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Le Masurier burial records

The records of Jersey's seven major undertakers from 1820 to the late 1970s are held by Jersey Archive and have been digitised and indexed by archive staff and volunteers. We previously provided family page listings of the records of Croad's, a single business, but have now combined all the records into a single new index and are progressively updating the lists in our family pages. The full records are available to subscribers to the Archive's online service. The entries within the volumes give vital family history information such as the name and age of the person buried, their immediate relations, the place and date of death, as well as place of burial - cemetery, location of grave and even the coffin's depth. Some records also give details of the deceased's occupation or public positions held.


The first records, from 1867, in the Croad Livre de Remarques

The books can be viewed on line or downloaded. Each set for each undertaker has an index which subscribers can view online or download.

It can be a lengthy process searching for records because there are separate indexes for each funeral director and most do not give a date of burial. This means that several volumes may have to be accessed when searching for details of an ancestor's burial. Although the Archive website has a search facility which allows a search for individual names, the results can include all manner of other records in their catalogue and, unless the exact spelling of a name is known, the required record will not be found.

Jerripedia has not only created a full A-Z index for all 66,000-plus records, with the year of burial included for the benefit of our users who have an Archive subscription, but we are adding indexes of records, such as this one, for individual families included in our 1,200-plus family pages, which include all the island's most important families.

This link is to the Archive website page containing links to the seven sets of records. The page will open for everybody but only subscribers will be able to view the records

Some records use page numbers and sequential record numbering. Most of the Archive indexes do not include dates. All our indexes and lists give dates, and having identified the undertaker and date of funeral from this listing you can then easily find the volume containing the record.

The Archive indexes contain some very unusual spellings for common Jersey surnames. We are cross-checking these with the images of the undertaker's books and finding that most are errors of transcription, which can be corrected for our index, although the process of checking against the books is very time-consuming. Some of the handwriting in the books is very difficult to read, and there may also be errors in the entries. We are correcting names when we are entirely satisfied that a common surname has been wrongly entered or transcribed. Variations of common names which may be correct are included at the end of family name indexes, and have been left in the full A-Z indexes.

Our advice is the same as it is with any other set of records included in Jerripedia. If you don't find an ancestor where you expect to, look for variations in spelling and, perhaps for names with or without prefixes, such as Le, La, L', de and du. Variations may appear next to records for names spelt in the standard form; they may also be some way out of sequence.

Please note that the work of updating all our family page burial lists to include all funeral directors is not yet complete, and some pages still link to an incomplete listing for a single business. Note also that there were other undertakers in business over the years whose records are not included in this collection. For families with a significant number of records we have created a separate page, but when there are only a few records the link may be to an A-Z index page, and you will need to scroll through the alphabetical listing to find the family you are interested in.

