-Bailiff. Obtained discharge on the grounds of age and ill health in 1814 and died 17 years later at the age of 87
  • 1789-1795 - Guillaume Patriarche of St Helier. Son of Guillaume, son of Jurat Philippe Patriarche. Replaced Elie Pipon. Obtained discharge in 1795 at the age of 45 and died 32 years later
  • 1789-1795 - Jacques Amice Lempriere of St Helier. Obtained discharge in 1895 and died in 1812
  • 1789-1814 - Charles de la Garde, eldest son of the Rector of Grouville of the same name. Replaced Philippe Le Hardy. Obtained discharge on health grounds in April 1814 and died five years later at the age of 79
  • 1790-1795 - Jean Le Couteur of St John. Replaced William Charles Lempriere. Was Centenier of St John when elected. Obtained discharge in 1795 to devote all his time to his work as Brigade Major of the Militia
  • 1795-1812 - Francois Valpy dit Janvrin of St Brelade. Replaced Philippe de Carteret
  • 1795-1807 - Pierre Mauger of St Lawrence. Replaced Guillaume Patriarche. He was Constable of St Lawrence and Sénéchal of the King's Fiefs on his appointment
  • 1795-1807 - Jean de Carteret, Seigneur of Vinchelez de Bas. Replaced Jacques Amice Lempriere
  • 1795-1839 - Philippe de Carteret of Mont au Prêtre. Replaced Jean Le Couteur. Many times Juge délégué and Lieut-Bailiff
  • 1795-1816 - Jacques Hammond, Seigneur of Samarès. Replaced Nicolas Fiott. Already elected in 1785 he took the oath despite the opposition of Philippe Dumaresq, brother of Jean, who contested the election with him. An Order in Countil of 1787 ordered the Court to cancel the swearing in of Jacques Hammond and hear the petition of Mr Dumaresq. A prolonged process only ended in 1795 when Mr Dumaresq withdrew

19th century

  • 1800-1832 - Thomas Pipon, son of Jean of St Peter. Replaced Jean Poingdestre. Lieut-Bailiff
  • 1801-1831 - Jean Poingdestre, replaced Francois Marett. Son of Jurat Jean Poingdestre of St Saviour and Elizabeth Pipon. Seigneur of Anneville, he was the fifth Poingdestre to become Jurat, from father to son in a direct line from Lieut-Bailiff Jean Poingdestre.
  • 1807-1850 - Philippe Marett, son of Philippe, Seigneur of Avranches. Elected by a majority of 114 votes to replace Pierre Mauger. Constable of St Lawrence from 1805 to 1807 and Advocate from 1795. Lieut-Bailiff.
  • 1809-1819 - Clement Bailhache. Constble of St Ouen from 1793-99
  • 1810-1835 - Philippe Nicolle, son of Philippe and Elizabeth Mauger. Elected in August 1809 but the Court refused to swear him in until ordered to do so by the Privy Council the following year. A gap of three years followed during which there were no elections for Jurat pending the outcome of a Royal Commission into the processes.
  • 1813-1845 - Charles Le Maistre, Constable of St Ouen from 1805. On 25 November he demanded seniority as Seigneur of St Ouen but the court deferred a decision for six months, when it ruled that he had an incontestable right to seniority. The son of Elie Le Maistre and Jeanne Dumaresq, Dame de St Ouen
  • 1814-1833 - Aaron de Ste Croix. Permitted to retire in 1833, Jurat de Ste Croix was a merchant and shipowner, owning several vessels valued at not less than £25,000. He died in 1835 at the age of 79.
