Le Gros family members who served in World War 1

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Le Gros family members who served in the Great War


Able Seaman Ernest Le Gros was lost at sea at the age of 38 while serving on HMS Opal

Four members of the family lost their lives while serving in the armed forces and a further 29 saw active service in World War 1

  • Ernest Le Gros (1880-1918) Able Seaman RN, HMS Opal, lost at sea
  • Arthur Reginald Le Gros (1899-1918) son of Alfred Elias and Georgina Harriet, nee Brewer, Officer's Steward RN, HMS Aerial, killed when ship sank two months before the end of the war
  • Charles Aubin Le Gros (1884-1917) MM, son of John Coutanche and Mary Louisa, nee Renouf, Company Sergeant Major Canadian Infantry, killed in action
  • Claude Douglas Le Gros (1882-1917) son of Harold and Nellie, Private, Honourable Artillery Company, killed in action
  • Albert Le Gros (St H), Private, Worcestershire Regiment
  • Alphonse Edward Raul Le Gros (1896- ) son of Julia (St H), Private, Essex Regiment
  • Armand Leon Le Gros (1890- ) (St H), Private
  • Arthur Victor Le Gros (1898- ) son of James and Sarah (St H), Private, RAOC
  • Austin Philip Bichard Le Gros (1888- ) (St P) son of John and Mary, Private, Australian Engineers
  • Claude L Le Gros (St H), Private, Lancashire Fusiliers
  • Clement Emile Le Gros (Gr), Boy 1st Class RN, HMS Agamemnon
  • Cyril Messervy Le Gros (1899- ) (St Mt) son of Daniel and Ada May, L-Cpl, RJGB
  • Edith Katharine Le Gros OBE, Red Cross, head of knitting department
  • Edward Henry Le Gros (1889- ) (NZ), Jersey father Philip, Private, Canterbury Regiment
  • Ernest Francis Vicq Le Gros (1892- ) (St H) son of Jean Clement Vicq and Fanny Rebecca, nee Dunford, Engineer Sub-Lieut RNR
  • Ernest Philip Le Gros (1894- )(St J) son of Ernest Edward and Mary Jane, nee Mollet, Sapper RE
  • Eugene Paul Le Gros MM, Sergeant, Bedfordshire Regiment
  • Frank Herbert Le Gros (1895- ) (St H) son of James William Thomas and Sara Dora, nee Sebire, Driver, Royal Field Artillery
  • Frederick Gervaise Le Gros (1893-1936) (St S) son of Henry Gervaise and Annie Isabel, née Malet, OV, Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery
  • George Le Gros (St H), Private, Royal Defence Corps
  • Henry Le Gros (St H), Private, Labour Corps
  • Herbert Philip Le Gros (1884- )(St Luke) son of Auguste John and Jane, Private, Gloucestershire Regiment
  • Herbert Thomas Le Gros (1898- ) (St J) son of Ernest Edward and Mary Jane, nee Mollet, Private, Dorsetshire Regiment
  • John Le Gros (St H), Sergeant, Labour Corps
  • John Bertram Le Gros (1896-1953) (St S) son of Henry Gervaise and Annie Isabel, née Malet; Captain Lincolnshire Regiment
  • John Frederick Le Gros (St H), Gunner, Royal Field Artillery
  • John George Le Gros (1862- ), Mercantile Marine
  • John Reginald Le Gros (St H), Corporal RASC
  • Joseph Edward Le Gros (St H), Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery
  • Philip Henry Joseph Le Gros (1895- ) (St H) son of Ernest Joseph and Elizabeth, nee Kenzie, Mercantile Marine
  • Raymond Walter Le Gros (1896- ) (St H) son of Walter George, Private, Royal Marine Artillery
  • Samuel Le Gros (Gr), Private, Royal Defence Corps
  • Thomas Le Gros (1869- ), Mercantile Marine
  • William Alfred John Le Gros (1898- ) (St H) son of William Joseph and Annie Pigeon, Officer's Steward RN, HMS Barham
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