Old Court House, Gorey

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Old Court House, Gorey


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Property name

Old Court House


Beach Road, Gorey [1]

Type of property

House with early origins, converted to hotel and now demolished


The property was sold for £2,950,000 in 2016, prior to redevelopment, and there have been multiple sales of individual units since then

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Site of 15th century house; much altered and incorporated into modern hotel complex, now demolished.

Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Part of 15th century fireplace survived – albeit with the fireback broken through to create a doorway into the next room, and the lintel and jambs much later replacements.

Remarkable corbels of Caen stone ornamented with three scallops or curves circa 14-15th century.

Local tradition that the site was historically a court house, but no historical record to support this.

Building was demolished in 2017; the fireplace corbels retained by the developer.

Notes and references

  1. Not Rue a Don as shown in HER
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