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Historic Jersey buildings

Le Parcq, Grouville


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Property name

Le Parcq

Other names

Le Parcq Farm


Rue du Parcq, Grouville

Type of property

Early 19th century farm group


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Bertram - Amice Bertram is believed to have built the house in the 1830s
  • Du Parcq - It seems that this property must have belonged at some point to the du Parcq family, of which the celebrated English Court judge, Lord du Parcq of Grouville, was the most notable member. The family lived in Grouville at least as far back as 1488. Alternatively they may have given their name to the road, and the house took its name from the road as properties began to be given names later in the 19th century
  • Labey - In 1901 farmer William Labey (1839- ), his wife Jane (1849- ) and their children William (1868- ), Arthur (1880- ) and Hilda (1877- ) were living here. In 1941 Herbert Charles Labey (1873- ) was living here with his second wife Elsie Claire, nee Le Blancq (1888- ) and his children Walter Philip (1898- ) and Nellie Wymark, nee Hoare (1900- ), by his first marriage; and Gwyneth Blampied (1929- ) and Lennard Wymark (1930- ) by his second marriage. The family association with the property continues with Grouville Deputy Carolyn Labey living at the Barn, Le Parcq, in 2021


  • ABT 1819
  • ABT JLG 1822 - For Amice Bertram, of Grouville, and Jeanne Le Gros, of St Martin, who married in Grouville on 30 January 1820
  • ABT JLG 1832 - For Amice Bertram and Jeanne Le Gros
  • IN(?) T SLB 1763 - Faintly carved on a displaced lintel now above a window in the 1935 extension. Not deciphered. It does not fit with any marriage in our database. The likelihood, given its date, is that the stone was brought here from elsewhere, or belonged to a property on the site before the construction of the present house
  • 19 Le Parcq 85 - On entrance lintel

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This early-mid 19th century farm group retains its overall integrity. The farmhouse and east yard outbuildings retain historic character and exterior features. Believed to have been built by Amice Bertram in 1830s. [1]

The land belonging to this property originally stretched all the way down to the seashore.

Five-bay, two-storey farmhouse with side wings and two-storey rear wing. Enclosed walled garden to south. Attached to north is courtyard formed by single storey outbuildings with entrance from the road.

Old Jersey Houses

Not included in either volume

Notes and references

  1. This suggested construction date is contradicted by the 1819 datestone for Amice Bertram on the property
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