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This list of vessels owned in Jersey is taken from newspapers which commenced publication in 1786. No officiel record of ships exists until 1803, with the Register of Shipping, Vol 2. Vol 1 has been lost for many years.

The type of vessel was often loosely described, and this column should not necessarily be taken as accurate. There is also some doubt about a handful of owners and masters.

Where the area of operation is shown as Canada, this may have included Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and/or Gaspè.

Vessel Type Tonnage Owner Master Area of operation
Aurore de Caen Baye Chaleurs
Beaver Clement Le Couteur Canada
Betsey Jean Balleine Canada
Betsey 40 Journeaux brothers de ste Croix Canada
Catherine Dumaresq Iles Madame
Charming Nancy Ph Winter Pierre Clement Newfoundland
Chetecan Ph Robin
Commerce Brigantine Jacques and Clement Hemery Germain Aubin Labrador
Concords Brig 100 Pierre Le Brun Th de ste Croix Canada
Corbet Poingdestre and Robinson Neel Labrador
Cornwall 100 Janvrin Jean Vibert Iles Madame
Cruiser Th Tacker St Malo
Dauphin Brig 141 Ph Winter Pierre Le Roux Canada
Deuxamis Berteaux Canada
Dispatch Cabot Guernsey
Elizabeth Brig 112 J Villeneuve David Mauger Canada
Endeavour Brig 73 Ed Mourant Canada
Expedition Jean Le Couteur Cape Breton
Fortune 12 Mourant Granville
Friendship Brigantine 78 J and C Hemery Abm Le Sueur Canada
Friendship Brig 41 Jean Le Feuvre Jean Le Feuvre Canada
Guernsey Packet Cutter 27 Mourant C Islands
Henriette 200 Jean Poingdestre Honduras
Hercules Ship 200 Le Geyt Canada
Hilton Brigantine 175 J and C Hemery Bisson Newfoundland
Hope Dean
Industrie Brigantine 123 Janvrin Brothers Pickstock Labrador
Jenny Schooner 65 Labey Canada
Kenton Ph Ingouville Ph Ingouville Canada
Kingfisher Brigantine 57 Jean Le Roux Iles Madame
Kite Le Mottee Plymouth
Kitty Ferdinand Anley F Anley London/CI
Liberte Brigantine 90 Mosaes Steel Canada
Liberty Packet Jean Kerby Simpson Southampton
Lightning Jean Vibert Canada
Lively Nicolle Canada
Lynx Malloet and Gosset Jean du Heaume Canada
Magdelaine Brig 38 Pierre Mallet Edouard Noel Canada
Magot 50 Ph Robin Le Feuvre Canada
Major Pieirson Brig 172 Ph Robin Ph Jean Iles Madame
Marie Brig 90 Pierre Mallet Noel Canada
Marie Sloop 25 Noel Messervy St Malo
Maryann Brig 43 Ch Renouf Ch Renouf Canada
Mercure Brigantine 54 Ph Robin Clem Hubert Canada
Mercure Malzard Canada
Molly Cutter/sloop Jean de la Perelle and Jean Le Feuvre Jean Le Feuvre England/CI
Nancy 64 Jac Simonet Canada
Neptune Brig Ph Janvrin Dan Hamon Canada
Nimphe Messervy Canada
Paix Brigantine 72 Ph Robin Bechervaise Baye Chaleurs
Paix Hacquoil Canada
Paspebiac 133 Ph Robin Hacquoil Canada
Peggy Brigantine 70 Jean Chavalier Canada
Peggy Dumaresq Canada
Pierson Brig Ph Vibert Canada
Pilote Cutter J and F Jeune J or F Jeune Local
Postillon Cloop Le Ray Southampton
Prudent de la Perrelle English Channel
Prudent Brig 57 Le Quesne Canada
Quebec Brigantine 85 Gaudin Canada
Resolution Brigantine 71 Gaudin Canada
St Aubin Brigantine Remon and du Heaume Noel Canada
St Laurens 145 Ph Robin Filleul Canada
St Pierre 210 Ph Robin Ph de Caux Baye Chaleurs
Shift 49 Ph Robin Fainton Baye Chaleurs
Solide 132 Ph Janvrin Laurens Remon Canada
Southampton Packet Cutter/sloop 40 Jean Neel Southampton
Succes Brig 110 Mallet and Gosset Jean Le Riche Canada
Swallow Brigantine 89 Mallet and Gosset Amice Huelin Gaspe
Swift Brig 95 Simeon Dubois Labrador
Tryall Th Falle Labrador
Trio Ph Messervy Canada
Two Brothers Sloop 60 Henri Voye Henri Voye Bristol Channel
Union George Neel Baye Chaleurs
Union 55 Jean Lys Canada
Unite 400 Poingdestre Wrecked in St Aubin's Bay 1786
Unity Brigantine Pierre Janvrin Iles Madame
Unity Sloop 32 Jacques Barbier Ch Islands
Young Mary Brigantine 70 England/CI
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