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Jersey houses
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We embarked in 2019 on a major project to include more information in our profiles of old Jersey houses and to greatly expand the number of houses featured. We now have over 1,700 property profiles completed, with just a handful of homes in this index still to finish.

This now represents the most extensive and comprehensive history of old Jersey properties ever created, and work continues to add information to individual profiles by researching censuses, and adding information provided by current owners.

The index now contains links to the majority of homes in the country parishes which we plan to include, although only a handful of old and listed properties in Gorey Village are currently among them. More will be added as time permits.

A further major development was started in 2022 with the creation of an index for historic properties in the town of St Helier. This index has been allocated a separate page, on which properties will be listed street-by-street, in alphabetical order. There will be a limited amount of overlap between this index and the A-Z index on this page, on which some properties in the town centre with individual names are shown


What qualifies a house for inclusion in our list?

The great majority are listed buildings, protected by island legislation from any changes (in some cases, any more changes) to their historic character. Sometimes it is not the main house which is a listed building, or of any particular historical importance, but an outbuilding or other relatively minor feature of the property which has survived the demolition and rebuilding, or substantial changes to the major structure at some time in the past.

Many were included in two classic 20th century volumes Old Jersey Houses 1 and 2, researched and written by the respected Jersey historian Joan Stevens in the 1960s and 70s. But many escaped her attention, including a significant number which have features from the 17th century and earlier, which should have qualified them for inclusion in her first volume. Those books have provided useful histories of many old houses, but the intervening years, during which access to old records has become much easier, have shown them to be full of inaccuracies and assumptions which were never supported with facts.


Our main reference for many of the houses and the information shown in the profiles is the Jersey Heritage Historic Environment Record website - HER, launched in 2020 to provide a guide to Jersey's listed buildings and other important heritage sites throughout the island, including Occupation defences, archaeological sites and other historic structures.

This is a much-needed official source of information, although it does concentrate on structural details of houses rather than their history. What history it does contain is largely copied from Old Jersey Houses, often complete with errors.

The Jersey Datestone Register provides another source of information on the families who owned and occupied Jersey houses and it corrects many of the mistakes in Old Jersey Houses. However, it perpetuates other mistakes and introduces mistaken identifications of its own, so we are no longer providing a direct link to the website, which appears not to have been updated for many years. Details of most of the stones are already included in our house profiles and we will be bringing them all together in a single index as soon as possible.

While we do not claim that our profiles are error-free, we hope that they are a considerable improvement on what is to be found in earlier sources. We have attempted to avoid speculation, to concentrate on factual information, and to highlight the many places in which our information differs from what has been previously published.

House names

It is not widely understood that Jersey houses have not had names for all that long. A study of the 1901 census reveals that the majority of country properties were listed either under the road on which they were situated, or under an area name, or even just under parish vingtaines.

In the 16-18th centuries properties were generally known by the name of the family living in them - La Hocquarderie, Piece Mauger, Morel Farm and Menage es Feuvres are all good examples. Often the name became so familiar that it was retained even after the property was sold out of the family. Some of those names still exist today.

Sometimes it is difficult to ascertain whether a road was named after a house, or the other way round.

In the last quarter of the 19th century the names of houses began to be formalised. Sometimes the old family name was maintained, sometimes names based on features of the property were used. La Chasse, for example, was generally a house with a long drive. Les Chasses was a house with more than one drive, usually linking the property to different roads. Gradually it became popular for a house to be given a name with no particular connections by the family owning it. Moss Nook, Mayfield, Rose Cottage are good examples.

It is not unusual for a number of properties to be found within a particular area, all bearing the same name, although they do not even share common boundaries. This dates back to the time when most properties were either known by their owner's name or by the district where they were located.

In time 'Farm', or 'House', 'Grand' or 'Petit' might have been added to distinguish between properties, as in Grande Route, St Mary, where La Falaize, La Falaize Farm and Falaise House are situated within a stone's throw of each other in the district known as La Falaise.

Name changes

It will be seen that many house names are to be found in several parishes, and sometimes the same name is repeated in two or more locations within the same parish. Some properties have been divided into two, initially both with the same name, which is guaranteed to confuse postmen and women. Sometimes one of the two has had Farm added to its title, even though it is no longer a working farm - perhaps it never was.

There seems, in any case, to be a fashion these days to add Farm to a housename, particularly to give it a cachet when self-catering units are involved.

Many traditional Jersey house names have been lost as owners change to more modern, and supposedly fashionable English names. Perhaps the worst example of this is the decision taken by the owners of one of two Trinity properties named Ville a l'Eveque to change the name of theirs to Bishopstown, the English translation which seems to give the impression of a South African township rather than an old Jersey house.

Many houses are included here using the current name, but some will have changed while this section of the site has been under construction. We hope that we will eventually be able to provide an index entry for each name, or at least those which can be established to have been in use for a significant time.

Alphabetical listing

Following strict alphabetical order is difficult when it comes to house names. We have tried to follow a relatively simple rule of using the definitive article when it sounds correct in English - The Little House, rather than Little House; and to follow that rule for French names - La Petite Maison rather than Petite Maison. Carteret House clearly sounds correct, whereas The Carteret House does not. Following that rule in French leads to Maison Carteret rather than La Maison Carteret.

But everyone is entitled to call their house whatever pleases them, so the name we have listed may not always coincide with the postal address.

In the profiles we show all French road names without the definitive article, as is correct French usage - so it is Grande Route de St Laurent, not La Grande Route. Again this may well differ from official use because some parishes follow this rule and others do not. The Post Office also chooses to ignore this rule.

HER sticks rigidly to French names for Jersey roads, many of which are almost universally known by their English equivalent. On balance, we believe that the best way to avoid confusion is to follow the HER policy. However, the postal address given by HER is not always the best locational address. Many properties which have a frontage on one road, which they use as their postal address, actually have a vehicle access on to another adjoining road. We have tried to identify such anomalies by giving both road names as our location.


We have tried to establish when properties changed hands recently, and for what price, but it can be difficult to match a transaction to a whole property, or part of a property when the original house has been sub-divided and sold as separate residential units.

Where we show 'no recent transactions' that means that there is nothing showing in the two online databases of property sales from the late 1990s to the present day.

We are continuing to research historic contracts of sale to discover more information about who owned houses, who they bought them from and sold them to, and the prices involved.

