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No 15 Broad Street, St Helier


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This picture of Broad Street, surfaced with cobbles, is believed to date from 1910, the year after the new General Post Office opened at No 15. It is the third building from the left, with two pedestrians on the pavement outside

Property name

15 Broad Street

Other names

General Post Office


Broad Street, St Helier

Type of property

Rebuilt as Jersey's General Post Office in 1909


No recent transactions

Families and businesses associated with the property

Up to 1851 there were no obvious businesses operating from 15 Broad Street, although the tenaments at the rear were home to boatmen, mariners, carpenters, etc. The 1851 census shows woolen draper Peter Laffoley (1810- ) and his brother Elias Philip (1828- ) living there. Peter was married to Henriette Gellender and they had sons Peter (1864- ), John (1867- ) and George (1869- ). The family does not show in the 1861 census, but they were back by 1871 and Peter Laffoley was shown variously as a draper or tailor up to 1886.

Capt Le Dain, running his School for Navigation, appears in almanac listings for No 15 from 1886 up to 1900. The General Post Office had taken over by 1909 and the property remains the town's central post office to this day, although only as an outlet for the public, with all sorting and other operations transferred to Rue des Pres.

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This is a good example of Edwardian Classical style architecture. It's facade is restrained in articulation and detail in comparison to earlier Victorian Classical which are more common in Jersey.

Built in 1909 to replace the Post Office in Halkett Place. Designed in England. Three-storey, three-bay. Roof unseen behind parapet.

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