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Two sets of orders were issued by the Germans during the first week of their occupation of Jersey laying down how life was expected to proceed in Jersey from then on.

1 July

The first German proclamation
1 All inhabitants must be indoors by 11 p.m. and must not leave their homes before 5 a.m.
2 We will respect the population of Jersey; but, should anyone attempt to cause the least trouble, serious measures will be taken.
3 All orders given by the Military Authority are to be strictly obeyed.
4 All spirits must be locked up immediately, and no spirits may be supplied, obtained, or consumed henceforth. This prohibition does not apply to stocks in private houses.
5 No person shall enter the Aerodrome at St Peter.
6 All rifles, airguns, revolvers, daggers, sporting guns, and all other weapons whatsoever, except souvenirs, must, together with all ammunition, be delivered at the Town Arsenal by 12 (noon) tomorrow, 3 July.
7 All British Sailors, Airmen, and Soldiers on leave, including Officers, in this Island must report at the Commandant's Office, Town Hall, at 10 am tomorrow, 3 July.
8 No boat or vessel of any description, including any fishing boat, shall leave the Harbours or any other place where the same is moored, without an Order from the Military Authority, to be obtained at the Commandant's Office, Town Hall. All boats arriving in Jersey must remain in Harbour until permitted by the Military to leave. The crews will remain on board. The master will report to the Harbour Master, St Helier, and will obey his instructions.
9 The sale of motor spirit is prohibited, except for use on essential services, such as doctors' vehicles, the delivery of foodstuffs, and sanitary services, where such vehicles are in possession of a permit from the Military Authority to obtain supplies. THE USE OF CARS FOR PRIVATE PURPOSES IS FORBIDDEN.
10 The black-out regulations already in force must be obeyed as before.
11 Banks and shops will be open as before.
12 In order to conform with Central European Time all watches and clocks must be advanced one hour at 11 pm TONIGHT
13 It is forbidden to listen to any Wireless Transmitting Stations, except German and German-Controlled Stations.
14 The raising of prices of commodities is forbidden.

The German Commandant of the Island of Jersey 2 July 1940

8 July

The second German proclamation

Orders of the Commandant of the German Forces in Occupation of the Bailiwick of Jersey. Dated 8 July 1940.

1 The German Commandant is in close touch with the Civil Authorities and acknowledges their loyal co-operation.
2 The Civil Government and Courts of the Island will continue to function as heretofore, save that all. Laws, Ordinances, Regulations, and Orders will be submitted to the German Commandant before being enacted.
3 Such legislation as, in the past, required the Sanction of His Britannic Majesty in Council for its validity, shall henceforth be valid on being approved by the German Commandant, and thereafter sanctioned by the Bailiff of Jersey.
4 The Orders of the German Commandant, heretofore, now, and hereafter issued, shall in due course be registered in the records of the Island of Jersey, in order that no person may plead ignorance thereof. Offences against the same, saving those punishable under German Military Law, shall be punishable by the Civil Courts, who shall enact suitable penalties in respect of such offences, with the approval of the German Commandant.
5 Assemblies in Churches and Chapels for the purpose of Divine Worship are permitted. Prayers for the British Royal Family and for the welfare of the British Empire may be said. Church Bells may ring ten minutes before Service. Such Assemblies shall not be made the medium for any propaganda or utterances against the honour or interests of, or offensive to, the German Government or Forces.
6 Cinemas, Concerts, and other Entertainments are permitted, subject to the conditions set out in Order No. 5 above.
7 Prices must not be increased or decreased. Any shopkeeper offending against this order is liable to have his shop closed, and also to pay any fine that may be imposed by the Competent Authorities.
8 The sale and consumption of wines, beer, and cider is permitted in such premises as are licensed; by the Civil Authorities.
9 Holders of Licences for the sale of such intoxicating liquors (wines, beer, or cider) shall take the most rigid precautions for the prevention of drunkenness. If drunkenness takes place on such licensed premises, then without prejudice to any other civil penalty the Island Police shall and are hereby empowered to close the premises.
10 All traffic between Jersey and Guernsey is prohibited, whether direct or indirect, for the time being (other Regulations will follow).
11 The Rate of Exchange between the Reichsmark and the Pound has been fixed at Eight Marks to the Pound.
12 The Continuance of the privileges granted to the civilian population is dependent upon their good behaviour. Military necessity however may from time to time require the Orders now in force to be made more stringent.

For and on behalf of the German Commandant of the Channel Islands Gussek, Hauptmann, Commandant, Jersey

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