Historical Jersey houses and their features

Understanding Jersey contracts

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History of Jersey houses Part 1 Part 2

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Abbey Gate: St L Albany House: St L Albert Place: St B Albion House: St Mt Alexandra House: St L Alexandre Farm: St P
Alfriston House: Tr Alfriston Cottages: Tr Allandale: St P Almorah Crescent: St H Alnwick House: Tr Alphington House, Grands Vaux: St S
Alphington House, Chasse Brunet: St S Ambleside Farm: St Mt Anchor Cottage: Tr Ancient House: St O Andover Lodge: St P Anneville: St Mt
Anthoine's Farm: St S Apple Cottage: St Mt Appledale: St My Archirondel Cottage: St Mt Argilston: St B Ash Cottage: St Mt
Ashley Court: St J Ashley House: St P Ashton House: St C Astley House: Tr Auberive: St O Augres Farm: Tr
Augres Hall: St H Augres House: St H Auvergne Farm: St P Avranches Farm: St L Avranches Manor: St L


Badier Farm: St L Bagatelle: St S Bagot Manor Farm: St S Ballarat: Tr Balmoral House: St H Balmoral Terrace: St H
Bandinel Farm: St Mt Barge Aground: St O Bas l'Epine: Tr Bas Rozel: St Mt Baudains House: St C Baycroft: St C
Baymont: St B Beachleigh: St L Beachleigh Cottages: St C Beachside: St C Beau Coin: St B Beau Coin: St O
Beau Desert: St S Beau Parcq: Tr Beau Pre: St Mt Beau Regard, Grande Route: St J Beau Regard: St J Beau Regard: St L
Beau Regard, St Ouen: St O Beau Regard: St S Beau Reveil: St J Beau Rivage: St C Beau Rivage: St L Beau Sejour: St J
Beau Vallon: St S Beau Verd Farm: St J Beauchamp: St J Beauchamp: St Mt Beaufield: St S Beaulieu: St B
Beaulieu: St C Beaulieu: St Mt Beaulieu: Tr Beaumarais Farm: St C Beaumont Villa: St P Beaupre: St J
Beauverd: St J Beauverd Cottage: Tr Beauvoir: St H Beauvoir: St S Beauvoir Cottage: St B Bechet Farm: St J
Beech Farm: St P Beechfield: Tr Beechlands: St L Beechleigh: St P Beechmount: St B Beechside: St Mt
Beechwood House: St B Beechwood House: St My Bel Air: St B Bel Air: St Mt Bel Air: St My Bel Air: St S
Bel au Vent: St L Bel Respiro: St H Bel Royal Villas: St L Belgrano: St P Bellair: Gr Belle Greve: St L
Belle Plage: St H Belle Rive: St C Belle Ville: St B Belle Vue: St B Belle Vue: St My Belle Vue: St P
Belle Vue Farm: Tr Bellozanne Abbey: St H Bellozanne Priory: St H Belmont: St H Belval Farm: St Mt Belvedere: St S
Belvidere Terrace: St H Belvoir: St H Belwood Farm: Tr Bentcliffe: St B Berry Cottage: St B Berry House: St H
Beuvelande: St Mt Bienvenue: St S Binkham: St J Blair Adam House: St J Blampied Farm: St L Blanc Bois: St Mt
Blanc Pignon: St B Blanc Pignon: St Mt Blanchard House: St P Blanche Pierre: St L Blanche Pierre: Tr Blanches Pierres: St O
Bloomfield: Tr Bois de Collin: St P Bois des Ormes: St My Bon Air: St L Bon Air Apartments: St C Bonaguil: St Mt
Bonne Nuit View: St J Boscobel: St P Boulevard Apartments: St B Boulevard Avenue: St H Boulivot: Gr Boulivot de Bas: Gr
Boulivot Farm: Gr Brabant Farm: Tr Bradford Farm: St P Bramerton House: St H Brampton Farm: St O Branksome: St Mt
Bras de Fer: Tr Britannia House: St J Broadfields: St L Broadfields: Tr Broadlands: Gr Broadlands: St J
Brockagh: St P Brockleigh: St P Brook Cottage: Gr Brook Cottage: St Mt Brook Cottage, Gorey: St Mt Brook Cottage, Rue du Hucquet: St Mt
Brook Farm: St B Brook Farm: St Mt Brook Hall: Tr Brookfield House: St P Brookhill Farm: St S Brooklands: St L
Brooklyn: St Mt Brooklyn: St P Brooklyn House: St H Brookvale Farm: St Mt Broughton Lodge Farm: St My Bulwark Cottage: St B
Bulwark House: St B Burlington House: St B Bushy Farm: St H Bute Lodge: St B


Caesarea Cottage: St B Cambrai: Tr Cambrai Farm: Tr Camellia Cottage: St Mt Canada Cottage: St Mt Cap Verde: St L
Cape House: St C Caprino: St S Cardiff House: St P Cardington Cottage: St B Cardington Lodge: St B Carmel Farm: Tr
Carrefour au Clercq: St S Carteret Farm: Gr Casa Mariana: St J Castle View: Gr Castle View Farm: Tr Catherine House: St Mt
Catillon de Haut: Gr Catillon de Bas: Gr Cedar Valley: St Mt Central House: Gr Central Villas: St J Century House: St J
Chambard: St C Champ Colin: St S Champ Donne: St O Champs Clairs: Tr Chandos: St B Changrala: St O
Chantry: St L Chatelaine: St C Chateaubriand: St Mt Chateau des Roches:St B Chatel Herault: St H Chatelet de Parville: St H
Charleston: St L Chaumiere de l'Orme: Gr Chaumiere du Chene: St P Cherry Burton: St B Cherry Cottage: St L Cherry Cottage: St S
Cherry Farm: St P Cherry Grove: St S Cherry Lodge: St S Chesnaie des Bois: St Mt Chestnut Farm: St B Chestnut Farm: St H
Chestnut Farm: St My Chestnut Farm: St P Chestnut Grove: St J Chestnut Lea: St H China Quarry Farm: St L Church End: St Mt
Church House: St B Church House: St P Cintra: St Mt Clair Val: St Mt Clairfield: St S Clairval: St C
Clairval Farm: St S Claremont: Tr Claremont House: St H Clarendon House: St B Claverton: St B Cleveland: St C
Clifton: St Mt Clifton House: St J Clos de Coleron: St B Clos des Tours: St B Clos des Fleurs: St P Clos du Menage: St O
Clos du Val: St Mt Clos du Chemin: St P Clos Durell: Tr Cloverley: St Mt Coburg House: St H Cock Robin Cottage: St H
Coeur de l'Ete: St Mt Collingwood: St P Colomberie House: St H Colony House: St P Constantia Lodge: St C Constantine: St S
Corn Market: St H Cossipore: St L Cote au Palier: St Mt Cotil Cottage: St B Cottage Farm: St L Cottage Farm: St Mt
Couelle Cottage: St O Cour de La Reine: St Mt Coutanche Farm: Tr Craigie Cottage: St C Creux Baillot: St O Croix es Mottes: St S
Crossbow House: Tr Cross Cottage Farm: St J Cyprus House: Gr Cyrano Cottage: St P Cyrano Farm: St P


