Le Masurier family members who served in World War 1

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Le Masurier family members who served in the Great War


Rifleman Charles Gerald Le Masurier is buried in Bucquiere Cemetery, having been killed in action in 1917

Five members of the family lost their lives while serving in the armed forces and a further 29 saw active service in World War 1

Two brothers, sons of Charles and Alice, nee Beaugie, killed in action

  • Charles Gerald Le Masurier (1895-1917) son of Charles, Rifleman, Rifle Brigade, killed in action
  • John George Walter Le Masurier (1893-1916) son of Alfred John and Annie, died
  • John Le Masurier, 2nd Officer, Mercantile Marine, ss Vedra, died
  • Alfred Silas Thomas Le Masurier (1879- ) (St H) son of Alfred William and Mary, Sapper RE
  • Bertram Le Valois Le Masurier (1886- ) (London), son of Philip George (Jer), Private RASC
  • Charles Francis Le Masurier (St P) (1888- ) (St B) son of John and Mary Ann, Lieut, RNR, HMS Platypus
  • Charles Frederick Le Masurier (1879- ) (Sr H) son of Charles Frederick William and Susan Caroline Hockey, Fireman, Mercantile Marine, ss Ibex
  • Charles William Le Masurier (1899- ) (St H) son of Charles William and Amelia Rose Le Breton, Private, Royal West Kent Regiment, discharged for lying about his age
  • Clement Philip Le Masurier (1894- ) (St Luke) son of Clement Francis and Mary, Private, Dorsetshire Regiment
  • Edward Herbert Le Masurier (1893- ) (St H) son of John and Louisa Jane Le Mercier, Ordinary Seaman RN, HMS Chrysanthemum
  • Edwin Philip Le Masurier (1880- ) (St O) son of Edward and Maria Jane, Major, RMIJ, OV
  • Frank Le Masurier (St S), Private RJGB
  • Frank Le Masurier (St H) Officer's Steward RN, HMS Vega
  • George Edward Le Masurier (1890- ) (Lon), Jersey father, Private RAMC, illness
  • Gerald Wilfred Le Masurier (1887- ) (St C), son of Henry John and Mary Jane, husband of Alice, Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery
  • Harold Francis Le Masurier (1895- ) (St C) son of Philip and Marie, Private, Canadian Infantry, wounded
  • Henry Cory Le Masurier (1893- ) (Tr), Private, Machine Gun Corps
  • Huard Lionel Marett Le Masurier (1888- ) (St B) son of Philip Marett and Anna Virginia, Leading Deckhand RNR
  • Jack Le Masurier (St O) Australia
  • James Le Masurier (St H), Major RE
  • John Turnidge Le Masurier (1890- )(St Mt) son of John and Ann Turnidge, Private, Hampshire Regiment
  • John William Le Masurier (St H), Private, Labour Corps
  • Joshua Philip Le Masurier (1887- ) (St C) son of Josue Philippe and Jane Elizabeth, Lieut RNR, HMS Ravenswood
  • Leonard John Le Masurier (1890- ) (Tr) son of Thomas and Mary Ann, Pioneer RE
  • Louis R Le Masurier (1872- ) (St H) son of Charles and Jane, husband of Amelia, Sergeant, Rifle Brigade
  • Percy Le Masurier (St H), Driver, Royal Horse Artillery
  • Philip Le Masurier (1882- ), Mercantile Marine
  • Philip Henry Le Masurier (St Mt), Sergeant, Royal Garrison Artillery
  • Philip John Le Masurier (1869- ), Stoker Petty Officer RN, HMS Colossus
  • Philip John Le Masurier (1863- ) (St H) son of Philip Joseph and Mary Ann Le Tourneur, Mercantile Marine
  • Philip Wilfred Le Masurier (1882- ) (St B) son of Philip Marett and Anna Virginia, husband of Florence, Private, Australia
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