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37 Hill Street, St Helier


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Mary Lloyd, owner of Bergerac Wind Cellar in 1982

Property name

37 Hill Street

Other names

Lynwood House, 1886


Hill Street, St Helier

Type of property

Town house then offices


No recent transactions

Families and businesses associated with the property

Grandin: Jane Susan Grandin, née Vardon's 1921 will left this property to Henry Philip Grandin. She also owned Nos 35 and 39 either side

Almanac listings

  • 1886: P H Grandin, earthenware warehouse
  • 1890: P H Grandin, P Le Cras
  • 1895-1900: E G Hotton, Miss Fulford (1900)
  • 1905-1930: Miss Fulford, T Butel, E G Hotton
  • 1935-1940: F Fulford (1940), Miss FUlford, Mrs Marks, G Richardson, J F Richardson
  • 1955: Georgette. H C du Feu, J Ecobichan
  • 1960-1965: Georgette. J Berryman
  • 1970: C G Ferbrache, Miss Le Masurier, Mrs Banks, Mrs Donoghue
  • 1980: Swap Shop, Miss Le Masurier
  • 1990: Leonard Norman Insurance; Bergerac Wine Cellar

Census returns

  • 1851: Thomas Sherry, 51, shoemaker, Susan, 33, Susan, 1 month. Thomas de Gruchy, 44, painter; Jane, 31, Jane and Thomas. William Rose, 56, labourer; Ann, 50, laundress. Catherine Lauzard, 47; Catherine, 16. Sam Pengelly, 62, cabinet maker
  • 1861: Douce Renouf, 64, cousins Rachel Le Seelleur, 80, and Jeanneton Le Seelleur (78). Mary Billot, 45, dressmaker; Mary Johnson, 44, Dressmaker; Selina, 8
  • 1871: Mary Billot, Esther. Eliza Cavalo, nee Le Cornu, 38, fish dealer; John, Eliza and Albert; Mary le Cornu, mother
  • 1881: Philip Grandin, 31, merchant; Jane Susan, 26. Nancy de La Mare, 59, servant; Louisa, 15. Sisters Mary Brelot, 55, Esther, 51
  • 1891: Annie Grandin, 33, Stanley, Henry and Ethel
  • 1901: Frederick Fulford, 39, paperhanger, sister Selina, 42. Henry Touzel, 42, smith, and family

Occupation registration

In 1941 Herbert Charles Du Feu (1906- ) Frederick John Fulford (1860- ) and Elizabeth Mary Woodman (1887- ) were living here

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

An important survival of a town building with 18th century origins, which retains historic character. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795. It appears that this building was heightened by the addition of the top storey, parapet and attic accommodation about the mid 1800s.

Mid terrace four-storey with semi-basement, three bays. Front elevation: slate roof, with three gabled dormers, sits behind a parapet. Unpainted render with ashlar and keystone effect, framed by render quoin-work. Side entrance with modern timber door is reached by a flight of granite steps, with early 19th century railings. There is a large commercial entrance door and shuttered shop window at street level.

Notes and references

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