D’Hautrée: St H Daisy Farm: St P Dale Cottage: St H Danescourt: St Mt De La Rocque: St H Dell Farm: St B
Delta: St H Denehurst: St L Derry Farm: St B Devon Villa: St Mt Dielament: Tr Domaine de La Vallette: St J
Domaine de Maitland: St H Domaine des Vaux: St L Douceville Cottage: St H Douet de Rue: St My Douet de Rue Farm: St L Douro Terrace: St S
Dresden Hall: St P Dronfield: St L Dunedin Farm: St L Dunell House: St B


East Lynne: Gr East Lynne: St O Eastleigh: St O Eastview Farm: Tr Eden Country House: St C Eden Farm: St S
Eden Grove: St L Eden House: St S Egypt Farm: Tr El Hassa: St Mt Elizabeth Villas: St S Elliston House: St B
Elm Farm: St P Elmdale: St L Elmfield: St O Elmfield: St P Elmore: St Mt Elms Farm: St My
Elmwood: St J Elton House: St B Elsingham Farm: St Mt Elysee House: St H Elysee House: St P Elysian Terrace: St H
Enderley House: St S Epsom Lodge: St J Eversley: St Mt Everton Farm: St S


Fair Oaks: St C Fair View: St P Fairfield: Tr Fairfield Cottage: St P Fairholme: St L Fairview Farm: St S
Fairways: St J Falaise House: St My Faldouet Farm: St Mt Faldouet House: St Mt Faldouet Villa: St Mt Fauvic Farm: Gr
Fauvic House: Gr Ferme du Roi: St B Ferme du Saut Falluet: St P Ferme du Vau Tocque: St B Fermoy: Tr Ferme Grandet: St L
Fernhill: St H Ferndale: St P Fernlands: St S Fernlea: St C Fernside: St S First Tower House: St H
Fisherman's Farm House: St B Fitzroy House: St P Five Roads Farm: St O Flag House: St B Fleur de la Vallee: St O Flicquet House: St Mt
Floriana: St B Floriana: St My Flowery Dale: St C Font Hill: St H Fontis: St P Forest Hill: St P
Forge Cottage: St Mt Fosse a l'Ecrivain: St S Fosse au Bois: St O Fountain Villa: Gr Franc Fief: St B Franc Fief House: St B
Francheville: Gr Franklen Cottage: St My Fremont House: St J Furze Cottage: St J


Galaad House: St L Gare de Grouville: Gr Gibraltar House: St Mt Gladstone House: St Mt Glen Dale: St C Glen Moor: St C
Glencoe: St L Glendale Farm: St My Gloster Terrace: St H Gloucester Lodge: St H Goodwood: St S Gorey House: Gr
Gouray Cottage: Gr Gouray Lodge: St Mt Government House: St S Grainville Manor: St S Grand Mourier: St J Grande Maison: St Mt
Grande Maison de La Davisonnerie: St S Grande Maison du Francfief: St B Grande Rue: St My Grands Chemins: St S Granite Corner: Tr Grantez House: St O
Grantown: St C Granville: St C Grasfort: St Mt Grasmere: St C Green Farm: St J Green Farm: St Mt
Green Hill: St C Greenacres: St P Greencliff Villa: St Mt Greendale Cottage: St Mt Greenfield: Tr Greenfields: St J
Greenfields: St My Greenhill: St L Greenhill: St P Greenhill Farm: St B Greenlands: St L Greenlands: St P
Greenlane: St P Green Parsley: St My Greenvale House: St S Greenville Farm: St S Grey Gables: St B Greystones: St C
Greystones: St O Gros Rocher: St Mt Grosnez Farm: St O Grosvenor Lodge: St H Grouville Court: Gr Grouville Stores and Post Office: Gr
Grouville Rectory: Gr

Haie Fleurie: St Mt Hamlet Farm: St S Hampton Villa: St L Hamptonne: St C Hamptonne: St P Hamptonne - La Patente: St L
Handois Manor: St L Harbour View: Gr Harbour View: St B Harleston House: St L Harley House: St B Hastingue Farm: St O
Haut de l'Orme: Tr Haut de la Rue: St O Haut du Marais: St O Haut du Mont: St O Haut du Mont Farm: St P Haut du Rue: St Mt
Haut Entre: St Mt Haute Falaize: St L Haute Place: St B Haute Tombette: St My Haute Ville: St Mt Haute Vue: Tr
Hauteville: St B Hauteville: Tr Hautlieu: Tr Hautlieu Farm: St S Hautmont: St J Havelet Farm: St P
Havelock: St H Haye Hogard: St Mt Hayward House: St L Heath Mount: St O Helmsdale: St P Helmsdale Villas: St P
Hemery Row: St H Hemery Royal Square House: St H Herupe: St J Herupe Farm: St J Herupe Cottage: St J Hibernia Vale: St B
High Park: St H High View: St L High View: St O High View: St P Highbury: St B Highbury House: St Mt
Highcliff: St J Highfield: St H Highfield: St O Highfield: St P Highfield: St S Highfield Farm: St B
Highfield Farm: St S Highfield Farm: Tr Highfield House: St P Highfield Villas: St S Highland: St H Highland: St L
Highland: St Mt Highlands Farm: St L Highland Cottage: St L Highland House: St L Highlands: St B Highlands: Tr
Highlands: St P Highstead: St S Highview Farm: St L Hill Farm, Mont Rossignol: St O Hill View: St C Hillside: St My
Hillside: Tr Hillside Farm: Tr Hillside House: St B Hilltop: St My Hilltop: St S Hollybank Bakehouse: St Mt
Holly Bank: St Mt Holmbury: Tr Holmdale: St Mt Home Farm: Gr Home Farm: St P Home Farm: St O
Homefields: St C Homeland: St P Homely Cottage: St O Homestead: Gr Homestead, Boulivot: Gr Homestead: Gorey, Gr
Homestead: St H Homestead: Vinchelez, St O Homestead: Rue de La Mare, St O Homestead: St P Homestill: St B Homestill: St My
Homestill: St O Homestill: St P Homewood: St B Hope Villa: St C Hopeley Farm: St H Hougue Grange: Gr
Houguemont: St Mt Hughlea: St L


Inglehurst: St H Inverness Lodge: St L Inglenook: Gr Inglewood: St C Isabella Villa: St H Ismailia: St P
Ivy Farm: Gr Ivy Farm: St J Ivy Gate: St J Ivy House: St B Ivy House: St P Ivy Lodge: Gr
Ivy Roseville: St S Ivy Well Cottage: St J Ivyside: St Mt Ivystone Farm: St C


