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The first records of the family that I have found, in France, are in the town of Parigny and surrounding area; on 8 June 1511 a Jouault is mentioned in a contract with the Seigneur de Parigny. (Parigny is in the Normandy department of Manche immediately to the north of St Hilaire du Harcouet - Ed)

  • 9 December 1550 - Pierre Jouault the elder is in contract with Ollivier Du Hamel, Seigneur du Fief
  • 13 January 1587 - Jehan Jouault, the eldest, is mentioned in transaction with Guillaume Cordon
  • Master Nicolas Jouault, priest, and brother Guillaume living in the middle of the 16th century

Early Jouaults

Master Jacques Jouault, born around 1560, ordained as a priest at the end of the 16th century, witnessed several religious wars involving the diocese of Avranches. He saw four successive Sires of Saint-Germain in the Chateau of Parigny. After leading a full life serving his compatriots, he died on 17 March 1656, just short of 100 years. He was buried in the Chapelle Saint Nicolas by Master Rene Blondel, priest.

Master Jean Jouault, nephew and heir of the previous priest, living in Parigny around 1650, died on 17 April 1673. He was buried in the church by Guillaume de Lossendiere.

Master Francois Jouault, born about 1620, ordained as a Priest around 1648, Vicar of his native parish, then a regular priest; eldest of the eldest of the Riviere-aux-Jouault, title which passed in 1690 to Gilles Cordon-Chiniere of Mesnillard, because of Madeleine Jouault, his wife, niece of Master Francois Jouault, continuing for another 50 years.

Master Gabriel Jouault descendant of above, born in Parigny in 1690, ordained as a priest in 1716, he died prematurely on 6 August 1721, aged 30. He was buried in the church by Gilbert Fautrel, Cure de Chevreville.

  • The above is translated from an article by Victor Boulay of Parigny, published in La Gazette de la Manche.

Jersey family members

  • 1766 - Birth of Pierre Philippe Jouault, a native of Le Mesnil Thebault (SE of Avranches). He became a merchant tailor in the port of Granville, married a Rose Sibron (Cybson?) a woman of property, who appears to have been living in Granville in 1854. In 1841 Pierre died in Granville. Three children were born in Granville from this marriage, Julien Andre, Rosalie Bonne, and Frederick Francois. They all started families in Jersey.
  • 1851 Census has Collas (58) I presume he is the eldest son of Pierre Philippe; Berenice (58) wife, and Claire Jouault. Collas, a shoes,glass (and tea?) merchant, born in Granville; Berenice and Claire were born in Havre. They lived at 53 King street.
  • 1805 birth of Julien Andre in Granville; buried there in. A banker and ship owner, he lived at 11 Broad Street (former JEC building). The 1851 Census has Julien as a shipowner living at 11 Broad Street, consisting of six houses in the court or yard. It appears that he was a member or partner with Edouard Gallichan and Company of the Peirson ”in the Royal Square. Gallichan started the Jewellers we know today; Walter Gallichan his Grandson, became a well-known author on sex education and angling.
  • 1826 Julien Andre married Jane Wimbee (1805- ). She was born in St Helier of French parents, Nicolas Wimbee and Renee Mahe. Her brother and eventually her daughter lived at 5 Broad Street. Julien and Jane had ten children - three boys and seven girls. One, Hortense, died shortly after birth.

Note some of the above attended both Catholic and Church of England services.

