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La Vallette


We currently have very little information on this striking Gorey property

The house was occupied by the Durell family during the Occupation - Mary Elizabeth (1865- ), Sydney (1895- ), Kathleen Elsie (1923- ) and Derek Charles (1927- ). It had previously been owned by Francis and Alice Gibaut, who sold it to emigrate to Canada.

Kerrich family

In the 1860s the house was purchased by the Kerrich family. Thomas Kerrich was a native of Harleston, Norfolk, but had lived in Florence, Italy, for many years, working as a banker. He married Harriet Frances Baring in 1827 at Florence - she was a niece of the 1st Baron Ashburton. Their daughter Marion married Gordon Springett.

Thomas Kerrich died at La Valette, on 19 April 1865, aged 62. The following year, his widow Harriet sold the house. It was advertised in the Nouvelle Chronique de Jersey on 22 August 1866.

Holt family

In the 1901 census La Valette House and La Valette Farm were recorded next door to each other, both occupied by members of the Holt family.

The House was occupied by Charles Holt (1846- ), a cattle merchant, his wife Sophia, nee Rive (1846- ), daughters Bessie (1882- ) and Christine (1885- ) and son Harold (1888- ). The farm was occupied by Charles snr's son farmer Charles Holt (1876- ), his wife Evelyn, nee Le Seelleur (1875- ) and their sons Norman (1899- ) and Arthur (1900- )

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