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La Pompe, at Les Marais, St Mary, was owned by Renoufs until the early 18th century.

In an outhouse there is a datestone of 1680 with the initials of Jean Renouf and Elizabeth Piquet (Jean buried in 1719). Jean Renouf exchanged this house just before he died with Jean Arthur, ancestor of the late Miss Jean Arthur. She said that Jean Renouf had agreed to the exchange over a game of cards on board a ship and he thus acquired Jean Arthur's house "at the crossroads" which no longer exists today.

The Arthur family have been living there since 1719.

A lintelled door is inscribed with the initials of Jean Arthur and Rachel Le Couteur, 1720. According to Jean Arthur, in the late 18th century its address became known as Le Puits, as it had a “fine well with a thatched roof”. In the early 19th century this was replaced by a pump, which gave the house its current name.

It was Jean’s grandfather who found the Renouf-Piquet stone in a "mud-heap" and incorporated it into an outhouse he built about 1910. The present dwelling house was built in the 20th century but the house behind it is older.

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