Jambart House: St C Jambart Villa: St C Jardin Mure: Tr Jubilee Cottages: St O Jardin de Remon: St L


Kandahar: St B Kashmir: St O Kearsney: St C Ker Anna: St S Ker Anna House: St B Ker Marguerite: St B
King's Farm: St B Kingstead: StB


L'Abordage: St B L'Abri: St J L'Abri: Tr L'Abri Farm: St Martin L'Abri, Greve de Lecq: St O L'Abri, Mont Rossignol: St O
L'Abri des Hougues: Tr L'Abri Villa: St J L'Aiguillon: Gr L'Aleval: St P L'Amiral: St O L'Anciennete: St O
L'Anciennette: St B L'Anciennete: St My L'Anquetinerie: Gr L'Armistice: St B L'Auberge du Nord: St J L'Augee: St H
L'Augres House: St H L'Aumone: St My l'Ecluse: St My L'Ecosse: St H L'Espethance: St B L'Epine: Tr
L'Espine: St L L'Etage: St P L'Etocquet House: St O L'Heritage: St B L'Hermitage: St B L'Hermitage: St J
L'Hopital: St Mt La Bachauderie: St S La Basse Cour: St P La Baule: Gr La Becquetterie Farm: St C La Bergerie: Tr
La Biarderie: Tr La Billotterie: Tr La Boiserie: St J La Botellerie: St O La Boucterie: St S La Bourdonnerie: St C
La Brecquette: St O La Bruyere Farm: St L La Cabane: St B La Cache: St O La Campagne: St Mt La Caroline: St P
La Caroline: St O La Carriere: Gr La Carriere, Longueville: Gr La Carriere: St Mt La Caumine: St H La Chapelle: Gr
La Chasse, St John: St J La Chasse, Route de St Jean: St J La Chasse, Rue des Vallees: St Mt La Chasse, Rue des Cabarettes: St Mt La Chasse: St My La Chasse: St O
La Chasse, Rue de Mahaut: St O La Chasse, Rue de Creux Baillot: St O La Chasse: St P La Chasse, St Saviour: St S La Chasse, Maufant: St S La Chasse, Trinity: Tr
La Chasse Farm: St J La Chasserie: St L La Chasserie Blanche: St L La Chaumiere: St L La Chaumiere: Rue de Haut, St L La Chaumiere: St Mt
La Chasse, Rue du Hurel: Tr La Chaumiere: St My La Chesnaie des Bois: St Mt La Chesnaie: St J La Chesnaie: St L La Chesnaie: St Mt
La Chesnee Farm: Tr La Chouquetterie: St Mt La Cigale: St O La Citadelle: St L La Clochette: St Mt La Cohue: St J
La Commune and La Commune Farm: St S La Commune Farm: Tr La Coquille: Tr La Cornuerie Farm: St B La Cour Normande: St Mt La Courtinerie: St J
La Croiserie: St O La Croiserie Farm: Tr La Croix: St O La Croix: St My La Croix, Mont Fallu: St P La Croix Cottage: Gr
La Croix Farm: Tr La Falaize: St C La Falaize: St My La Falaize Farm: St My La Fallue: St Mt La Fantaisie: St L
La Fantaisie: St P La Fantaisie: St S La Ferme: Gr La Ferme: St Mt La Ferme, St O La Ferme: St P
La Ferme de La Fontaine: Gr La Ferme Vinchelez: St O La Ferriere: St S La Fevrerie: St S La Fontaine: Gr La Fontaine: St B
La Fontaine: St My La Fontaine, Route de Millais: St O La Fontaine: St O La Fontaine: Tr La Fontaine Farm: St O La Fontenelle: St C
La Fontenelle: St L La Foret: St My La Forge: Gr La Forge, Rue des Buttes: St My La Forge, Rue de l'Eglise; St My La Forge: Tr
La Fosse: St P La Fosse: St Mt La Fosse, Rue de La Fosse: Tr La Fosse, Rue de Cambrai: Tr La Francheville: Gr La Franchise: St Mt
La Frontiere: St My La Frontiere: Tr La Gabourellerie: St O La Gallierie: St Mt La Garenne: Tr La Genee: St J
La Genestiere: St Mt La Geonniere: Tr La Girette: St J La Glinette: St B La Grande Chasserie: St L La Grande Maison: St J
La Grande Maison: St O La Grande Maison, Trinity: Tr La Grande Maison Cottages: St Mt La Grange: St My La Grange: St O La Grange: Tr
La Greve: St C La Guerdainerie: Tr La Guillaumerie Cottage: St S La Guillaumerie Farm: St S La Guillerie: St O La Hague Manor: St P
La Hambie: St S La Hambie Farm: St S La Hanniere: St Mt La Haule House: St B La Haule Manor: St B La Hauteur: St B
La Hauteur: St Mt La Hauteur: St O La Heche: St Mt La Hocquarderie: Tr La Hougue: St O La Hougue: St P
La Hougue Farm: St S La Hurette: Tr La Josseline: St B La Maitrerie: St Mt La Maletiere: Gr La Mare: Tr
La Mare Ballam: St J La Mare d'Angot: Tr La Mare Vineyard: St My La Mauve Farm: Tr La Mielle: Gr La Mielle: St B
La Mielle Farm: Gr La Moie Villa: St B La Moye: St B La Moye Manor: St B La Moye View: St B La Paix: St J
La Pallotterie: St Mt La Patience: St J La Pelotte: Gr La Petite Commune: St S La Petite Ferme: St O La Petite Fosse: St O
La Petite Maison: St B La Petite Maison de Tombette: St My La Pigeonnerie: St B La Place: St B La Place: St O La Plage: St P
La Plage Cottage: St Mt La Planque: Tr La Pointe: St My La Pointe, Vinchelez: St O La Pointe: St O La Pompe: St My
La Porte: St J La Porte: St O La Porte: St S La Porte: Tr La Porte, L'Etacq: St O La Poste: St B
La Poudretterie: St Mt La Prairie: St My La Prairie: St P La Prairie Farm: St L
La Preference: St Mt La Preference: St My La Preference Cottage: St Mt La Prevalaie: Gr
La Presse: St P La Profonde Arene: St C La Qualité: St L La Remise: St B La Retraite: St L La Retraite: St O
La Retraite: St S La Retraite, Bagot: St S La Retraite: St P La Retraite and Lodge: St P La Retraite: Tr La Retraite, Ouaisne: St B
La Reve Cache: St S La Rigondaine: Gr La Rive House: St Mt La Robeline: St O La Robeline, L'Etacq: St O La Robinette: St B
La Roche Fleurie: St P La Rocquaise: St B La Rocque: St B La Rocque Villa: Gr La Ronce: St O La Ronde Cheminee: St P
La Ronde Porte: St S La Rosaye: St Mt La Roserie: St B La Rosiere: St B La Rosiere: St C La Rosiere: St S
La Rosiere: Tr La Roulerie: Tr La Ruche: St P La Ruette: St L La Ruette: St O La Sarsonnerie: St B
La Ruette: St J La Sarsonnerie: St J La Sente Cottage: Gr La Sergente: St B La Sergente: St Mt La Sergente: St My
La Sergente: St P La Sergine: St J La Solana: St B La Solitude Cottages: St Mt La Tenue: St My La Thebaudiere: St P
La Tombette: St My La Tourelle: St Mt La Valette: St H La Valette: St My La Valeure: St B La Valeuse: St B
La Vallette: Gr La Vallette: St J La Vallette Farm: St J La Vallonerie: St C La Vieille Davisonnerie: St S La Vieille Demeure: St P
La Vieille Demeuthe: St L La Vieille Fontaine: St O La Vieille Guillaumerie: St S La Vieille Maison: St B La Vieille Maison: St J La Vieille Maison: St O
La Vieille Maison: St My La Vieille Maison: St P La Vieille Maison: Tr La Vignette: St S La Votte: St O Laburnum Farm: St P
Ladies Walk: St My Lakeside Cottage: St L Lake Vale: St O Landsdown: St L Langley House: St S Languedoc: St C
Laugee Farm: St H Laurel Cottage: St S Laurel House: Gr Laurel Lands: St S Laurel Lands Farm: St S Laurel House: St B
Le Bas Fosse: Gr Le Becquet: St L Le Becquet House: Tr Le Bel Denton: St B Le Bel Royal: St L Le Binaud: Tr
