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30 King Street


Voisin's in the 1890s

This was the last of the King Street properties acquired by Voisin's in the 19th century as their department store spread, although 70 years later they would acquire No 32 and the confectionery and bakery business, Gaudin's.

The first record of the property is in a 1934 trade directory, which shows drapers Guiton and company trading there, but strangely also a coal merchant, P Perchard. At first sight it is unclear how two such different businesses could share the same premises, but the 1841 census confirms this arrangement and suggests that the main business was run by merchant Philip Perchard (60), who lived on the premises with his wife Jane (40) and a servant. Draper Thomas Guiton (45) is shown living at the back of the premises.

Accountant Francis Guiton was living at No 30 at the time of the 1851 census. Francis was the son of draper Francois Guiton.

The Guiton and Perchard families were linked. Francois Guiton (1794- ), the draper, married Catherine Perchard (1800-1875), the daughter of merchant Philippe and Catherine Noel


  • 1834 - Guiton and company, drapers; Philippe Perchard, coal merchant
  • 1841 - Philippe Perchard, merchant; Thomas Guiton, draper
  • 1851 - Francis Guiton, accountant
  • 1860 - Acquired by Voisin's
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