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The Hermitage off the coast of St Helier
A sailing vessel approaches the port of St Helier in a stormy sea
Portelet Bay with Janvrin's Tomb in the centre
St Brelade's Church. No sea wall had yet been built to protect the water's edge
St Brelade's Bay, still quiet and undeveloped
Rocks at La Corbière before the building of the lighthouse
St Ouen's Bay viewed from La Corbière, where the coastal road was still only a rough track
The ruins of Grosnez Castle
The large cave at Greve au Lancon
Plemont on a stormy day
Bonne Nuit with its new jetty
Bouley Bay yet to have a jetty built
Rozel - even in the mid 19th century there was only a rough track down to the bay
St Catherine
The traditional view of Mont Orgueil
Mont Orgueil from the back
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