Le Bocage: St B Le Bocage House: Gr Le Bocage: St P Le Bouillon: St B Le Bouillon: St Mt Le Boulivot: Gr
Le Bourg: St J Le Bourg Farm: St C Le Bourg Farm: Gr Le Bourg House: Gr Le Bourg Villa: St C Le Breton Farm: St O
Le Buissonet: St B Le Canibut: St J Le Carrefour, Rue de l'Eglise: St J Le Carrefour, Route de St Jean: St J Le Carrefour: St My Le Carrefour: St O
Le Carrefour: Tr Le Carrefour Farm: Tr Le Catel: St J Le Catel, Rozel: Tr Le Catel, Rue du Catel: Tr Le Catel, Rue de La Falaise: Tr
Le Catel Farm: Tr Le Catelet: St J Le Catillon: St Mt Le Câtillon de Bas: Gr Le Câtillon de Haut: Gr Le Caumais: St S
Le Chalet: St C Le Coin: St B Le Coin: St O Le Coin: St L Le Coin Cottages: St B Le Coin Farmhouse: St C
Le Coin du Boulivot: Gr Le Coin Farm: St B Le Coin Farm: St L Le Coin Farm: St O Le Coin Farmhouse Gr Le Coin Fleuri: Gr
Le Colombier Manor: St L Le Cotil: St Mt Le Cottage de Vallee: St Mt Le Douet: St J Le Douet, Hautes Croix: St J Le Douet: Tr
Le Fleurion: St Mt Le Forgeron Cottage: St B Le Fromentel: St C Le Geyt Farm: St S Le Grand Bel: St O Le Grand Catelet: St J
Le Gres: Tr Le Haguais: St C Le Haugard: St O Le Hocq House: St C Le Houguillon: Tr Le Huquet: St Mt
Le Hurel: Gr Le Hurel: St My Le Hurel: Tr Le Hurel Cottages: Tr Le Hurel Farm: St L Le Hurel Farm: Tr
Le Marais: St My Le Marais: St O Le Marais Cottage: St O Le Marais Farm: St O Le Marinel, St John: St J Le Marinel Farm: St J
Le Menage: St L Le Menage: St O Le Menage: Tr Le Menage es Cerfs: St O Le Mont: St B Le Mont: St O
Le Mottais Farm: St J Le Mottee: St J Le Mourier: St J Le Mourier Cottages: St J Le Mourin: St S Le Parcq: Gr
Le Parcq: St H Le Parquet: Tr Le Passage: St L Le Patrimoine: St L Le Pave: St B Le Pavillon: St Mt
Le Pere: St Mt Le Petit Catelet: St J Le Petit Don: Gr Le Petit Jardin: St S Le Petit Menage: St O Le Petit Menage: St S
Le Petit Menage Farm: St S Le Petit Pendant: St My Le Petit Radier: Gr Le Picachon: St My Le Picachon: St Mt Le Pissot: St P
Le Pont: St J Le Pont: St Mt Le Pont: St My Le Pont Farm: St J Le Pont Farm: Tr Le Ponterrin: St S
Le Pre: St B Le Pre Cottage: St Mt Le Pre Farm: St C Le Puits: St My Le Rat: St L Le Rocher: St Mt
Le Rocher: Tr Le Rocher: St B Le Rocher Cottage: St Mt Le Rocher Farm: St L Le Rondin: Tr Le Ronvillais: St My
Le Rue: St Mt Le Senechal: Gr Le Taillis: St Mt Le Tapon: St S Le Trianon: St Mt Le Trésor: St L
Le Val Cottages: St B Le Vallon: Gr Le Vallon: St B Le Vallon: St C Le Vallon: Tr Le Vergi: Gr
Le Vert Champ: St Mt Le Vesconte Cottage: St O Le Vier Mont: St O Le Vieux Magasin: Gr Le Villot: St Mt Le Vivier: St J
Le Vivier: St Mt Le Vouest: St Mt Leda House: St L Leoville Farm: St O Les Aix: St P Les Alpes: St Mt
Les Alpes, Mont Gabard: St Mt Les Alpes Cottage: St Mt Les Arbres: St L Les Arches: St C Les Arches: St J Les Arches: St L
Les Arches Farm: St Mt Les Augerez: St P Les Augerez Farm: St P Les Augerez House: St P Les Augres: Tr Les Avenues: Tr
Les Bois: St P Les Boules: St P Les Brulees: Tr Les Buis: St My Les Burins: St B Les Buttes: St J
Les Buttes: St My Les Cabots: Gr Les Capelles: St J Les Carrieres: St My Les Carrieres Cottage: St Mt Les Cascades: Tr
Les Cateaux: Tr Les Chalets: St H Les Champs, Rue du Champ: Gr Les Champs, Rue du Puits Mahaut: Gr Les Champs: St S Les Champs Clairs: Tr
Les Champs du Chemin: Tr Les Champs Farm: St Mt Les Champs House: St H Les Charrieres: St My Les Charrieres Cottages: St P Les Charrieres House: St O
Les Chasses: Rue des Chasses, St J Les Chasses: Rue des Servais, St J Les Chasses, Mont Cochon: St L Les Chasses: St Mt Les Chasses Cottage: St J Les Chataignes: St Mt
Les Chataigniers: St O Les Chenes Court: St S Les Chenes Farm: Gr Les Colombiers Manor: St My Les Corbeaux: G Les Corvees: St O
Les Cotils: St O Les Cotils: St P Les Cotils Farm: St H Les Cotils Farm: Tr Les Croix Cottages: St B Les Cypres: St J
Les Escaliers, St J: St Les Fiefs: Tr Les Fontaines: St J Les Fontaines: St S Les Fontaines: Tr Les Fontaines Farm: St Mt
Les Fontaines Farm: St P Les Fontaines Tavern: St J Les Fosses: St O Les Fougeres: St J Les Frenes: St J Les Frenes: St O
Les Genets: St C Les Geonnais de Bas: St O Les Geonnais Farm: St O Les Grandes Montagnes: St L Les Gres: St B Les Gres: St J
Les Haies: Tr Les Heches: St O Les Hetres: St P Les Houguettes: St J Les Huriaux: St O Les Huriaux, Rue de La Devise: St O
Les Huriaux Farm: St O Les Ifs: Tr Les Issues: St J Les Jardins: St C Les Jardins: St Mt Les Jardins: St My
Les Jardins: St O Les Jardins Lodge: St L Les Landes Chapel: St Mt Les Landes Farm: St Mt Les Landes House: St O Les Landes House: St Mt
Les Landes Lodge: St Mt Les Lauriers : St P Les Lauriers: Tr Les Lumieres: St B Les Malzards Farm: St P Les Mans: St B
Les Marais Cottages: St P Les Marais Farm: St My Les Marais House: Gr Les Marais House: St P Les Mares: St Mt Les Mares Cottage: St Mt
Les Marroniers: St P Les Mars: Gr Les Murailles: St Mt Les Niemes, St Peter: St P Les Niemes Farm: St P Les Niemes Lodge: St P
Les Nouettes: St C Les Noyers: St J Les Noyers: Tr Les Ormes, Rue de La Chesnaie: St J Les Ormes, Route de St Jean: St J Les Ormes: St L
Les Ormes: St O Les Ormes: Tr Les Pallieres: St O Les Pallieres Farm: St O Les Petites Issues: St J Les Petits Camps: St J
Les Petits Canons: Tr Les Peupliers: St J Les Peupliers: St O Les Peupliers Farm: St O Les Pigneaux Farm: St S Les Pommiers: St L
Les Potirons: St My Les Potirons de Bas: St My Les Prairies: St J Les Prairies Farm: Tr Les Pres: Gr Les Pres: St Mt
Les Pres Manor: Gr Les Puits: St C Les Quatre Carrefours: St Mt Les Raisies: St Mt Les Routeurs: St C Les Routeurs: St S
Les Ruelles: St J Les Rues: St Mt Les Ruettes: Gr Les Ruettes: St J Les Ruettes: St L Les Ruettes 2: St L
Les Ruettes Farm: St L Les Varvots Villa: St L Les Sts Germains: St L Les Sts Germains Farm: St L Les Sapins: St My Les Tours Farm: St C
Les Tours Villa: St C Les Vaux: St L Les Vaux: St Mt Les Vaux: St S Les Vaux: Tr Les Vaux Farm: Tr
Linden Hall: St H Lindridge Hall: St H Little Court: St L Little Grove: St L Little Manor: St Mt Lockley: Tr
London House: St J Longfields: Tr Longueville: St S Longueville Farm: St S Longueville Manor: St S Louvain: St C
Lowlands: Gr Lowlands: St C Lowlands: St O Lowlands, Mont des Vignes: St P Lowlands, Rue des Vignes: St P Lowlands Farm: Tr
Lucayan Villa: St O Lucknow: Gr Lyndhurst: Gr Lyndale: Tr Lyndhurst: St Mt Lynton: St Mt
Lynwood Cottage: St C

