Millennium stones and crosses

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Millennium crosses
and stones


Grouville cross

Millennium crosses were erected in each of Jersey's 12 parishes to commemorate the Millennium in 2020

Each large stone was supplemented by a smaller stone with a plaque. Each plaque shows the location of all the stones across the Island. It also shows the name of the Constable in the relevant parish, and other partners in the project. The wayside crosses were based on the design of the medieval wayside cross, using the cross now at Elizabeth Castle as a model.

Parish Location of cross Location of stone
Grouville Top of Grouville Hill Edge of Gorey village, on the grass area between the car park and the beach
St Brelade Top of Pont du Val, at the junction with the Airport Road La Pulente
St Clement Opposite the Parish Hall on commonland at Le Hocq Rue de Moulin, past St Clement's Church
St Helier Victoria Park Havre des Pas
St John Route du Nord Sorel Point
St Lawrence Junction of Mont Felard and Mont Cambrai Waterworks Valley near the ruins of Vicart Mill
St Martin Near Archirondel at the foot of Mont des Landes St Catherine's breakwater
St Mary Greve de Lecq, where monks from Sark landed bringing Christianity to St Mary Priory, Devil's Hole
St Ouen Entrance to St Ouen's manor Mont du Vallette
St Peter Top of Jubilee Hill St Peter's School
St Saviour St Saviour's school Grands Vaux reservoir (Rue a la Dame)
Trinity Parish church, top of Trinity Hill Car park above Bonne Nuit (Le Bechet)
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