  • 1815-1838 - Philippe Dauvergne. Replaced Edouard Le Maistre. Constable of St Ouen from 1799 to 1805
  • 1816-1827 - Thomas Anley Centenier of St Helier from 1785-1788 and Constable from 1803-1806, elected Jurat in April 1816 with a majority of 798 votes. This was the second time he had been elected and this time the Privy Council ordered that he be sworn in
  • 1819-1835 - Philippe Raoul Lempriere, Seigneur of Rosel, Diélement, etc. Elected by a majority of 1070 votes during his absence in England. He sat as second most senior Jurat as Seigneur of Rosel. Only son of Lieut-Bailiff William Charles Lempriere. Retired at the age of 49 on health grounds and died in 1859 aged 74
  • 1823-1842 George Bertram. Replaced Philippe Robin two years after the election in which he came second was followed by intense legal arguments and a prolonged delay
  • 1827-1831 - Jean de Veulle, replaced Thomas Anley. Son of Jean de Veulle (son of Aaron) Greffier. Became Advocate on 27 April 1819 and Bailiff and Knight in 1831.
  • 1831-1840 - Nicolas Le Quesne. Replaced Jean de Veulle. For a long time Centenier of St Helier. A merchant and shipowner. Permitted to resign after nine years in office on health grounds.
  • 1832-1884 - Edouard Leonard Bisson. Replaced Thomas Pipon. The son of the Rev Amice Bisson, Rector of St Brelade then St Lawrence, and his wife Jeanne Le Maistre, sister of St Ouen Seigneur Jurat Charles Le Maistre. Was for many years Lieut-Bailiff under three different Bailiffs and on the death of Jean de Veulle he was chosen as Juge délégué. He was appointed to this role again in 1857 on the death of Thomas Le Breton, Bailiff. He died in his 88th year.
  • 1833-1866 - Philippe de Ste Croix. Replaced his father Aaron. In 1864 he wrote to the States asking to be permitted to resign after 33 years in office, on age and health grounds. Two years passed before the Privy Council decided to accept his request. He died in 1873 at the age of 76 at his brother's home in Hastings Terrace
  • 1835-1850 - Edouard Nicolle, replaced his later brother Philippe. He was Constable of St Helier from 1818 to 1821 and 1824 to 1827. Lieut-Bailiff on several occasions. Obtained permission to resign on grounds of age and ill health in 1850 and died the following year at the age of 70.
  • 1835-1853 - Philippe Le Maistre of Trinity. Replaced Jean Poingdestre. In the election of 20 September 1831 he gained 1480 votes to 1226 for Mr Jean Benest of St Helier. The result was contested and a number of electors opposed the swearing in of Mr Le Maistre on the grounds that he did not possess the required qualities to be Jurat. Mr Benest also petitioned and the matter was referred to the Privy Council. The electors who had protested the result complained that the Court would not hear their arguments and the Privy Council suspended the whole procedure for four years. In 1835 the petitioners conveyed their wish to abandon their opposition and the Court decided to admit Mr Le Maistre to take the oath. Two days after his swearing in he obtained precedence over Jurats Bisson and Nicolle who had been elected since him. He was the son of Francois Le Maistre, of Trinity, and Elizabeth Jeanne du Pré, and nephew of Philip Le Maistre of St Lawrence.
  • 1835-1837 - Jean Le Couteur. Replaced Philippe Raoul Lempriere. He obtained 1355 votes to Mr Francois Arthur's 1146. He was the son of General Jean Le Couteur, of Bellevue, St Brelade, who had been Jurat from 1790-1795. In 1837 he was given permission to resign on health grounds. He became Vicomte in 1842, was Knighted and died at the age of 81 in 1875.
  • 1837-1866 - Philippe Winter Nicolle. Replaced Jean Le Couteur. A St Helier Centenier, he was the eldest son of Jurat Philippe Nicolle. In 1864 he sought permission to resign, but had to wait two years for it to be granted
  • 1838-1839 - Thomas Duhamel. Replaced Philippe Dauvergne. He died two years after his election at the age of 48
  • 1839-1843 - Pierre Perrot. Replaced Philippe de Carteret of Mont au Prêtre. A younger son of Francois Perrot and Elizabeth Hooper.
  • 1839-1862 - Charles Bertram. Replaced Thomas Duhamel. Eldest son of Elie Bertram, Constable of Grouville. Allowed to resign in 1862.