Magnolia Cottage: St Mt Magnolia Manor: St P Mainland: St L Maison Alexandre: St B Maison Blanche: St L Maison Carteret: St B
Maison Charles: St L Maison Chesnel: St J Maison Coulon: St P Maison de Bas: St L Maison de Bas: Tr Maison de Derriere: St S
Maison de Grantez: St O Maison de Haut: St My Maison de Haut, Rue du Tapon: St S Maison de Haut, Rue des Champs: St S Maison de Haut: Tr Maison de Haut Farm: St P
Maison de La Rocque: St H Maison de la Ruette: St O Maison de La Hougue Bie: St S Maison de la Ville Bagot: St O Maison de La Ville es Philippes: Gr Maison de l'Etacq: St O
Maison de l'Etocquet: St J Maison de la Motte: St H Maison de St Jean: St J Maison de Trodez: St O Maison des Cotils: St P Maison des Croix: Tr
Maison des Marais: Gr Maison des Pres: St O Maison du Becquet: St J Maison du Buisson: Maufant, St S Maison du Coin: St Brelade Maison du Crocquet: St B
Maison du Havre: St J Maison du Maresquet: St O Maison du Menage: St O Maison du Mont: St H Maison du Mont au Pretre: St H Maison du Nord: Tr
Maison du Pont: St My Maison de Portinfer: St O Maison du Pont: Tr Maison du Sud: St O Maison du Sud: Tr Maison du Vau Tocque: St B
Maison Fosse au Bois: St O Maison Gruchy: St B Maison Haut de la Rue: St O Maison Herault: St B Maison Le Maistre: St B Maison Maret: Tr
Maison Pelgue: St S Maison Simon: St B Maison Ville La Bas: St O Maisonette: St B Maitland: St J Maitland Manor: St C
Malta House: St J Manleys: St P Manoir de Malorey: St L Manoir du Fief es Neveux: St L Manor Farm: St Mt Manor Farm: St O
Manor Farm: St P Manor Farm, Vinchelez: St O Manor House: St L Manor View: St J Manor View: St P Maple Grove, St J
Marais a la Cocque: Gr Marais Farm: Gr Marais House: Gr Marine Lodge: St B Martello Lodge: St B Maufant Cottage: St S
Maufant Farm: St S Maufant Manor: St S Maupertuis Farm: St C Maupertuis Farm: St My May Cottage: St J Mayfield: Tr
Mayfield Farm: St J Meadow Court: St My Meadow Farm, Vieille Charriere: Tr Meadow Farm, Rue de La Fontaine: Tr Meadow Vale: St H Meadow View: St B
Meadow View and Binkham: St J Meadow View: St J Meadow View Cottage: St S Meadowbank: St L Meadowside: St J Meadowside: St My
Meadowvale Cottage: Gr Mearnskirk: St Mt Mechanic Lodge: St P Melbourne: St L Melbourne House: St J Melchester Court: St H
Menage de Jean Le Brocq: St O Menage es Feuvres: St O Merman Cottage: St P Merrivale Farm: St O Midland House: Tr Midlands Farm: St L
Military House: St P Millais Villa: St O Millbrook Cottages: St L Millbrook House: St L Millbrook Lodge: St L Millbrook Manor: St L
Millbrook Villa: St L Milton Farm: St Mt Milton House: St B Mi-Marais: St O Mon Caprice: Tr Mon Desir: St P
Mon Plaisir: Gr Mon Plaisir: St B Mon Plaisir: St L Mon Plaisir: St Mt Mon Plaisir: St My Mon Plaisir: St S
Mon Sejour: St H Mon Sejour: St P Monkton Farleigh: St H Mont a l'Abbe House: St H Mont a l'Abbe Manor: St H Mont Alto: St Mt
Mont au Roux: St B Mont Cochon Farm: St H Mont Felard House: St L Mont Mado Farm: St J Mont Mado House: St J Mont Pellier: Tr
Mont St Aubyn: Gr Monte Bello: St P Montrose: St P Morel Farm: St L Morville House and Farm: St O Moss Nook: St H
Moulin de Lecq: St O Moulin de Bas: Tr Moulin de La Perrelle: St Mt Moulin de Quetivel: St P Moulin de Rozel: St Mt Mourier Cottages: St J
Maison St Marculf: St H


