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Ship's passport

Not only have we never seen a ship's passport before; we cannot find any online reference to their ever having been issued in Jersey, save for a single reference in the website passport-collector.com, where we found this image. Apparently ships' passports became fairly common in the United States towards the end of the 18th century, but we have not been able to find any record of their being issued in the British Isles, other than this single example from Jersey. It was issued at Elizabeth Castle by Col William Deane, who was the Lieut-Governor in 1753, and the seal it bears is said to be his personal seal. It was issued to Louis Malouin, master of Le Conde for a voyage to Guernsey and back in August of that year, and was valid for the vessel and crew of four. William Deane became Governor of Upnor Castle in 1758 and rose to the rank of Major General in 1770. He is said to have had dinner on one occasion with Benjamin Franklin

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