  • 1806 Rosalie Bonne Jouault born in Granville, buried at Almorah Cemetry 1876, married Jacques Aubin,(son of Jacques) seven issue, James, Henry, Rosalie, Hortense, Mary, Constante and Henrietta.
  • Frederick-Francois born in Granville in 1811 husband of Estelle M? of France, 1825. Frederick was a zinc worker specialising in lamp repairs. He had his own business in 18 Library Place then 3 Peter Street. He married Annie of Grouville and lived at Frederick Place (Peter Street) in 1891. Peter (1845- ) and Victor (1849- ) both became printers. Andre Pierre Nicolas, son of Julien Andre, went to sea on the family ships at the age of 15. On 3 January 1853, on her maiden voyage, Captain Jouault took the 50-ton President to Southampton with a cargo of cows. On January 22 she arrived in Sunderland, probably for a cargo of coal. She set sail for Granville. The weather at the time was stormy and probably snowing, on the 26th a Flamborough fishing boat picked up the jolly boat, with President of Jersey marked on the stern and A P N Jouault on the inside. On 15 February the Jersey Times reported the loss, and presumed death of all on board. she was insured with the Jersey Mutual Insurance Society for Shipping.
WW2 hero Richard Jouault
  • 1840-1889 Louis Jouault, officer flag bearer in the Franco Prussian war, buried in Granville, agent for the London and South Western Railway in Granville from 1870 to 1889, married Clara Louisa Lesbirel, daughter of auctioneer John Francis
  • 1885-1956 Jean Louis Jouault probably born in Jersey, commissioned into the Royal Garrison Artillery as a 2nd Lieutenant on 1 October 1917. He was promoted to Lieutenant on 1 April 1919 and left the Army in 1921. He received the Croix de Guerre. He was the purchasing agent for Jersey during the German Occupation operating from Les Hirondelles in Granville. He died at Golders Green having left a brothel. Married Marguerite Le Dain 1878-1949 and he lived with her at her guesthouse, Villa Villetri, in Vallee des Vaux until they mutually separated. Jean was residing at La Palloterie in St Martin at the time of his death. He set up a payment scheme for immigrant French workers, He worked at and managed Boutins Travel Bureau in Library Place, where my father started work after leaving school.
  • 1882-1933 Madeline Marie Jouault married Charles Joseph Albert Louis Riotteau, a Paris banker. She is buried in the Lesbirel grave at Almorah, St Helier. They had two daughters, Noella and Nicolle
  • 1910 Yvonne Madeline married John Farrant Smith, who was a Music teacher at Rugby school for most of his life; he was an accomplished cellist. They ran a small theatre in Rugby. Several of the people who were involved in the plays went on to be well-known in the entertainment world. Yvonne did a sketch at the dinner of the Jersey Society in London under the name 'Le Dain'. She also appeared on the stage in London in 1936.
  • 1913-1976 Edward Louis Jouault, Military Medal, Captain in British Intelligence; he went behind the enemy lines to rescue a comrade, was shot and wounded in the knee, the bullet passing right through, he was captured and escaped twice in the same day. He was originally captured by a tank division and was interviewed by the Commander, Rommel, who treated him in a kind and chivalrous manner. Edward later became an instructor in Scotland for the rest of the war. In the post-war years Edward ran a successful café/diner, called the Chick Inn, in Broad Street. It was frequented by the young gymnasts after training at South Hill. He spent his spare time on his yacht the Yvonne which he had renovated himself. His crew and close friend Jack Houllibecq were successful in the annual Jersey–Guernsey race. Edward was booted out of the celebration meal for refusing to buy the drinks; as a teatotaller he offered them water. The yacht was regularly used for smuggling goods between Jersey and France, and sank on her moorings at Rozel in a storm. Edward had a boat built by a Gallichan of St Clement, which he used to run passenger trips around the North coast and Les Ecrehous. He named her after his son Nicolas. This he eventually gave up due to ill health. With his wife Anita they started the souvenir and fancy goods shop the Fishermans Rest in Rozel. Edward married three times. His first marriage was to Madeline Lorraine Ferey; they had two children Michael and Jacqueline. He remarried to Mary and they had a daughter Sarah Louise. Finally he was married to Anita Calldine until his death, they had Nicolas 1960 (myself) and Julien 1962, Anita remarried to Dr A Ralph.
  • 1915-1974 Ines married R Doubleday and emigrated to Australia. They had three issue, Jill, John and Marguerite
  • 1920-1942 Squadron Leader Richard John Jouault DFC saw considerable action at Dunkerque and took part in the Battle of Britain. He was the first Jerseyman to be mentioned in dispatches and win the DFC. He married Margaret Millar in April 1940; they had one son Edward who settled in Australia married and had two children Richard and Fleur. Edward was a wine producer; sadly he died in a car crash.