Neptune House: St B Netherlee: St Mt Netherton Farm: St O Neuilly Farm: St Mt Nevada 1 and 2: St B Nevill Holt: St Mt
New Road Cottage: St P Nid Solitaire: St Mt Noirmont: Gr Noirmont Manor: St B Noirmont View: St J Nonpareil: St P
Norcott House: St S Norman House: St B Norman House: Gr Normandie: Gr North Lynn Farm: St J North Lynn Farm: St Mt
Northdale: St J Northdale: St O Northview: St J Northwood: St J Northwood: St My


Oak Farm: St C Oak Farm: St J Oak Farm: St L Oak Farm: St P Oak Farm: St S Oak Lane Farm: St B
Oak Lodge: St Mt Oak Lodge: St P Oak Place: St J Oak Walk: St P Oakborne: Gr Oakdale: St J
Oakdale: St P Oakfield: St S Oakfield Farm: Tr Oakhurst: St Mt Oakland: St My Oaklands, Rue de Bas: St L
Oaklands, Route de l'Eglise: St L Oaklands: St My Oaklands, Coin Varin: St P Oaklands, Rue d'Elysee: St P Oaklands: St H Oaklands Manor: St H
Oakvale: St S Ocean View: St B Ocean View: St O Old Cadet House: St Mt Old Court House: St B Old Court House: Gr
Old Farm: St C Old Farm: St H Old Farm: Tr Old Mill House: St B Old Post Office: St P Old Quarry House: St H
Old Rectory: St B Old Rectory: St L Old Rectory: St O Old Rectory: St P Old Rectory: St S Old Sail Loft: St B
Old School House: St Mt Old Walford: St B Oldham: St J Orange Farm: St B Orford House: St J Orient Place: St Mt
Oxford House: St Mt


Palm Grove: St H Pamproux: Gr Park Farm: St Mt Parklands: St My Parklands: St P Patier: St S
Patier Lodge: St S Peacock Farm: Tr Peirson House: St S Pembroke House: St C Penryn Farm: St J Perry Farm: St My
Peterborough House: St B Petit Boulivot: Gr Petit Menage: St O Petit Feugerel: St J Petit Haut du Rue: St Mt Petit Hurel: Tr
Petit Menage: St S Petit Menage Farm: St S Petit Mourier: St J Petit Vallon: St O Petite Robeline: St O Petite Ferme des Jardins: St O
Petits Hiboux: St L Petra: St B Piece Mauger: Tr Piece Michel: St P Pied de La Rue: St C Pierres de Lecq: St My
Pilot House: St Mt Pine Farm: St My Pine Farm: St O Plaisance Terrace: St H Plaisance: St L Plaisance: St My
Plaisance: St O Plaisance Cottage: St O Platte Rocque: Gr Playa d'Or: St C Pond View: St O Pont Marquet Farm: St B
Pont Rose Farm: St B Ponterrin House: St S Ponterrin Villa: St S Poplar House: St S Port Bail: St C Portinfer Farm: St O
Pre au Portier: Gr Pres de l'Eglise: St O Preston House: Gr Profonde Rue: Tr Prospect House: St Mt Prospect House: St P
Prospect Place: St C Prospect Place: St P Prospering Farm: St My Puits de Leoville: St O


Quarryside Cottages: St J Quennevais Farm: St P Quetivel Mill: St P


Radier Manor: Gr Ravenscliff: St B Ravenscrag: St L Rectory View: St Mt Redwood: St S Retreat Farm: St L
Retreat Farm: St S Richelieu Villas: St S Riva Bella: St C Roadside Cottages: Gr Robeline Farm: St O Roche Bois: St B
Roche Vue: St B Rock Place: St B Rock Vale: Tr Rock View: Gr Rock View: St C Rocklands: St C
Rockmount: St Mt Rockmount de Moustiers: Tr Rockmount Farm: Tr Rockmount View Farm: Tr Rockstone: St Mt Rockvale: St L
Rocqueberg: St C Rocqueberg Farm: St C Romney Villas: St H Ronceville: St S Rosary Cottage: St L Rose Cottage: St B
Rose Cottage, St Aubin: St B Rose Cottage: St Mt Rose Cottage: Gr Rose Cottage, Brecque du Nord: Tr Rose Cottage: Tr Rose Farm: Gr
Rose Hill: St J Rose Lea: St Mt Rosebank: St B Rosedale: St H Rosedale: St J Rosedale: St Mt
Rosedale Farm: St J Rosedale Farm, Mont Cochon: St H Rosel Manor: St Mt Roseland: Gr Roseland: St P Roselands: St S
Roselea: St P Roseneath: Gr Roseneath: St H Rosevale Cottage: St P Roseville: St B Roslyn Farm: St O
Rossmore: St H Royal Crescent: St H Royde House: St H Rozel Farm: Tr Rozel Hamlet: St Mt Rozel Mill: St Mt
Rozel Place: Tr Rozel Villa: St Mt Ruettes Pinel Farm: St H

