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St John Parish Church


St John's Parish Church in 1905

St John's Parish Church in 1934

St John's Church is one of the 12 ancient parish churches of Jersey; it is sited next to a precinct in the middle of St John's Village, alongside St John's Main Road


The church was dedicated to St John the Baptist, but the emblem is the Maltese Cross of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem. The gold cross is on a green background, as a reminder of the oak trees, which may have given the church its full name of St John of the Oaks.


The church is known to have existed as early as 1150. It has a two-storey belfry surmounted by a spire. The western face bears the arms of Thomas Lempriere, Seigneur of La Hougue Boête and Bailiff in 1495.

The building is stone vaulted and has a slate roof. THere is a nave, south aisle, chancel, chancel aisle and vestry.

Inside the Lady Chapel are wall panels with the Ten Commandments, the Creed and the Lord's Prayer, all in French; services were held in French until the early twentieth century.

Parishioners had long wished to remove a pillar from the inside of the church to allow people to see the preacher. They eventually removed it while the Rector was on holiday in 1831, and placed it in the Rectory garden.

The parish registers date from 1594.



13th Century

  • Richard Guesdel abt 1297

14th Century

  • Richard Gerart 1309
  • Roger Hasteyn 1349

15th Century

  • Pierre Le Couteur abt 1498
  • Guillaume Britte 1499
  • Edouard Messervy 1499-1534

16th Century

  • Nicolas Maret 1542
  • Johan Journeaux 1546-1554
  • Jacques Amy 1554-1557
  • Edouard Hamon 1557-1559
  • Edouard Hamon 1559-1580
  • Oliver Menier 1583-1588
  • de la Vallée 1588-1590
  • Nicolas Le Duc 1592-1602

17th Century

  • Daniel Brevint 1604-1651
  • Josué Bonhomme 1651
  • Constan Guenard 1655-1662
  • Clement Le Couteur 1663-1714

18th Century

  • Elie Dumaresq 1715-1742
  • Charles Godfray 1743-1778
  • Thomas Syvret 1779-1790
  • Francois Ricard 1790-1800

19th Century

  • Jean Mallet 1880-1808
  • Michel Dupré 1809-1818
  • Philippe Dupré 1819-1848
  • Samuel Wright 1849-1863
  • Thomas Le Neveu 1863-1875
  • George Poingdestre 1875-1877
  • Edouard Luce 1877-1880
  • Adolphus-Orange Balleine 1880-1887
  • John Pepin 1887-1891
  • Ernest St John Nicolle 1891-1937

20th Century

  • Raymond Sefton Hornby 1938-1947
  • Arthur Reginald Anderson Watson 1947-1951
  • John Vernon Ward-Booth 1951-1965
  • Peter Geoffrey Kevitt Manton 1965-1985
  • Michael George St John Nicolle 1985-1994
  • Andrew James Thewlis 1995-2016
  • Beverley Louise Sproats 2017-

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A wall of memorial stones in the parish churchyard
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