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4 Broad Street, St Helier


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No 4 is the building second from left, behind the horse-drawn cab

Property name

4 Broad Street

Other names

Richmond House


Broad Street, St Helier

Type of property

19th century town house, formerly a boarding house


No recent transactions

Families and businesses associated with the property


The first recorded occupants of 4 Broad Street were brazier T Aubin and Silversmith A P Sebire in 1833-34. By the time of the 1841 census watchmaker John Martyn (1804- ) was living there with his second wife Eliza, nee Biddlecombe, and six of his children by his first wife Molly Grandin. John and Molly had married in St Helier in 1824 and had eight children: Jean (1825- ), Thomas (1826- ), Susan (1831- ), Ellen (1831- ), Josue (1835- ), Ethelia (1836- ), Mary Susanne (1839- ), and Eliza (1840- ). John's second wife Eliza was only 14 years older than the eldest of her charges and would give John four further children: Eliza (1840- ), Elizabeth (1846- ), Eliza (1848- ) and John (1852- ).

In 1851 three separate households were listed at 4 Broad Street. Widow Jane Aubin (1791- ) was described as an ironmonger and was living with her two nephews George Frederick (1830- ) and John Square (1826- ).

Seed merchant Victoire Melanie Langelier, nee La Croix (1791- ), also a widow, was living with her daughter Zephirine (1830- ). Victoire married Pierre Francois Langelier from Manche, Normandy, in St Helier in 1822. The couple had four further children: Achille Jean (1826- ), Pierre Emile (1830- ), Anastasie Melanie (1832- ) and Elmire Jane (1834- ).

The third houshold was that of watchmaker Charles Thomas Bonner, born in England in 1823.

The advertisement above indicates that Wine merchant J Beaume was trading here in 1861, but the census shows tin plate worker George Frederick Square as head of the only household listed at No 4, living with his wife Patty Mary, nee Fleming (1835- ), born in Sark, and son Alfred Fleming (1860- ). Patty was widowed by 1871 at the age of 36 and living with children William (1860- ), Alfred (1860- ) and Alice (1863- ).

A second household was occupied by fancy stationer Louisa Cooper (1835- ), also a widow, and her daughter Jane (1867- ), plus a family of four boarders.

William Henry Le Dain (1841- ) was head of household in 1881. Also a tinsmith, William was living with his wife Maria, nee Davy, born in London in 1842, and their children Vida (1867- ) and William Charles Alfred (1875- ). Another son, Arthur, was born the following year. The Le Dains were at 4 Broad Street into the 1910s. In the 1891 census William Henry was described as a hotel proprietor, perhaps a link to the Richmond Boarding House sign.

Following the Le Dains there are references in almanac street listings to a number of residential occupants, as the ground floor of the property became part of the Au Gagne Petit and Le Poidevin's business which also occupied the two adjoining premises. In 1930 the property was also home to the Needlework Bureau and a Ladies Club.

  • Holden: Sisters Annie (1873- ) and Mabel Holden (1887- ) were living here in 1941

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This early-mid 19th century building contributes character to the streetscape with some original historic features remaining. Three-storey, three-bay.

Notes and references

No 4 on the right of the picture was the Richmond Boarding House when there were a number of similar establishments on the north side of Broad Street
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