  • Burial records: Our main index to undertakers' registers, cemetery records and gravestone images
Page number Record number Forenames Surname Maiden name Previous
married name
Associated names Notes Year
of burial
Funeral director
12545 Abraham Le Masurier 1870 Picot
9937 Ada Le Masurier 1914 Croad
19443 Ada Le Masurier 1947 Croad
12879 Adolphus Henry Edward Le Masurier 1923 Croad
13383 Alfred Le Masurier 1925 Croad
272a Alfred Charles Le Masurier 1964 Le Quesne
13856 Alfred Elias Le Masurier 1875 Picot
81,82 Alfred Noel Le Masurier 1922 Sinatt
14091 Alfred William Le Masurier 1928 Croad
347 41 Alice Jane Le Masurier 1872 Croad
256a Alice Jane Le Masurier Le Brun 1943 Le Quesne
11595 Alice Jane Le Masurier Amy 1919 Croad
109b Amelia Ann Le Masurier Elliott 1963 Le Quesne
89 9 Ann Elisa Le Masurier Cavey 1908 Sinatt
2060 Ann Elizabeth Le Masurier 1887 Croad
10092 Anne Marie Le Masurier 1914 Croad
462 16942 Arthur Sydney Le Masurier 1937 Croad
11535 Caroline Le Masurier Woodley de Ste Croix 1868 Picot
2327 Caroline Jane Le Masurier 1888 Croad
193 Charles Le Masurier 1912 Sinatt
4010 Charles Le Masurier 1894 Croad
5528 Charles Le Masurier 1899 Croad
6181 Charles Le Masurier 1901 Croad
13055 Charles Le Masurier 1924 Croad
88 Charles Le Masurier 1843 Picot
7553 Charles Le Masurier 1906 Croad
2945 Charles Le Masurier 1851 Picot
11708 Charles Alfred Le Masurier 1868 Picot
172b Charles Francis William Le Masurier 1951 Le Quesne
236a Charles Frederick William Le Masurier 1948 Le Quesne
151a Charles Herbert Le Masurier 1956 Le Quesne
206 Charles John Le Masurier 1918 Sinatt
7915 Charles Lee Le Masurier 1907 Croad
2671 Charles Thomas Le Masurier Infant 1850 Picot
59 Child Le Masurier Wellyer Father Jean 1843 Picot
117b Claudia Le Masurier Renouf 1961 Le Quesne
15020 Clement Francis Le Masurier 1931 Croad
1205 Clement James John Le Masurier 1885 Croad
20438 Clement Philip Le Masurier 1952 Croad
447 Clothilde Celine Eunice Le Masurier née Jeanne 1974 Pitcher and Le Quesne
19a Cynthia Louise Le Masurier Repatriated from England 1945 Le Quesne
7615 Daniel Frederick Le Masurier 1861 Picot
5b Edith Annie Le Masurier Ashes forwarded from Cornwall 1945 Le Quesne
6a Edith Annie Le Masurier 1945 Le Quesne
461 Edith Maude Le Masurier Taylor 1938 Sinatt
5142 Edward Le Masurier 1897 Croad
131a Edward George Le Masurier 1961 Le Quesne
22156 Edwin Philip Le Masurier 1959 Croad
20738 Eileen Mary Le Masurier Hardman 1953 Croad
13554 Elise Jane Le Masurier Filluel 1926 Croad
5325 Eliza Le Masurier Jeune 1898 Croad
7262 Eliza Le Masurier du Heaume 1905 Croad
87 Elizabeth Le Masurier de Gruchy 1911 Sinatt
8559 Elizabeth Le Masurier Le Page 1909 Croad
2317 Elizabeth Le Masurier 1849 Picot
5346 Elizabeth Le Masurier Garnier 1856 Picot
11700 Elizabeth Le Masurier Machon 1868 Picot
13073 Elizabeth Le Masurier Pirouet 1872 Picot
57 56 Elizabeth Le Masurier 1865 Sinatt
4052 Elizabeth Anne Le Masurier Le Vavasseur dit Durell 1894 Croad
4990 Elizabeth Jean Le Masurier Jeandron 1897 Croad
220b Elizabeth Mary Le Masurier 1922 Le Quesne
365 Elizabeth Rachel Le Masurier Hamon 1881 Croad
22301 Elsie Marie Le Masurier Le Chevalier 1959 Croad
348 28 Emily Le Masurier 1875 Croad
21695 Emily Jane Le Masurier Finch 1957 Croad
88b Emma Louisa Le Masurier Waller 1970 Le Quesne
63,64 Eric Le Masurier 1922 Sinatt
3247 Esther Le Masurier De La Haye 1852 Picot
346 117 Esther Anne Le Masurier 1871 Croad
346 121 Esther Anne Le Masurier 1871 Croad
348 27 Esther Jane Le Masurier Touzel 1875 Croad
9633 Esther Rachel Le Masurier 1865 Picot
