Jersey stamp issues

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Jersey stamp issues

Since the inauguration of the Jersey Post Office in 1969 the island has become a major stamp issuing authority. The following index links to details of each issue on the Stamps of the World website.

Many of these stamp pictures have also been added to appropriate individual subject pages, and this process continues.

We have now added all issues up to May 2024.

Eventually we intend to divide this large page into separate pages for each decade, with a main index, but as a provisional measure you can use these links





1969 definitives Jersey Post Office inauguration



Decimal currency definitives Liberation anniversary Battle of Flowers


Paintings Royal British Legion Anniversary Wildlife Preservation


Jersey Wild Flowers Royal Militia Helmets Royal Silver Wedding Wildlife Preservation


Centenary of La Société Jersiaise Jersey Aviation History Marine Life Royal Wedding Trains


Anniversaries Marine Paintings Spring Flowers UPU Centenary


19th Century Farming Tourism Queen Mothers Visit RAF Association 1975 Sea Birds


Doctor Lillian Grandin Links with America Parish Arms Definitive Issue


Centenary of St John Ambulance Currency Reform Queen's Silver Jubilee Victoria College 125th Anniversary


Coronation 25th Anniversary Europa Links with Canada Mail Packet Service Bicentenary Royal Jersey Golf Club Centenary


Europa International Air Rally Jersey Cattle Conference Wildlife Preservation Year of the Child



Europa Fortresses Jersey Motorcycle & Car Club Jersey Royal Potato Centenary Operation Drake


150th Anniversary of gas lighting A Jersey Christmas Arms of Jersey Definitive Issue Bicentenary of the Battle of Jersey Folklore Royal Wedding


Prehistoric land levels Links with France Youth Organisations


Walter Ouless death anniversary Island Government General Assembly of AIPLF Jersey Adventurers World Communications Year


Australia Links Jersey Lifeboat Station centenary Civil Aviation Commonwealth Links Europa
Jersey Orchids Wildlife Preservation


Huguenot immigration anniversary Commemoration of Thomas Davis Death Centenary of Philip John Ouless European Music Year International Youth Year Jersey Railways


Queen Elizabeth's 60th birthday Edmund Blampied's birth centenary Christmas Wild flowers Halley's Comet Jersey Lilies
National Trust for Jersey Royal Wedding


Jersey Airport 50th anniversary Christmas Fort Regent Jersey Adventurers Racing Schooner Westward Bayeux Tapestry


Centenary of Jersey Dog Club Christmas Transport and Communications Jersey Orchids Operation Raleigh Wildlife Preservation


Bicentenary of French Revolution Sarah Louise Kilpack birth anniversary Children's Toys and Games Great Western Railway Steamers Jersey Endangered Species Royal Visit
Scenes Definitive Issue Vintage Cars



Battle of Britain anniversary Christmas - parish churches Post Office Buildings Festival of Tourism International Literacy Year


Anniversaries Butterflies and Moths Christmas Philippe D'Auvergne death anniversary Europe in Space Overseas Aid


Batik Designs 500th Anniversary Discovering America Jersey Adventurers Parish Churches Shipbuilding in Jersey Vintage Cars
Winter Birds


50th Anniversary of Occupation Stamps Anniversary of the Coronation Christmas Contemporary Art Jersey Orchids No value indicated booklet stamps
RAF Anniversaries Summer Birds


International Stamp Exhibition Cats Christmas Archaelogical discoveries Fungi International Olympic Committee
Jersey Postal Administration Marine Life D-Day 50th Anniversary


Butterflies Camellias Christmas - pantomime Peace and Freedom European Nature Conservation Year Greetings Stamps
Liberation Anniversary United Nations 50th Anniversary


Christmas Famous Women European Football Championship Horse Events Queens 70th Birthday Sporting Anniversaries
Tourism UNICEF 50th Anniversary Year of the Rat
Year of the Rat
Queen's 70th birthday


Christmas Europa - Folklore Hong Kong Overprint Island Games Jersey Airport 60th Anniversary Pacific International Stamp Exhibition
Queens Golden Wedding Anniversary Seabirds and Waders - Part 1 Tourism Trees Wildlife Preservation Year of the Ox
Year of the Ox
Year of the Ox - Hong Kong


Christmas Days Gone By Arts festivals Fish Jersey Buses Jersey Flowers
Yachting Year of the Tiger
Year of the Tiger


125th Anniversary of UPU Australia Stamp Exhibition Christmas Public parks Jersey Lighthouse Anniversary Jersey Orchids
RNLI 175th Anniversary Royal Wedding Small Mammals Vintage Cars Year of the Rabbit Seabirds and waders Part 4
Year of the rabbit



Battle of Britain 60th Anniversary Christmas Europa Marine Mammals Maritime Heritage Millennium Stamp
Prince William's 18th Birthday Stampin' the Future The Queen Mother Year of the Dragon
Year of the Dragon


Birds of Prey Christmas Clipper Europa Farming Fire Engines
Hafnia Stamp Exhibition Maritime Links with France Naval Connections Pond Life The Queen's 75th Birthday Year of the Snake
Year of the Snake
Hafnia Exhibition


Battle of Flowers Centenary Cats Battle of Flowers Golf Insects Jersey Boats
Police Vehicles Post Boxes Queen Mother Royal Golden Jubilee Year of the Horse
Year of the Horse


50th Anniversary of the Coronation Bangkok 2003 Europa Jersey Aviation History Jersey Lighthouses Offshore Reefs
Pets Royal Links Wild Orchids Winter Flowers Year of the Ram
Year of the Ram


