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Historic Jersey buildings

18 Hill Street, St Helier


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Property name

18 Hill Street


Hill Street, St Helier

Type of property

Town shop and offices


Sold for £365,000 in 2005 and £Q820,000 in 2011


Families and businesses associated with the property

Almanac listings

  • 1874-1886: Bott Brothers, paperhangers
  • 1890: G H Hinds
  • 1895: P Godfray, photographer
  • 1900: F W Hotton, Mrs Mauger, P J Bree, H D Romeril
  • 1905-1910: P J Breee, H B Jerram, H D Romeril
  • 1915: Mrs Hodgetts, P J Bree, R G Gray, H D S Romeril
  • 1920: P J Romeril, H D S Romeril, R E Gray
  • 1920: E J Jacobs
  • 1930: W A R Hill
  • 1935: French State Railway and Southern Railway, J T Buesnel, Mrs Hill
  • 1940: J R H Spearman, James and Chinn, E S Taylor, Royal Channel Island Yacht Club
  • 1950: Le Masurier, James and Chinn; P Le Masurier and Co; E S Taylor; Mrs Toy
  • 1955: P Le Masurier and Co; E S Taylor and Co; I M Le Claire; J E Taylor
  • 1960-1970: Eagle Star, Acme Investments, I M Le Claire
  • 1980: Sealy Ltd
  • 1990: Arrow Motor Insurance

Census returns

  • 1851: Nicholas Bott, 54, paper merchant; Mary, 48, shopkeeper; Louisa, John, Charles, Melvina, Adolphus, Mary Giffard, 25, Mary Amelia, granddaughter. David Perchard, 37, paperhanger; Charlotte, 40, Charlotte, Mary. Mary Le Seelleur, 42, grocer
  • 1861: Nicholas Bott, 64, paper merchant; Mary, 58; Charles, 20, engineer; Melvina, 16, shopkeeper; Adolphus
  • 1871-1881: Nicholas John Bott, 52, paper merchant; Louisa Isabella, 50; Laura Elizabeth, 21, milliner; William, 19, paperhanger; Charles, 17, boat builder; Adolphus and Ernest Giffardoe, 4, Marjorie, 3

Occupation registration

In 1941 Alice Jeanne Aubin, née Le Moine (1903- ), Cornelius Thomas Foy (1904- ), Joan Hilda Machon (1920- ) and her son Derek (1939- ) were registered as living here

Historic Environment Record entry

An interesting post-war building that blends in well with its much older neighbours. It retains most of its original exterior features and character.

Mid terrace, three-storey, three-bay. Front elevation: slate roof with over-sailing eaves, unusually good quality rainwater ware and a dormer with multi-paned casement windows. Painted plain render finish, with vertical louvre moulding to the large central protruding bay. The windows are a mix of large fixed-paned units with multi-paned overlights, and multi-paned casements. A pair of doors at street level are multi-paned matching the windows, all are in timber.

Notes and references

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