  • 1840-1867 - Jean Le Couteur. Constable of St Martin. Replaced Jurat Nicholas Le Quesne. Son of Jean Le Couteur (son of Nicolas) and Marguerite Nicolle. Resigned on health grounds in 1867.
  • 1841-1870 - Philippe Picot, replaced George Philippe Benest. He had been Constable of St John from 1832-35
  • 1842-1856 - Jean Pelgué, son of George. Replaced George Bertram
  • 1843-1868 - Philippe Le Gallais of La Moye, St Brelade. Replaced Pierre Perrot. Elected by 1444 votes to 1431 against Francois Arthur. Nominated to preside over the new Petty Debts Court in 1854. Died in 1868 at the age of 74
  • 1845-1860 - Francois Arthur. Replaced Charles Le Maistre. Died in 1860 at the age of 72
  • 1850-1856 - Charles Le Quesne, replaced Edouard Nicolle. The eldest son of Jurat Nicolas Le Quesne. Author of Constitutional History of Jersey
  • 1851-1979 - David de Quetteville. Replaced Philippe Marett. The son of Philippe de Quetteville, Constable of St Helier 1827-30, and Marie, daughter of the Rev Jean Mallet, Rector of Grouville
  • 1856-1869 - Nicolas Le Quesne, son of Jean. Replaced his first cousin and brother-in-law Charles Le Quesne. He had been Constable of St Helier from 1853-1856
  • 1856-1873 - Josué Le Bailly. Replaced Jean Pelgué.
  • 1860-1873 - Elie Neel. Replaced Francois Arthur. Son of Elie Neel, of St Saviour and Marie Mourant. First stood for election in 1856. Retired on health grounds in 1873 and died in England at an advanced age
  • 1862-1874 - Jean Aubin, Solicitor and Lieut-Colonel in the Militia. Replaced Charles Bertram. Eldest son of Jean Aubin of Halkett Place and Esther Romeril. Dénonciateur for a short time.
  • 1866-1890 - Francois Marett. Replaced Philippe de Ste Croix. Constable of St Lawrence from 1862-66. Younger son of Philippe Marett, Seigneur of Avranches, Jurat and Lieut-Bailiff and himself became Lieut-Bailiff from 1877-1884
  • 1866-1868 - Philippe Payn, son of the Rev Philippe Payn, rector of St Ouen, and Jeanne Le Geyt. Philippe Payn was elected to replace Winter Nicolle despite protesting that he did not believe that he could fulfil the role of Jurat, and did not appear in court to be sworn in. But the Court ordered him to appear a fortnight later and decided that his motives for refusing to take the oath were not sufficient and allowed him time to reflect on what course of action he would take. Ten days later he agreed to defer to the Court's decision and was sworn in. In 1868 he was allowed to resign and went on to become Deputy of St Ouen, of which he was Constable from 1861-66.
  • On 26 March 1867 James Godfray, Deputy of St Martin, was elected Jurat to replace Jean Le Couteur but he refused to take the oath of office and was released by the Court and a new election was ordered
  • 1867-1868 - Philippe Aubin. Replaced Jean Le Couteur. Constable of St Helier from 1858-61. Younger brother of Jurat Jean Aubin. Resigned on health grounds in 1868 and died in 1882
  • 1868-1886 - Philippe du Heaume, of Broadlands, St Saviour. Lieut-Colonel in Militia. Replaced Philippe Aubin. Resigned in 1886
  • 1868-1900 - Charles Gruchy, Replaced Philippe Payn. Constable of Trinity 1864-68.
  • 1868-1878 - Francois Jean Le Montais. Replaced Philippe Le Gallais. Solicitor and Deputy of St Peter. Son of Francois Le Montais and Susanne de Jersey
  • 1869-1875 - Philippe Dumaresq. Replaced Nicolas Le Quesne. Of Les Colombiers, St Mary. Deputy of that parish
  • 1870-1889 - John Picot, Constable of St John 1863-1870. Replaced Philip Picot, his uncle. Lieut-Bailiff from 1884-1889. Died at the age of 61
  • 1873-1903 - Josué George Falle. Deputy (1864) and then Constable of St Helier (1864-1873). Replaced Josué Le Bailly
  • 1873-1874 - William Gaudin, younger son of Philippe Gaudin, of Haut du Rué, St Martin, then Mont au Prêtre, St Helier, and Jeanne Le Boutilllier, his second wife. Replaced Elie Neel.
