La Pulente

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On the coast
La Pulente

La Pulente, with the sweep of St Ouen's Bay behind

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La Pulente is at the extreme south of St Ouen's Bay where the island's coastline turns north after La Corbière. The road from La Moye drops steeply down to the bay, from where it is flat all the way to l'Etacq in the north.

This is known to islanders as the Five Mile Road, although the straight section to Les Laveurs is actually somewhat shorter.

Parliamentary troops landed in the bay in the dark on 23 October 1851, but out of sight of the gun battery at La Pulente.

Today there is a small group of recently built houses to the north of La Pulente Inn, a building which was completely gutted during the German Occupation and had to be rebuilt.

A photograph taken during the German Occupation, or shortly afterwards, showing the clean, new anti-tank wall and the shell of the gutted hotel in the background
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