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Olive Malzard in 1915

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Families just don't any longer pose for photographs like this outside their home on St Helier's busy ring road. This was the Malzard family, outside their terrace house in Rouge Bouillon. Jerripedia editor Mike Bisson recalls that they were quite close cousins of his father's family, linked by marriage to the Twynams, who came to Jersey from Hampshire in the 1850s. The picture probably shows head of household Don Malzard (baptised John Abraham Malzard) in the hat on the right, his wife Rosina, nee Twynam with baby daughter Olive and elder daughter Rosina (Birdie), and was taken in 1897 or 1898. Also in the picture is Rosina's widowed mother Mary Twynam. Son John, born in 1892, is not in the picture. He was also known as Don in later life. Birdie married Percy Le Masurier but they had no children and after she was widowed she moved in with Olive, who never married, in a different part of Rouge Bouillon. John and Rosina Malzard moved house several times with their family. The 1891 census shows them at 26 Clearview Street, two doors away from Rosina's mother. John's occupation was solicitor's clerk. By 1901 they had moved to 56 King Street, where John was a tobacconist and cigar merchant. They can only have been in Rouge Bouillon for a few intervening years.

Origin of Surname

Malzard was the name for the round pot in which cider was set among the embers. It suggests to the Rev George Balleine that the original holder of the surname may have been somewhat tubby.

However, this is a common English surname, derived from Kirkby Malzeard, a village in Yorkshire to the west of the small city of Ripon. The place name means 'The church belonging to Malzeard', a reference it is thought to a Norman-French family, probably from Mallissard, a village in Northern France, who held lands in the area in the 12th century.

There are only a handful of Malzards in France today, predominantly in Manche in Normandy, and Ile-et-Vilaine, which is the adjoining Brittany Department.

Early records

The name is found in the Assize Roll of 1309, so has been established in Jersey for at least 700 years, probably a century longer.

  • Helier Malzard, born in St John about 1567, married (1590) Mathie Sarre (1567- ), daughter of Edouard and Marie Hue
  • Jane Malzard was born in Jersey about 1540 and married Nicholas Durell
  • Symon Malezard, baptised in St John in 1597 was the son of another Symon and Jeanne Arthur. He was Constable of St Joyn in 1525 and had a daughter Collette (1520- ) m (1540) Thomas Pinel (1515- ), s of Clement and Catherine Dorey
  • Elie Malzard, born in Trinity in 1596, married Elizabeth Le Masurier
  • Collette Malzard, born in St John in 1520 was the daughter of Symon, born about 1494. She married Thomas Pinel in St John in 1540


  • Malzard, 1668
  • Malzars 1607
  • Malsars, c1510
  • Maleshars 1515
  • Malezars 1370
  • Malesars, 1255
  • Le Malesars 1309
  • Malesarz (1227)
  • Malsard
  • Malzeard
  • Malzred
  • Malser
  • Malesard

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Imagine Jerripedia editor Mike Bisson's excitement when he read the message on this postcard sent to John Malzard in 1910. The sender, John's daughter Birdie , was Mike's paternal grandfather's first cousin (so Mike's first cousin, twice removed). 'I remember Birdie very well', says Mike. When she was widowed, she moved in with her sister Olive. They lived together for many years in one of those houses on the north side of Rouge Bouillon which lost its front garden when the road was widened, and is now accessed by steep diagonal stairs from the road below. My mother used to take me when she visited Birdie and Olive in the 1950s. I recall that they had a lovely grandfather clock, which I took a fancy to, and they promised to leave to me in their wills. They also had a model of Jersey's General Hospital, in a glass case, which I think was given either to the Hospital or La Société Jersiaise. Somehow it was my mother and father who got the clock, and it then passed to my brother. I enjoy the challenge of identifying and trying to trace the families of Jersey recipients of postcards which appear on auction sites, and this one proved easier than most. It did, however, encourage me to have another go at tracing the Malzard ancestry, which had previously proved elusive. The availability of family records for the second half of the 19th century enabled me to bridge the gap from John Abraham Malzard to earlier trees

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