16290 Francis Le Masurier 1935 Croad
13530 Francis William Le Masurier 1926 Croad
4286 François Le Masurier 1895 Croad
9952 Françoise Le Masurier 1865 Picot
3138 Frank Renouf Le Masurier 1891 Croad
2324 George Le Masurier 1888 Croad
17425 George Le Masurier 1939 Croad
180a George Le Masurier 1969 Pitcher
7401 George Le Masurier 1861 Picot
25b George Le Masurier 1962 Le Quesne
14287 George Hammond Le Masurier 1928 Croad
20013 George James Le Masurier 1950 Croad
4665 George Philip Le Masurier 1855 Picot
4371 George Rive Le Masurier 1895 Croad
215,216 Gladys May Le Masurier Carter 1920 Sinatt
346a Harold Sidney Clarence Le Masurier 1965 Le Quesne
213a, 213b 24 Harriet Le Masurier 1903 Sinatt
347 96 Harriet Le Masurier Mackenzie 1872 Croad
4076 Harriet Le Masurier Woodcock 1894 Croad
247,248 Harriet Elizabeth Le Masurier Piton 1923 Sinatt
316b Henri Jean Le Masurier 1959 Le Quesne
49a Henry Cory Le Masurier 1957 Le Quesne
11538 Henry Thomas Le Masurier 1918 Croad
109b Henry Thomas Le Masurier 1970 Le Quesne
350 70 Herbert Henry Le Masurier 1878 Croad
145 Herbert Henry Le Masurier 1879 Croad
1267 Hilda Maud Le Masurier 1885 Croad
32a, 32b 20 Jane Le Masurier Pinel 1901 Sinatt
2103 Jane Le Masurier 1888 Croad
3921 Jane Le Masurier Picot 1893 Croad
4570 Jane Le Masurier Falle 1896 Croad
10682 Jane Le Masurier 1916 Croad
389 Jane Le Masurier Thomas Le Masurier 1846 Picot
2776 Jane Le Masurier 1851 Picot
7090 Jane Le Masurier Le Sauteur 1860 Picot
89b Jane Le Masurier du Val 1966 Le Quesne
4 6 Jane Mary Le Masurier Jeune 1910 Sinatt
20108 Jane Mary Le Masurier Amy 1950 Croad
345 58 Jean Le Masurier 1867 Croad
4511 Jean Le Masurier 1855 Picot
9936 Jeanne Marie Le Masurier Prevost 1914 Croad
17 John Le Masurier 30/9/1854 Sinatt
157 28 John Le Masurier 08/02/1875 Sinatt
75a75b John Le Masurier 1896 Sinatt
6659 John Le Masurier 1903 Croad
19250 John Le Masurier 1947 Croad
3956 John Le Masurier 1853 Picot
136a John Le Masurier 1918 Le Quesne
349 60 John Charles Le Masurier 1876 Croad
306 John Charles Le Masurier 1880 Croad
165 John Filleul Le Masurier 1879 Croad
John George Hammond Le Masurier 29/09/1953 Conery
19b John Josué Le Masurier 1914 Le Quesne
3884 John Malzard Le Masurier 1893 Croad
410 132 John Percy Le Masurier 1871 Sinatt
66b John Tornidge Le Masurier 1969 Le Quesne
3320 Joshua Philip Le Masurier 1892 Croad
4864 Josué Le Masurier 1855 Picot
10310 Josué Le Masurier 1866 Picot
126a Josué George Le Masurier 1934 Le Quesne
126a Josué George Le Masurier 1934 Le Quesne
12674 Josué Jean Le Masurier 1923 Croad
214 Josué Philippe Le Masurier 1918 Sinatt
130 106 Joyce Le Masurier 1914 Sinatt
15436 Kathleen Mary Le Masurier Jeffrey 1932 Croad
310a Lilian Le Masurier Troy 1968 Le Quesne
3750 Lilian Jane Le Masurier 1893 Croad
4416 Lilian Jane Le Masurier 1895 Croad
6535 Lily May Le Masurier 1902 Croad
13a Louis Robert Le Masurier 1960 Le Quesne
347 40 Louisa Ann Jane Le Masurier 1874 Croad
13413 Louisa Elvina Le Masurier Luce 1925 Croad
8547 Louisa Jane Le Masurier Le Ray 1909 Croad
20347 Louisa Jane Le Masurier Le Mercier 1951 Croad
441 16860 Louisa Susan Le Masurier Coutanche 1937 Croad
1109 Lucille Sophie Le Masurier 1884 Croad
17584 Lucy Ellen Le Masurier Linthorne 1940 Croad
117a Lucy Salter Le Masurier Pallot 1961 Le Quesne
20467 Lydia Louise Le Masurier Le Lievre 1952 Croad
Mabel Alice Le Masurier Journeaux 05/09/1947 Conery
67 Mabel Harriet Le Masurier 1952 Pitcher
10432 Marie Le Masurier Foison 1916 Croad
13868 Marie Le Masurier 1875 Picot
347 92 Mary Le Masurier Le Neveu 1873 Croad