Jouault ships

Ships known or very likely to be connected to the Jouault Family. Most of the following vessels appear to be involved mainly with coal shipment from Wales and England to Jersey and Granville.

  • Vibilia owned by Jane Wimbee; 148 tons. Built by W Machon in Guernsey 1844, official number 62930, sold to D Le Roy of Guernsey, 1848. Capt William Du Frocq of Guernsey 1850; N Le Roy 1861; P Le Roy, foundered off Spurn Head, 27 January 1883; crew saved.
  • Jersey Maid Gallichan and Wimbee; 39 tons; 1843, lost 1848; Capt John Blampied of Trinity
  • Neuha Gallichan and Co; 29 tons; 1846, lost 1856; 1854 Captain Thomas De La Mare, 54 of St Martin, Mate Auguste Drouet of France, Henry Aubin, 24, of St Helier crew. 1849 Joshua Gallichan 18 of St Saviour crew, Captain John Dickerson 33, John Dickerson 12 crew. Captain De La Haye
  • Jane 21 tons Gallichan and Wimbee 1845-1849; 1847 Captain John Asplet, 52. Captain John Dickerson of Grouville 33, James Aubin 24 crew, John Blampied 32 of Trinity crew. 1849, Capt John Fleming.
  • Jane 42 tons; Gallichanand Co; 1856-1860
  • Freedom Gallichan Co; 50 tons; 1851-56; Capt Francis Renouf, 28, George Renouf crew, both from St Martin, Matthew Gallichan, 27 of St Clement, crew. 1854 Capt Thomas Knox. Capt John Gavey
  • Admiral Gallichan Co. 60 tons; 1848 lost 1856; built by F C Clarke (25 October 1847) for Jouault and Gallichan. Capt Richards, Capt John Dickerson, Capt John Fleming of Sark. 16 November 1856 bound for Grangemouth from Danzig with wheat and lathwood totally lost 12 miles east of Chritiansand, master John Dickerson drowned. Lloyds registered 1850 Jouault and Co.
  • Childers Gallichan and Co; 31 tons 1851-55; Built 1849 offical number 9644; In 1851 she was seized by customs for smuggling and sold to Edward Gallichan and Co. Capt John Fleming sailed also on Jane and Admiral, also worked on or captained steamships on the St Helier to Granville and St Malo routes. He is first recorded on the Ariadne from 1836 to 1842. He was mate on the Polka and the Superb which struck rocks on the Minquiers reef in 1850, and a long legal battle for Capt Priaulx began, which ended on his death 16 years later. John lived in Pomona Road for many years, he eventually lived at Woodbine, St Brelade. His daughters Jane and Eliza married the Le Dain captains Thomas and Nicholas, my great-great uncles. In 1864 a John Fleming owned the 54 ton Dart. Captain Marett, M J Gallichan, 28, of St Clement. 1855 Capt A P N Jouault. 26 September 1870 the Childers was lost off Gunfleet sands near Brightlingsea, then owned by Laming.
  • President Julien Andre Jouault; 50 tons; 1853, lost1853; built in Granville and fitted out in Jersey. Captain Andrew Jouault

Other vessels

The following may and probably have no Jouault connection other than Matthew Gallichan lived at 11 Broad Street, the previous home of the Jouault family. Matthew Gallichan was involved in several companies, involving coal and wine and was the agent for the Jersey Steam Packet Company.

  • London Gallichan and Co; 59 tons 1857, sold 1868; 1859-1864 owned by M Gallichan, 1864-1867 owned by E J Gallichan.
  • Belinda M Gallichan and Co; 180 tons 1859-1863
  • Freedom Gallichan and Co; 58 tons 1862
  • Freedom G Gallichan and Noel; 77 tons; 1860, 18 February 1871 lost around Les Minquiers.
  • Admiral Gallichan and Charles De Gruchy; 215 tons; 23 August 1868 sank off Lundy, one man rescued by a pilot boat master and a French boy held on to the spar, but Captain de Gruchy lost his grip and was drowned; boy later saved by Lady Clay of Bristol. The vessel was loaded with coal and had been struck by a heavy sea two days before during a storm and filled with water.
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