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Origin of Surname

The surname Mainguy and its variants can be traced back to some of the earliest surviving documents in Guernsey. Dedicace des Eglises at the consecration of the Vale Church in 1117. A jurat called John Maingy signed an act in 1204 authorising construction of The Bridge]at St Sampsons, and William Maingy was one of ten Guernseymen who helped recapture Mont Orgueil in Jersey from the French in 1470.

In the late 18th and early 19th century, the Mainguy family were successful merchants and privateers.


  • Maingi
  • Maingy
  • Maingay

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Further Reading

  • Jamieson, AG (ed), A People of the Sea - the Maritime History of the Channel Islands, Metheun 1986


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