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Composite Le Couteur family tree

showing results of DNA analysis


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This DNA tree illustrates the biological relationship of branches of the Le Couteur family, representing results from DNA tests on the individuals as indicated by the letters. The framework precisely matches the genealogy presented in the family trees, and individuals named at branching in the diagram can be found and identified. See the ‘discussion’ tab for further information.

This master tree for the Le Couteur family links the 15 family trees given on Jerripedia, and covers seven centuries overall. It is structured hierarchically to follow the genealogical format of Jerripedia component trees. Each family tree branch in the master tree indicated below is prefaced by the generation number for the leading individual relative to Colin Le Couteur. This approach to illustrating the links between different branches of a master family tree is new to Jerripedia, so if you have found it useful, please let us know by clicking on this link

All individuals listed in these family trees appear to be descended from a single common male ancestor. The appended 'DNA tree' summarises those relationships that have resulted from DNA analysis. It shows the branching that has been validated by analysing DNA samples submitted by living Le Couteur descendants from different family branches. It is fully consistent with the known genealogy.

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