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Letter from Maria Jane de Ste Croix to her brother Nicolas Francois de Ste Croix a few days after the end of the German Occupation of Jersey in 1945:

Dear Brother

"Once more I can write to you which I never thought I would. At last we are free after five years we can hardly realize it is true. Only for your wonderful Canadian food parcels we would have starved, and many would have died. They came just in time as the Germans had taken everything. We have been living on potatoes and swedes, very little meat and coarse bread. Everything was rationed. I do not know how we managed and at times it seemed very dark.
"God has been good, he has delivered us without any fighting. If the British and Americans had come over we would have all been killed. They could not do otherwise to get them out, that is why they did not come before it was all over because Jersey was the most fortified place. It was guns all around the coast. If there was a house in the way they brought it down. I have been lucky that they have not brought my house down.
"The British have some work to do. To see a British Tommy in his uniform is a joy, and they all look so pleasant. I have never seen anything like it, when they arrived to deliver us they could not move we were all so mad with joy. We have had a week of rejoicing. As soon as it is allowed I will send you the papers to see, it has all been so wonderful.
"I must conclude I am longing to have a letter from you to know how you all are. There is a lot of sadness so many have news that their relations are dead and so many have been killed in the air raids in England. We do not want to see any of all this again. Hoping you are all well, love to all."

From your loving sister Maria

Maria died less than two years after writing this letter, in her 78th year

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