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Historic Jersey buildings

19-21 Bath Street, St Helier


This property is at the southern end of what was previously known as Lower Bath Street, the section from Beresford Street to Hilgrove Street. In 1926 the whole street was renamed Bath Street and renumbered.

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This photograph was taken by planning officers in 1967

Property name

19-21 Bath Street

Other names

  • Formerly 39-41 Lower Bath Street


Bath Street, St Helier

Type of property

Town shops


No recent transactions

Despite what is shown in this advert, J Harper's business was at 39 Lower Bath Street, not New Bath Street

Families and businesses associated with the property

  • 1880 - No 19 (39) Madame Le Maille, broker; No 21 (41) Madame Galliot
  • 1886 - No 19 (39) J Sullivan, publican; No 21 (41) Emile Tirel, broker
  • 1890-1910 - No 21 (41) E Tirel
  • 1915 - No 21 (41) P Menier, A Bailhache
  • 1920 - No 19 (39) J F Harper; No 21 (41) F Aubert
  • 1925-1930 - No 19, R Statt; No 21, A Le Boutillier
  • 1935-1960 - No 19, M J Mourant; No 21, A Le Boutillier
  • 1965-1975 - No 19, Broadway; No 21, Jersey Arts Centre, Tina
  • 1980 - No 21, Valley Shoes
  • 1990 - No 21, Marc Shoes

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

In common with most other listed properties in Bath Street, the HER entry gives minimal architectural details, no history of the property, and no indication as to whether any historical features remain inside:

A pair of early 19th century small scale shops.

No 19 is two-storey, two-bay, with a tall parapet masking the pitched roof, which is set at an angle to the front facade. The frontage is rendered in ashlar with emphasised voussoirs and a cornice. No 21 is two-storey, three-bay, with a slate roof behind parapet set at an angle to the front facade. The frontage is rendered with small block ashlar effect.

Notes and references

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