A Peculiar of the Crown Chess Christmas Corals D-Day Anniversary Europa
Jersey Orchids Rare Jersey Animals Water Fowl Year of the Monkey
Year of the Monkey
D-Day anniversary


Battle of Trafalgar Bicentenary Classic Cars Coastal Towers Europa Fairy Tales Fungi
Jersey Football Peace and Reconciliation Rescue Craft Wild Flowers Year of the Rooster
Year of the Rooster
Muratti centenary


80th Birthday of the Queen Belgica '06 - ormer shell Butterflies Europa Island Views Postal Vans
Royal Jersey Milita Royal Wedding Anniversary Sea Shells Victoria Cross Anniversary Wild Flower Definitives World Cup
Year of the Dog
Year of the Dog
Victoria Cross


Birdlife Christmas Countryside Animals Europa Gorey Regatta International Air Display
Jersey Scenery Queen's Diamond Wedding Summer Flowers Year of the Pig
Year of the Pig
Gorey Regatta


Cattle Buses Europa Farm Animals Festival of Speed Festivals
Insects Migrating Birds Naval Connections Orchids Prince Charles 60th Birthday Weather recording [1]
Wipa Exhibition World Cricket
World Cricket League


Aviation History Durrel Endangered Animals Moons of Jupiter and Constellations Fungi Naval connections Prince of Wales investiture anniversary
Post Office Buildings Scenery Seaweed Song Birds Spring Flowers Surfing
Trains iBRA Stamp Exhibition - Railway
Aviation history



Archaeology Childrens Books Freshwater Fish Girl Guides Mail Ships Maps
Marine Life - Anemones Petrology Postal History Roses Roses - Salon du Timbre Overprint Vintage Cars
Woodland Birds
Marine life - anemones


Birdlife Buried Treasure Christmas Coaches Conservation Europa - Forests
Financial Industry Jersey Scenery Marine Life Mills Music Orchids
Queens 85th Birthday Shipwrecks Women of Achievement Prince William's and Catherine's Wedding
Finance industry 50 years


Archaeology-Dolmens Aviation History Butterflies and Moths Christmas Diamond Jubilee Endangered Birdlife
Visit Jersey Jambo the Gorilla Jersey Moments Jersey Trees Prince William's 30th Birthday Simply Jersey
Titanic - 100 Years
Queen's Diamond Jubilee


Buses Christmas Corbiere 1983 Grand National Winner Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II Dragonflies and Damselflies Postal Vehicles
Frosts and Nature Edward VII statues Kennel Club of Jersey Superman Tall ships Military vehicles
Jersey cows Nigel Mansell Royal Mace Prince Charles 65 Red Cross


Manor houses Jersey flag post and go labels Musical instruments Shakespeare 460th birthday Remembrance poppies D-Day 70th
Summer views [1] Great War centenary I Roman connections New Jersey 350 years Privateering
Oyster fishing My moments Father Christmas [] [] []


Dragons Jersey crest definitives Toy trains Hubble space telescope Liberation anniversary Magna Carta
Island Games Battle of Britain 75th Great War II Sark - 450 years Queen - longest reign Stampex - protected species
Flowers - Chinese links Jersey autumn views My Jersey Stained glass windows


Year of the Monkey RAF search and rescue 75 years King George V [2] William and Kate 5th wedding anniversary Europa - think green
Einstein Theory of Relativity centenary Jersey Motor Club 50th anniversary 1950s Great War battles Chinese waterfowl Myths and Legends
Jersey winter views [3]
Year of the Monkey


Year of the Rooster Edward VIII Definitives - Jersey Crest Seashells Castles and forts Ancient artifacts
George Vi Lions Club centenary Durrell and Charles Darwin Kaleidoscopes Great War aircraft Butterflies, China links
Lillie Langtry Bee Keepers' centenary Queen and Philip 70 years Traditional Christmas
Year of the Rooster
Edward VIII


Year of the Dog 1960s views Spring views Visiting Navy ships Bridges and causeways RAF centenary
The Dambusters JSPCA 150 Frankenstein 200 Overseas Aid 50 Great War Armistice China links- birds
Votes for Women Prince Charles 70th Christmas
Year of the Dog


Year of the Pig 1970s Sir Walter Raleigh Durrell saving primates Europa - Birds Dame Margot Fonteyn
Harry and Megan 1st anniversary Queen Victoria 200th anniversary Hamptonne Prince of Wales investiture 50 years Moon landing 50 years Girl Guides centenary
Woodland wildlife - China links Postal independence 50 years George Eliot in Jersey Christmas nativity play
Year of the Pig
George Eliot in Jersey


Year of the rat Jersey artist Claude Cahun Coastal flowers Beethoven 250th anniversary Mail ships Liberation 75
150th anniversary of Charles Dickens' death] Harry Vardon 150th birth anniversary Princess Anne 70th JMC & LCC Centenary The 1980s Tales from the sea
Festive seasons
Year of the Rat


Year of the Ox Historic maps Coastal towers Lockdown birds Endangered national wildlife] Jersey from the air
Queen 95 Surfing Prince Philip The nineties Parishes Formula One - 1
Formula One - 2 Brewing Bergerac Christmas
Year of the Ox


Year of the Tiger Visiting commercial aircraft Harvest of the sea Ghost stories Jersey tractors FA Cup moments
Food and drink Queen's platinum jubilee Statues and sculptures Cricket Club centenary Bell and Edison inventions [4]
Black history Christmas
Year of the Tiger
Queen's Platinum Jubilee