Le Clercq family members who served in World War 1

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Le Clercq family members who served in the Great War

One family member died and another 16 saw active service in World War 1

  • Herbert Bertram Le Clercq 91887-1916) son of J J and Mary of Durban, Natal, L-cpl, South African Infantry
  • Alfred George Le Clercq (1884- ) (Farnham, Surrey) Jersey father, Lieutenant RE
  • Charles Ferdinand Le Clercq (1883- ) (St B) son of Pierre Isidore and Ann, Leading seaman RN
  • Donald Arthur Le Clercq (St C), Able seaman, RN
  • Elias Winter Le Clercq (Gr) husband of Clara Selina, Private, Royal Jersey Garrison Battalion
  • Francis Renouf Le Clercq, Private, Non-Combatant Corps
  • Frank John Le Clercq (1885- ) (St B), Petty Officer RN, HMS Bristol
  • George Le Clercq (1889- ) (Franham, Surrey) Jersey father, Able Seaman RN, HMS Dolphin
  • George Philip Le Clercq (1885- ), Mercantile Marine
  • John Daniel Le Clercq (1900- ) Ordinary Seamen RN, HMS Pembroke I
  • Joseph Thomas Le Clercq (1881- ) (Gr), RN, Mercantile Marine
  • Philip George Le Clercq (1895- ) (St H), Private RAOC
  • Philip John Le Clercq (Gr), Private, Wiltshire Regiment
  • Philip John Le Clercq (1879- ) (St C), COoper RN, HMS Latona
  • Sydney Le Clercq (Gr), Private, Hampshire Regiment
  • Sydney Le Clercq (St H), Private RE
  • Sydney Le Clercq, Mercantile Marine
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