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Historic Jersey buildings

8 Hill Street, St Helier


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Property name

8 Hill Street

Other names

Regent Chambers


Hill Street, St Helier

Type of property

Lawyers' offices. Dairy in 19th century, early 20th


No recent transactions

Families and businesses associated with the property

Almanac listings

  • 1874-1890: Mrs Drake, Devonshire Dairy
  • 1895: E Drake, R Ereaut, J Huelin
  • 1900: Miss Skeggs, R Ereaut
  • 1905-1915: Miss Skeggs, G Blampied
  • 1915: Weights and Measures, H Le R Edwards, J E Pinel, P J W Briard, J A Balleine, J M Ahier, CI Vigot, E Le Dain
  • 1920: J E Pinel, P J W and P W C Briard, J A Balleine, E Le Dain, O Mourant
  • 1925: J E Pinel, P J W and P W C Briard, J A Balleine, J Le Maistre
  • 1930:P J W and P W C Briard, J A Balleine, Mrs Hamon
  • 1935: P W C Briard, Read and Son, W T Scarborough, E Newman
  • 1940: P W C Briard, Read and Son, W T Scarborough, R F Girou, F S Godfray, Godfray Shipman and Co
  • 1950: Reads, Cocks, watson and Scarborough, C E Simon, E Bennett
  • 1955-1960: Northern Assurance, United Friendly Assurance, Taylor Leapingwell, E Bennett (1955 only)
  • 1965: Taylor Leapingwell, United Friendly Employers Liability Insurance Corporation
  • 1970: Taylor Leapingwell, United Friendly Equipment Trust
  • 1980-2024: Algemene Bank Nederland

Census returns

  • 1861: Edward Drake, 46, dairyman; wife, Mary 47; WIlliam, Ann, Mary, Edwin, Sarah, Celia. Isaac Thomas, 34, seaman; Mary Ann 36, Ann, 15, ironer. John Blackmore, 29, cooper; Elizabeth, 23, dressmaker
  • 1871-1891: Edward Drake, Mary, Sarah, 19, Annie Spriggs, 11, granddaughter
  • 1891: John Ross, 39, mariner; Cecilia, 36; John, Francis and Cecilia
  • 1901: Annie Skeggs, 39, dairy keeper; Jane Cole, 39, cousin

Occupation registrations

In 1941 Bernard Edward Bennett (1904- ) and his wife Eleanor Maud, née Gates (1909- ) were living here, as were Raymond Francis Girou (1906- ) and his children Raymond John (1931- ) and Joan Marie (1932- )

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

An interesting interpretation of the Gothic style, in the same idiom as Church House. An unusual example of 1960s architecture, which pays attention to its neighbours and works very well within its physical context. Mid terrace modern office block. six-storey, four-bay. Front elevation: flat roof. Concrete finish with plain recessed bay divisions between brick side-walls. Aluminium, plate-glass recessed window units, aluminium, concrete and glass recessed entrance at street level. The wall of the forecourt incorporates a granite datestone with monogram inscribed '1910'. The initials are hard to distinguish; there is a 'B' and 'I' but the final letter could be a 'V' or 'W'.

Notes and references

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