Messervy genealogy collection in the Société Jersiaise Library

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Messervy genealogy collection in

La Société Jersiaise Library

This is an index from the library catalogue of La Société Jersiaise regarding notebooks and other records of the research undertaken by the Rev J A Messervy, the Société's librarian and pre-eminent island historian from the turn of the century until his death in 1920. The records appear to cover only the period from 1910 to 1920, which may explain why there are no recorded notes from some of Messervy's earlier published work


The notebooks reflects the various research projects undertaken by Messervy, and mainly concern Jersey families. Articles by Messervy on these families were published in the Annual Bulletin of La Société Jersiaise from 1879 to 1921 under the heading Notices sur Quelques Anciennes Familles Jersiaises.

What is particularly interesting is that there is only limited correlation between the articles and the notebooks. This list of notebooks includes links, where available, to the individual articles published in the Bulletin and translated from French for Jerripedia. It will be seen that there were published articles for only 14 of the 60 families for which Messervy created notebooks.

On the other side of the coin, there are 14 articles on families for which no notebooks appear to exist, although there is a mass of other paperwork relating to most of these and other Jersey families.

  • Ahier
  • Alexandre
  • Amy
  • Anquetil
  • Arthur
  • Aubin, unpublished
  • Balleine
  • Baudins
  • Binet
  • Bisson
  • Bree
  • Brevint
  • Chevalier
  • Collas
  • de Faye
  • de Ste Croix
  • Deslandes
  • Dumaresq
  • Durell
  • Falle
  • Gaudin
  • Gavey
  • Gruchy
  • Hamon
  • Hubert
  • Jeune
  • Jutize
  • La Cloche
  • Labey
  • Le Bas
  • Le Boutillier
  • Le Couteur
  • Le Gallais
  • Le Geyt
  • Le Masurier
  • Le Sueur
  • Le Vavasseur dit Durell
  • Lemprière
  • Luce
  • Maret
  • Martel
  • Mauger
  • Messervy
  • Neel
  • Nicolle
  • Norman
  • Payn
  • Perchard
  • Picot
  • Pipon
  • Poingdestre
  • Remon
  • Renouf
  • Robin
  • Romeril
  • Simon
  • Sohier
  • Touzel
  • Trachy
  • Vernon
  • Vibert

Also in the notebooks is information gathered on Cosmo Brevint, Corbet Court Martial, origins of names and localities, public officials, militia, extracts from the public registers.


Correspondence relating to families including Payne, Collas, Gibault, le Brocq, de Quetteville, Fautrart, Messervy, Whitley, Tourgis, Le Cornu, Nicolle, Falle, Jeune, Dumaresq, de Carteret, Payne, Thoreau, Le Cronier, Marriette of Grouville, de Carteret (St Ouen), Bisson, Dumaresq, Durell, Beuzeville and Huguenot ancestry, du Pré, de Faye, d’Auvergne, Le Breton, Mahaut, Le Breton, Collins and de Caen.


Various papers and extracts, including a study of civil and ecclesiastical titles in Jersey from the 15th century. Samedi Cour extracts, extracts from Acts of the Court re Militia. Extracts of the Calendar of Patent Rolls, and diary of Jean Chevalier, extracts from States reports 1691-2.

Family trees

Rough notes for genealogical trees/pedigrees


Extracts and notes re Fief des Arbres, Fief de Dièlement

Other material

Poems: Deslandes, Bisson, Le Boutillier. Inscription on house in St Clement. Corbet Court Martial. Corruption of Jersey names in USA. Almanach 1883. Notes from Daniel Messervy 1689. Extracts from registers for 1886 Notes on Cosmé Brevint. Extracts from Greffe re D'Auvergne. Gazette de Jersey extracts, 1813. Chronique 1881. List of Deans from Protestanism in Normandy. Centeniers. Militia. Cattel extracts. St Peter's Registers. St Martin's. Aaron Messervy Tree. Seigneurs of Fiefs: Bagot Collette des Augrès. Longueville. Les Augrès. Anneville. Avocats de la Cour Royale. Avocats. Fiefs in various parishes. Attorney and Solicitors general. Rectors. Constables. Denonciateurs. Greffiers. Ecrivains. Militia Officers. Notes on Registre Publique.

List of Jersey graduates at Oxford from 1661; Early contracts 1413, etc; List of families not listed in Payne's Armorial; Album of notebook sermons; Extracts from Extentes; Notes on Jean Chevalier; Le Masurier genealogy; Copy of letter from Duc de Montpensier to Czar of Bulgaria; Letter from Evening Post re history of Rouge Bouillon and Almorah; Notes on Fiefs of St Helier; Collas family coat of arms

Parish register extracts

St Helier parish register 1719-1821; St Mary 1649-1814; 1852 St Saviour 1738-1806; St Martin 1633; St Clement 1623; St Brelade 1560; Trinity 1826; St Helier 1762; St Martin 1650 -1735; St John 1741; Grouville 1598; St Martin 1598; St Lawrence 1681; St Martin 1644; Grouville 1633; St Brelade 1780; St Mary 1647; St Ouen 1634; St Peter 1588; St John 1594; Trinity 1610; St Helier 1597; St Helier 1627; St Martin 167; St Lawrence 1658; Grouville 1586;

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