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This datestone was removed from the house when it was demolished. ILB EHQ 1777 referred to Jean Le Boutillier of St John and Esther Hocquard of Trinity, who were married in St Mary in 1769, and moved to Trinity

Joan Stevens, in Vol 1 of Old Jersey Houses, says that the house name may also be spelt 'Bineau' and that it is possibly derived from the word for a stook of corn.

The house, in Rue de l'Epine, stood above Bouley Bay in Trinity but was derelict at the time the book was published and was subsequently demolished in 1962.

Owners have included Hocquards, Le Feuvres and Rondels.

In 1851 the house was owned by a Le Boutillier, father of Jane, who was married to Josue Pinel, who lived there with his father-in-law.

HER entry

The house was built into the side of a hill and the end bedroom entered on ground level. The ground floor was partly built on to a stone outcrop and there were water worn stones in the walls, both signs of antiquity. There were three fireplaces with plastered hoods of traditional style. There was a good wellhead close to the lane which ran down to Bouley Bay. The roof of the well was formed by a huge stone which may have been a neolithic quern.

A chamfered lintel was inscribed 'ILB EHQ 1777'. This is likely to have been added in a later phase.

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