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Oxford House, St Martin


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Property name

Oxford House


Ruette de Faldouet, St Martin

Type of property

House with 15th or 16th century origins. Formerly a public house


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Circa 1600 house with 19th century extensions, retaining features of historic significance, including double voussoir doorway. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Used as a public house in late 19th century. Two-storey, four-bay house with two-storey, two-bay wing on the east side, and two-bay extension projecting forward to roadside.

Old Jersey Houses

The house was included as an addendum in later editions of Vol One, when it was undergoing alterations.

"One can now see that there is a double voussoired arch and a small accolade window surround, both typically pre-1600. There are many details here which suggest that an early dating is justified, such as the batter of the walls, the quarry markings on some of the stone, curved roof beams, etc.

The ground floor fireplace on the west is of most unusual design, the stone probably being from La Rocque. Instead of the customary pattern of uprights supporting quadrant corbels, which in turn support the lintel, in this case the sides are in one piece, moulded and projecting from the walls like a screen. There are no corbels and the lintel is wooden, perhaps a replacement.

"Taking all the evidence into consideration, this house can hardly date from later than 1550, and it is not impossible that it is fifteenth century, which is rare indeed.

"A wing on the north was added in 1896 and used as a public bar. Inside there is an internal window to enable the housewife in the kitchen to watch proceedings in the saloon."

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