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Historic Jersey buildings

Francheville, Grouville


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Property name


Other names

  • Jardin de Francheville
  • Francheville Cottage
  • Francheville House
  • Francheville Farm


Route de la Francheville, Grouville

Type of property

Historic farm group


Jardin de Francheville was sold for £1,195,000 in 2017

Families associated with the property

  • Vicq
  • Payn
  • Neel
  • Le Neveu
  • Perredes
  • Picot
  • Harris
  • Machon
  • Rolland: In the 1940s Victor Marie Rolland (1899- ) and Yvonne Marie Rolland, nee Le Bail 91901- ) lived at Francheville Cottage with their children, twins Victor William and Amy Edith (1932- ), Raymond Victor (1933- ), Ernest Francis (1936- ), Yvonne Amelia (1937- ), Francis John 91939- ) and Roger Rene (1942- )


Richard Vicq, son and heir of Thomas Vicq (1734-1776) sold Francheville to Thomas Payn in about 1816, and he developed it into the grand, walled mansion which stands today. Another Thomas Payn sold the house to Francois Neel in 1860.

He could not make the farm pay and in 1874 it was sold to Jean Le Neveu, former Constable of St Clement, and son of Jean of Seaforth.

Jean married his second cousin Elizabeth Anne Le Neveu, daughter of Jean and Betsy Nancy Much. Betsy Much was the daughter of baker William Much and Jean was also a baker, the son of baker Philippe-Jacques Le Neveu. Elizabeth Anne inherited a sizeable property portfolio from her parents, and died at the age of 28 in 1863, leaving her husband to manage all 14 properties, including houses in St Clement, St Helier and Grouville.

He consolidated his holdings, selling a number of small properties and buying Francheville, but after he died, his son John Philip Le Neveu sold the house to Jurat Thomas Payn in 1895, and he in turn sold it to Gedeon Paul Perredes, who owned it for only a year before selling it to Reginald Philip Picot.

The tenants of Francheville House in 1881 were two widows: Elise Harris (1844- ), farming 3 acres, and her son Abner (1872- ); and Sophie Machon (1798- ), also farming 3 acres, and her labourer son Charles (1829- ), dressmaker daughter Elizabeth (1833- ) and mariner son Elias (1840- )

In the same census, the occupants of Francheville Farm were shown as Farmer of 38 acres Fremont Ozouf(1829- ), his wife Emilie (1836- ), son Philip (1861- ), daughters Mary Jane (1863- ), Josephine (1865- ), Louisa (1867- ) and Adlena (1876- ).

In the 1901 census farm bailiff Alfred Mallet (1859- ) was living at Francheville with his wife Annie, nee Gibaut (1875- ), sons Alfred (1886- ) and Arthur (1900- ) and daughter Lilian (1896- ). Alfred was the son of the splendidly names Alfred Frederic Prince Albert Mallet and Mary Ann, nee Le Brun.

The house was sold by Reginald's heirs in October 1937 to Blanche Nicol, wife of Edward Mitchell.


  • RP ♥ SAL 1732 - For Richard Payn and Susanne Alexandre who married in Grouville on 4 December 1731
  • 18 TP ♥♥ MNM 02 - For Thomas Payn and Marie Norman, who married in St Saviour on 28 February 1801
  • HM ♥♥ AS 1969 - For Hamish Mitchell and Ann Shettle

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

An historic farm group of historical and architectural significance, retaining features and character from several phases of development from early 18th century onwards.

Contributes to the rural landscape. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Farm group comprising several buildings. 18th century farmhouse is two-storey, four-bay. Adjoining to south is 19th century house, three-storey, three-bay. Single-storey extension to east. Adjoining to east of farmhouse is large two-storey granite outbuilding, formerly stables. Timber cupola.

To north of site is 18th century cottage: two-storey, three-bay with brick chimney. Tall granite boundary walls enclose grounds, with arched entrance in northwest corner.

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