  • 1874-1906 - Peter Briard. Replaced Jean Aubin. Formerly St Helier Harbourmaster. Lieut-Bailiff around 1900
  • 1874-1876 - Edouard Mourant, Seigneur of Samarés. Replaced William Gaudin. Elected by 1489 votes to the 642 of Josué Brayn. Formerly Constable of St Clement. Became Lieut-Bailiff in 1880; Receiver-General in 1886
  • 1875-1877 - Augustus Aspley Le Gros, Constable of St Peter until elected. Replaced Philippe Dumaresq. Author of poetry in Jèrriais
  • 1876-1883 - Philippe Langlois, Deputy of St Lawrence. Replaced Durell Lerrier. Younger son of Jean Langlois, Constable of St Lawrence, and Marie de Ste CXroix. Died at the age of 67 in 1884, a year after resigning his position
  • 1877-1886 - Clement Nicolle. Replaced Augustus Le Gros
  • 1878-1886 - William Lawrence de Gruchy. Constable of St Helier until elected to replace Francois Le Montais. Elder son of William Philippe de Gruchy, Constable of St Saviour. Produced a new edition of L'Ancienne Coutume de Normandie
  • 1879-1880 - Elie Nicolle, of La Fontaine, Trinity. Deputy of Trinity. Replaced David de Quetteville
  • 1880-1899 - Clement Augustus de Quetteville. Replaced Elie Nicolle. Elder son of Clement Jean de Quetteville and Esther Elizabeth Nicolle, daughter of Jurat Philpippe Nicolle. Lieut-Bailiff in 1889
  • 1883-1887 - John Vaudin, Constable of St Saviour 1878-83. Replaced Philippe Langlois. Received 1727 votes to the 1116 of Philippe Ahier. Appointed Judge of the Petty Debts Court in 1887
  • 1884-1906 - Alfred Messervy, Constable of Trinity 1877-84. Replaced Edouard Bisson. Lieut-Bailiff for many years. Retired in 1906 and died six years later
  • 1886-1903 - Frederick Nicolle de Quetteville, Constable of St Martin 1883-86. Replaced Philippe du Heaume. Son of Francois de Quetteville, of St Martin, and Elizabeth Nicolle
  • 1886-1914 - Edward Charles Malet de Carteret, Seigneur of St Ouen and Deputy of the parish. Replaced Clement Nicolle. Lieut-Bailiff in 1899
    Gervaise Le Gros
  • 1886-1902 - Matthieu Gallichan, Solicitor, Deputy Viscount and Deputy of St Lawrence. Replaced William Lawrence de Gruchy
  • 1886-1914 - Charles Francois Dorey, replaced Edouard Mourant
  • 1887-1900 - William Nicolle. Replaced John Vaudin
  • 1889-1909 - Clement Le Gros, Constable of St Lawrence. Replaced John Picot
  • 1890-1894 - John Thomas du Jardin, Deputy of St Helier. Replaced Francois Marett
  • 1894 - Reginald Raoul Lempriere, Seigneur of Rosel. Advocate of the Royal Court, Deputy of St Martin 1880-83. Replaced John du Jardin having received 955 votes to the 633 for John Pinel. Became Viscount in December of the same year. Reappointed as Jurat in 1918
  • 1895-1913 - Gervaise Le Gros, Seigneur of Mélèches. Advocate of the Royal Court, Greffier 1861-75, Viscount 1876-94. Replaced Reginald Lempriere. Lieut-Bailiff in 1899. Retired in 1913 because of his advanced age
  • 1899-1917 - Walter Duret-Aubin, Deputy of St Helier. Replaced Clement de Quetteville. Lieut-Bailiff in 1906. Elder son of Daniel Aubin and grandson of Jurat Jean Aubin
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