Sanctuary House: St B Sandringham: St C Sans Ennui: St O Sans Ennui:St P Sans Souci: St B Sans Souci: St Mt
Saut Falluet: St P Santa Sofia: Gr Saval: Tr Seacroft: St Mt Seaford: St Mt Seaforth: Gr
Seaforth: St C Seafield: St L Seagull House: St B Seaview: St L Seymour Cottage: Gr Seymour House: Gr
Shady Cottage: Tr Shrewsbury Villa: St B Sinclair Farm: St P Sion Farm: St C Sion Hall: St C Sion House: St J
Sion Lodge: St J Sion Villa: St C Slate House: St C Smugglers Inn: St B Somerleigh: St Mt Somerleigh: St P
Sous Les Bois: St B Sous Les Bois: Tr South Pier House: St H South View: Gr South View: St L South View: St S
South View: St O Spring Villa: St Mt Springfield House: Tr Springvale: Gr St Agatha: St Mt St Aidans: Gr
St Anastase: St P St Annes: St H St Aubyn's Hotel: St B St Blaise: St J St Clair (East): St L St Clair (West): St L
St Clair Farm: St L St Claire House: St H St Clement's Farm: St C St Cyr: St J St Elvis: Gr St Etienne: St P
St Honore: St Mt St Jean: St O St John's Manor: St J St Juste: St S St Kilda: St C St Lawrence House: St L
St Magloire: St B St Mannelier: St S St Mannelier's Close: St S St Martin's Cottage: St Mt St Martin's House: St Mt St Mary's Rectory: St
St Ouen's Manor: St O St Peter's Country Inn: St P St Peter's House: St P St Saviour's Crescent Stamford: St L Steephill: St S
Stirling Castle: St H Stirling Castle Farm: St H Stonewall: St H Strathmore: St H Strathmore: St My Stuart Farm: St My
Summerleigh: St C Summerhill: St C Summerville: St Mt Sunnydale: St S Sunnyfield Farm: St P Sunnyside: St B
Sunnyside: St H Sunnyside: St L Sur La Mer: St B Surguy Farm: St P Surville: St H Surville Farm: St Mt
Sutherland House: Tr Swan Farm: St S Sycamore Cottage: St B Sycamore Cottage: St My


Teighmore and Tudor House: Gr Temple View: St Mt Tenby House: St B Terrebonne: Gr The Boathouse: Tr The Cottage: St J
The Cottage: St My The Deanery: St H The Denes: St C The Elms:St L The Elms:St My The Elms, National Trust: St My
The Elms: St O The Elms: St P The Forge: St Mt The Garth: St P The Glen: St C The Glen: St H
The Glen: St P The Grange: Gr The Granite House: St Mt The Grove: St L The Halt: St C The Hollies: St B
The Hollies: St P The Hollies: St J The Homestead: St L The Limes, St Helier: St H The Limes: St P The Manse: St P
The Moorings: Tr The Mount: St H The Mount: Tr The Nest: St B The Oaks:St My The Oaks: St P
The Old Bakery: St P The Old Farm House: St B The Old Forge: Tr The Old House: St B The Old Rectory: St B The Olde House: St B
The Olde House: St H The Panorama: St B The Parsonage: St B The Pebbles: St B The Poplars: St L The Post House: Tr
The Priors: St S The Priory: St C The Priory: St H The Priory: St My The Rectory: St B The Sheiling: St B
The Yews: St P Thornhill: St J Three Mile House: St S Three Oaks Farm: St L Three Oaks House: St L Tilsden: St C
Tivoli: St Mt Transvaal: Gr Treoville: St P Trinity House: Tr Trinity Manor: Tr Ty Anna: St B


Uplands: St H Uplands: St P


Val au Bec: St P Val Bachelier Farm: St O Val Feuillu Farm: St S Val Poucin: Gr Vale Farm: St P Vale Lodge: St P
Vale View: Tr Vale View House: St S Vallee House: St P Valley Farm: St Mt Valley Farm: St L Valley House: St My
Valley Farm: St P Valley Farm: St S Valmont: St Mt Vaux Bourel: St My Verclut Farm: St Mt Veslet Lodge: St L
Vicq Farm: Gr Victoria Farm: St P Vieille Chapelle: Tr Vieille Demeure: St P Vieille Demeuthe: St L Vieille Fontaine: St O
Vieux Menage: St S Villa Alma: St L Villa Devereux: St B Villa Donna:St L Villa du Bourg: Gr Villa Franca: St P
Villa Millbrook: St L Villa Villetri: St S Ville à l'Eveque: Tr Ville à l'Eveque Cottage: Tr Ville au Bas: St L Ville au Bas Cottage: St L
Ville au Veslet: St L Ville Bagot: St O Ville Brée: St Mt Ville Bree Farm: St Mt Ville Canut: St B Ville es Gros: St L
Ville es Normans Farm: Tr Ville es Normans N: Tr Ville es Normans S: Tr Ville Guyon: St J Ville Machon: Tr Ville Mars: St H
Vincent Hall: Tr Vinchelez de Bas Manor: St O Vinchelez de Haut Manor: St O Vinchelez Farm: St O Vine Cottage: St B Vine Cottage: St P
Vue des Rochers: St C


Waldegrave: St B Wallbrook Cottage: St P Waukesha Farm: St O Warren Farm: St B Warren Farm: St P Warwick House and Tivoli: St H
Water Lane Farm: St O Waterlane Cottage: St My Waterloo House: St L Waverley Farm: St B Waverley Farm: St Mt Waverley Lodge: St Mt
Waverley Terrace: St H Wayside: St My Wendale: Gr Welton Farm: St S Wesley Cottage: St B West Cot: St Brelade
West Grove: St L West Lea: Tr West Lynn: St O West View: St B West View House: St B West View, La Pulente: St B
Westlands: St B Westward: St B Wheatlands: St B Whipple Cottage: St Mt White House: St P White House: St Mt
White Lodge: St H Whitehall Farm: Gr Whitton Grange: St J Willow Cottage: Gr Windsor Cottages: Gr Windsor Court: Gr
Windsor Crescent: St H Windsor House: Gr Windward: St B Woodbine Farm: St O Woodlands: Gr Woodlands: St My
Woodlands: St O Woodlands: St P Woodlands Farm: Tr Woodville: St P Woodville House:St L Wrentham Hall: St Mt

St Helier town buildings index
A gallery of houses now demolished

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