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Miscellaneous businesses

Oldridge butcher's delivery van in 1900 ...
... and a return to that era with improvised transport for La Rocque Bakery during the German Occupation

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Richard Burrard's home and business were at 13 Halkett Street. He was described in the 1911 census as a 42-year-old fish merchant, born in Jersey. This picture taken the previous Christmas shows that he was heavily into poultry for the festive season. His wife Bessie, born in Tunbridge Wells, worked in the business, too, as did his mother, Jane. The Burrards had two daughters, Kathleen and Lilian
Pontac Stores bakery in 1911
1958 photograph of blacksmiths Charles Augusters Villars (1876- ) and his youngest son Henry George
Norman's staff with a large oak from Rosel Manor
Orange and Briard's Esplanade store
E Lee and Son had a music business at 22 New Street in the late 19th century. Piano manufacturer Edward Lee was born in Yorkshire in 1830 and married Mary Elizabeth Jenkinson in London in 1859, moving to Jersey two years later. Their son Walter Garnett Lee was born in St Helier in 1862 and joined his father in the New Street business. Initiallly Edward and family lived at 52 Don Street, where he continued working as a piano maker. The family then moved to Havelock Cottage, St Saviour by 1871 and were still there in 1881. Edward died before the next census in 1891
Le Monnier wine merchants' headquarters at 36 Bath Street

Boudin's for cycles and motor bikes

Rue des Pres Trading Estate

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