Old Rectory, St Lawrence

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Old Rectory, St Lawrence


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Property name

Old Rectory


Route de l'Eglise, St Lawrence

Type of property

19th century country house, former Rectory


Sold for £750,000 in 2001

Families associated with the property


EBS ♥ EBD 1615 with 1811 added later. OJH speculates that this stone is for Bisson and Badier, but the wife could equally have been Baudains. There is no matching marriage record in our database

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

1840 house, former Rectory for St Lawrence, retaining historic character and exterior features. The third recorded rectory on the site.

The second rectory is shown in census records as a tenanted farmhouse.

The building was altered variously during the 20th century, including the addition of a dower wing and porch. The current plan form of the property appears the same on the 1934-35 Ordnance Survey Map.

The Rectory barn is now part of a separate property.

Old Jersey Houses

An entry in Vol One speculates about the origins of a carved stone in the garden, of what was then still the Rectory.

Notes and references

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