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Nos Iles


Nos Iles - A Symposium on the Channel Islands was published in 1944 by the Channel Islands Study Group, while the islands were still under German Occupation. Its aim was to inform a wider audience on the islands, and present some ideas on the challenges facing the Islands following liberation, and how they may be overcome.


The introduction lists those who contributed to the publication, with the exception of "...a number of collaborators who wish to remain anonymous". These are listed in the table below, with brief details of the islands they represented, and short biographical notes.

Contributor Life Island Notes
Sir Donald Banks (1891-1975) Guernsey Founder and first chairman of the Guernsey Society
W Bedelle-Aubin Jersey Musician
Laurence Adolphus Bisson (1895-1965) Jersey French scholar, wrote the chapter on education
Henry Brock (1889-1964) Guernsey Deputy Commandant of Royal Observer Corps, distinguished World War I pilot, founder and first Secretary of the Guernsey Society
W E Coles ( -1946) Guernsey Member of the Guernsey Society
John Sydney Crill ( -1944) Jersey brother of Peter Crill, later Bailiff of Jersey
Philip de Veulle Jersey Secretary of the Jersey Society in London
Herbert Fleure (1877-1969) Guernsey Professor of Geography, Manchester University
Arthur Grayson Jersey 1930s architect, including West Park Pavilion
Edward Hyman Jersey Trades unionist, Channel Islands representative of TGWU
Cyril Le Marquand (1901-1980) Jersey Founder of the Jersey Progressive Party
John Le Patourel (1909-1981) Guernsey Reader in History at University College, London, authority on medieval history
D'Arcy Le Tissier (1906 - 1978) Guernsey Horticulturalist, President of the Guernsey Growers Association (1958), Jurat
Harold Lucas (1901- ) Guernsey Contributor to the chapter on tourism
Albert Messervy Jersey Veterinary surgeon
Arthur Mourant Jersey Geologist, archaeologist and authority on blood groups
G Rice Jersey
Charles Rumfitt Jersey Founder member of Jersey Progressive Party, Deputy 1945
W F Svret Jersey
J P Warren (1888-1972) Guernsey Schoolmaster, States Intermediate School, and leading member of La Société Guernesiaise
Executive Staff of the Alderney Relief Committee Alderney
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