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Historic Jersey buildings

Le Vouest, St Martin


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Property name

Le Vouest

Other names

  • Le Vouest Farm


Rue du Blanc Pignon, St Martin

Type of property

Group of farm buildings dating back to the 15th century


Sold for £775,000 in 2006 and £1.1 million the following year


Neither of these stones has been interpreted

  • 1658 IBIPL
  • CN 1811

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

The farmstead evolved between the 15th and 19th century and combines a great many architectural features with special historical significance. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

The house comprises a main building facing south and a rear wing at right angles at its western end. There is also a small single storey extension to the east of and in line with the main house.

The house may date to as early as circa 1400 with later phases of development in the 16th and 17th century.

The house is unusual in being visibly founded on rhyolite bedrock and containing more than 50% Ecréhous gneiss in its construction. There is also an extensive use of Rozel puddingstone.

There are exterior features of great interest such as a remarkable set of chamfered windows with accoladed lintels. The rear wing dates to the 16th century with significant 17th century alterations indicated by a gable kneeler. There is also an interesting projecting sill on an upper floor window at the rear.

The interior of both parts of the house have significant survival of historic structure and features including chamfered oak beams, moulded joists and corbelled granite fireplaces.

The single storey building at the east end of the house is reputed to have once been the parish prison.

The farmstead includes two detached ranges of farm buildings and a pigsty. To the west of the house is a range of farm buildings that appear on the 1795 map but have since been extended and heightened. The older part of the building contains about 70% Ecréhous stone. A door lintel of Chaussey granite records the date of the early alterations to the range.

The historic interior survives with oak beams and joists. To the south of the house is a range of farm buildings added in the 19th century. These are built mainly of conglomerate with some Ecréhous stone. Alongside the range is a granite pigsty.

A building which was added on the west side of the farmstead in the 20th century.

Old Jersey Houses

Despite its claimed antiquity, this property does not feature in either volume

Notes and references

This picture, supposedly of Le Vouest, was first added to the website in 2014. We are having difficulty matching it with the other pictures on this page taken from the HER report. It is possible that this is a head-on view of a restored side portion of the older picture in the box at the top of the page
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