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14 Hill Street, St Helier


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Property name

14 Hill Street


Hill Street, St Helier

Type of property

Town house then offices


No recent transactions

Families and businesses associated with the property

Almanac listings

  • 1874: J Le Masurier; Vernon, advocate; A Seale, solicitor; G T Marett, solicitor; C Cole, architect and surveyor
  • 1880-1895: A J seale, P J Falle, F R Le Brun, solicitors
  • 1900: Seale, Falle, Miss Le Masurier, C S Le Gros, H S Godfray
  • 1905: P J Falle, V J Bailhache, A J P Le Riche, F F Laurens, H S Godfray
  • 1910: V J Bailhache and H S Godfray
  • 1915: V J Bailhache and H S Godfray, P Healey, Mrs Thorburn
  • 1920: V J Bailhache and H S Godfray, L and W J Ogier, P de Gruchy
  • 1925: V J Bailhache and H S Godfray, L and W J Ogier, P de Gruchy, J F Le Cornu
  • 1930: Cristin and Bertram; J S Le Gresley, Superintendent Registrar; V J Bailhache; H Routley, Mrs Richardson
  • 1935: J Le Marquand, Spillers Ltd, V J and L V Bailhache, H Routley, Hans Berger and Co, Falkland Whaling Companyu, J W Machon, Mrs Carr
  • 1940: V J and L V Bailhache, H Routley, Hans Berger and Co, J W Machon
  • 1950: V J and L V Bailhache, E H Horne, G W Bertram
  • 1955-1970: V J and L V Bailhache, G W Bertram, Commercial Assurance, L M Gould, J W Lawson (1965), J Chapman (1970-1980), G Boxall (1980)
  • 1990: Bailhache and Bailhache

Census returns

  • 1851: John Le Masurier, 48, carpenter; Susan, 46; Susan, John, Mary, Rachel and Joshua. John Becquet, 55, messenger; Jane, 55, Eliza and Charles. Mary Lesculier, 43, charwoman; Louis, Allen, Armand, Eliza and Alphonse
  • 1861: Elizabeth Stratford, 56, laundress; Susan, 16, dressmaker. Francis de La Haye, 55, shoemaker; Mary, 60; Francis and Rachel, grandchildren. Charlotte Gilbert, 50, laundress; James, 15, butcher's Boy, Georgina, 12. Jean Malguerie, 49, carter. Susan Le Masurier, 56, laundress; John 28, sail maker; Susan, 30, shop assistant; May, 23, shop assistant
  • 1871: Susan Le Masurier, 66; Susan and Rachel
  • 1891: Harriet Le Masurier, 56; Harriet, 17
  • 1901: Horace Godfray, 29, photographer; Harriet, 27

Occupation registration

In 1941 John William Machon (1896- ) his wife Maria, nèe Flambard (1897- ) and their daughter Patricia Ann (1934- ) were living here.

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This well-proportioned three-bay 1820s house, built as one of a pair, still retains many historic features and lends a great deal to its twin (No 12) and its street context.

A building is shown on this site on the 1834 Le Gros map.

Mid-terrace, three-storey, three-bay. Front elevation: slate roof with a long box dormer. There are two brick chimney stacks, complete with square pots. Painted render finish with (now faint) ashlar effect. The centrally placed main entrance has a simple doorcase with inset bootscraper; timber four-panel door with a glazed overlight beneath a console-bracket. There is a slight batter on the front wall. Windows are mid to late 19th century, six pane margin sashes, without horns. The windows of the second floor are shorter than their lower counterparts. There is a pair of late 19th century timber shutters, with blind panels, at street level.

Notes and references

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