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1. 1715. Protest on wreck of fishing vessel in Scotland, Joshua Gabourel was master on ship ‘John’.

2. 1809. Salvage of ‘Cumberland’ at Rozel.

3. 1809. Summonses and depositions re. ‘Cumberland’ (3).

4. 1841. Signed statement re. Loss of open boat Maria (1840).

5. 1835. Letter to Mrs. Payn from son re. Shipwreck of Gibraltar.

6. Typescript notes re. Kingfisher - registered Jersey, wrecked Flesa, N. Norway 1799. 2pp.

7. Explosion on ketch United November 1888 - photocopy of typed extract from ‘The Bristol Mercury’ 24/11/1888 + Typescript notes 5pp.

8. George McKenzie Goddard (b. 1894): Photocopied autobiographical material on shipwrecks (area of Falkland Islands & Bermuda).

9. Wrecked at Le Hocq 1980, a Catamaran built by Mr. Carlyle Fox - JEP 6/9/1980. ‘Last voyage of a floating folly’.

10. La Naufrage de L’Hilda, 1905, by Giles Millot (Chasse Marie, № 19, 1983) + JEP articles (wreck of the steamship ‘Hilda’ near St. Malo’.

11. ‘Polar Bear’, JEP August 1979, re. Lt. J. Coleman (Yacht crew rescued by Dutch warship).

12. ‘Seawynds’ - JEP August 1975 re. Mrs. V. Hopson (Jersey family rescued near Cornwall).

13. Shipwrecked Fisherman & Mariners Royal Benevolent Society. Jersey Auxillary Contributions, 1937.

14. ‘Stella’ wrecked at Casquets 1899 (various articles). Indexed separately within.

15. 300 saved as catamaran ‘St Malo’ hits a rock off Corbiere (JEP 18/4/1995 and other articles). Ferry skipper receives award from Guernsey bailiff, JEP 18/6/1996. Indexed separately within.

16. Wreck of ‘Fanny’. (Photocopied extract: Jersey Loyalist, 7th January 1828).

17. Wreck of ‘Droite de l’Homme’, 1797 (French). Typescript by Ed. Pellem.

18. Shipwreck reports from UK newspapers from 1685-1854.

19. Ship drifting off South Coast - St Peter, Jersey, 1692 - Original document + Typescript transcription.

20. Shipwreck ‘Superb’ & ‘La Polka’ - Illustrated London News, September 1850, and London Journal 1850. An account can be found of both these wrecks under “The Wrecks of the Polka and of the Superb - A Jersey Captain’s Extraordinary Misfortunes”, in “Stories of Jersey Jersey Seas”, by Philip Ahier - a copy of which is held in the Societe Jersiaise library.

21. Shipwreck ‘Carmante Betty’, 1759. Short account and list taken from St Ouen’s Parish register of those drowned.

22. Shipwreck ‘Isabelle Northcote’ November 1872, at Ecrehos. Typescript from Chronique (English/French) - ref. to ‘The Dasher’ as well - see № 41. An account of this vessel can also be found in Philip Ahier’s book, “The Stranding of the Norwegian Vessel Isabella Northcote on the Ecréhos Reef” (Chapter heading).

23. Shipwrecked ‘Ibex’ - Jersey Times and British Press 6/1/1900 (also JEP 31/5/1977). Photo of ‘Ibex’ + JEP ‘Temps Passé’ 16/4/1997, 13/10/2000.

24. HMS Havick - Historic wreck uncovered () JEP 2/7/1997 & 22/5/1998 + Picture Donation (Wrecked 19/12/1884). + information collected on the Havick from the National Archives.

25. Shipwreck ‘Normandy’ - List of those saved 1870 and account by Peter Cook in Jersey Life.

26. ‘Cumberland’ salvaged, 15/7/1813.

27. ‘Echo’ account of the week, 9/12/1994. JEP - a Corbier Christmas Story (wrecked 19/12/1884).

28. Shipwreck ‘Admiral Nelson’ built in Jersey 1841, lost Mersey Channel 1871.

29. Le Pelley, Jean. the sinking of the Alabama (US confederate cruiser, off Cherbourg, 1864). Photocopied extract: Trans. Soc. Guern. Vol. XIX, 1973. 2000/18.

30. ‘Express’ account of sinking. Chronique 21/9/1859 and Illustrated London News 1/10/1859 (on the Grunes Houillieres).

31. ‘Liverpool’ wrecked in 1902. Guernsey Weekly Press 17/12/1859, account by J. Godfray, Alderney.

32. ‘Abel’ wrecked, Illustrated London News, 17/12/1859 (off Elizabeth Castle).

33. ‘Amelia’ wrecked on ‘Hermitage Rocks’, Illustrated London News, 23/2/1856.

34. Channel Queen account of wreck ‘The Graphic’, 12/2/1898 + Article ‘Black & White’ & the Jersey Topic February 1967.

35. ‘Caledonia’ shipwreck account, Illustrated London News, 5/3/1881 + Photocopied illustration and text ‘Loss of steamer “Caledonia’”.

36. Is this Guernsey already? (JEP Temps Passé 5/7/1996 re. SS Caesarea which hit rocks off Noirmont 7/7/1923).

37. Passengers rescued as catamaran (Trident 7) catches fire (JEP 27/8/1996).

38. Lost and foundered: ancient wreck off Alderney, 1592 (Times 10/3/1997 + JEP 3/5/1997).

39. ‘Caledonia’ wrecked off Morwenstowe, Cornwall, 1842; sole survivor, Edward Le Dain rescued by Rev. R. S. Hawker - a different ‘Caledonia’ from the one in № 35.

40. Account of the collision of the Cuckoo (Illustrated London News 25/5/1850).

41. Account of accident to Dispatch at Corbiere (Illustrated London News 29/10/1853) - Ref. to ‘Dasher’ - see № 22.

42. Fanny Breslauer - JEP article 11/4/1974 by G.W. Croad + JEP account 10/1/1908.

43. Jersey and the Titanic - Various articles. Channel Islanders with links to ill-fated vessel.

44. Jersey’s forgotten shipwreck - PT509 - JEP 29/5/2001 (An American Torpedo Boat).

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