4970 Mary Le Masurier 1897 Croad
5789 Mary Le Masurier 1900 Croad
6913 Mary Le Masurier Renouf 1904 Croad
10177 Mary Le Masurier Ahier 1915 Croad
12121 Mary Le Masurier Roys 1921 Croad
9715 Mary Le Masurier Le Feuvre 1865 Picot
14146 Mary Le Masurier Machon 1876 Picot
380 Mary Ann Le Masurier Binet 1932 Sinatt
6027 Mary Ann Le Masurier 1900 Croad
18416 Mary Ann Le Masurier 1943 Croad
18631 Mary Ann Le Masurier Brown 1944 Croad
20522 Mary Ann Le Masurier Starck 1952 Croad
14108 Mary Ann Le Masurier 1875 Picot
195b Mary Ann Le Masurier Le Cocq 1931 Le Quesne
313b Mary Ann Marguerite Le Masurier England 1944 Le Quesne
447 Mary Jane Le Masurier Nicolle 1935 Sinatt
24 Mary Jane Le Masurier Battrick 1951 Pitcher
18079 Mary Julie Le Masurier Denis 1941 Croad
3494 Mary Louisa Le Masurier 1852 Picot
178 Maud Mary Le Masurier Buesnel 1969 Pitcher
220 47 Maud Maxine Le Masurier 1906 Sinatt
3761 Mildred Le Masurier 1893 Croad
5715 Nancy Le Masurier Gallichan 1899 Croad
6588 Nancy Le Masurier Rondel 1859 Picot
19048 Paul Francis Le Masurier 1946 Croad
1882 Percy Henry Le Masurier 1887 Croad
146a Percy John Le Masurier 1951 Le Quesne
11528 Peter Le Masurier 1868 Picot
981 Philip Le Masurier 1884 Croad
5336 Philip Le Masurier 1898 Croad
6409 Philip Le Masurier 1902 Croad
460 16933 Philip Le Masurier 1937 Croad
421,422 Philip John Le Masurier 1924 Sinatt
6570 Philip John Le Masurier 1859 Picot
182b Philip John Le Masurier 1936 Le Quesne
182b Philip John Le Masurier 1936 Le Quesne
2037 Philip Thomas Le Masurier 1849 Picot
349 102 Philippe Le Masurier 1876 Croad
676 Philippe Le Masurier 1882 Croad
4588 Philippe Le Masurier 1896 Croad
4905 Philippe Le Masurier 1897 Croad
3457 Philippe Le Masurier 1852 Picot
3514 Philippe Le Masurier Ths Mallet 1852 Picot
2799 Philippe Abraham Le Masurier 1851 Picot
4289 Rachel Le Masurier Rive 1895 Croad
5447 Rachel Le Masurier Bisson 1898 Croad
7072 Rachel Le Masurier Hamon 1904 Croad
1871 Rachel Jane Le Masurier Le Gros 1887 Croad
5720 Rachel Marie Le Masurier 1857 Picot
89 Robert Le Masurier 18/10/1855 Sinatt
311 Rosa Mary Le Masurier Ahier 1934 Sinatt
3468 Sophia Le Masurier 1892 Croad
335 Sophie Elizabeth Le Masurier F Le Breton 1846 Picot
2795 Sophie Marguerite Le Masurier 1890 Croad
2199 Stanley John Le Masurier 1888 Croad
5359 Stanley John Le Masurier 1898 Croad
3589 Susan Le Masurier Forward Bray 1892 Croad
4828 Susanne Le Masurier Neho 1855 Picot
2531 Susanne Le Masurier Norman Cabot 1850 Picot
345 43 Suzanne Le Masurier Gallichan 1867 Croad
692 - 693 110 Thomas Le Masurier 11/08/1879 Sinatt
42 Thomas Le Masurier 1916 Sinatt
349 80 Thomas Le Masurier 1876 Croad
247 Thomas Le Masurier 1845 Picot
7283 Thomas Le Masurier 1860 Picot
7511 Thomas Le Masurier 1861 Picot
11029 Thomas Le Masurier 1867 Picot
12244 Thomas Le Masurier 1869 Picot
139a Thomas Le Masurier 1919 Le Quesne
140b Thomas Le Masurier 1919 Le Quesne
16277 Thomas Helier Le Masurier 1935 Croad
7035 Thomas Henry Le Masurier 1904 Croad
346 55 Thomas Jean Le Masurier 1869 Croad
8350 Thomas Jean Le Masurier 1909 Croad
1867 Thomas John Le Masurier 1887 Croad
96 Thomas Linthorn Le Masurier 1911 Sinatt
313a Vera Joan Le Masurier Huggett 1962 Le Quesne
157 Violet Maud Mary Le Masurier 1879 Croad
14113 Walter John Le Masurier 1928 Croad
13798 Walter William Joseph Le Masurier 1927 Croad
397 101 William Le Masurier 1871 Sinatt
166 William Smythe Le Masurier 1955 Pitcher
373&374 Winter Philip Le Masurier 06/01/1885 Sinatt
14908 Yolande Le Masurier 1930 Croad
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