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St Peter Parish Church


St Peter's Church is one of the 12 parish churches of Jersey; it is situated in Rue de l'Eglise


Saint Peter in the Desert Church is named after The Apostle Peter.


The church is know to have been in existence in 1066. The oldest part, the chancel, has walls made from large stones from the beach, and they are almost 4 feet (1.2 metres) thick.

The central tower supports a four-sided tower which, at over 120 feet, is the highest in the island. There are red warning lights on the top because the Airport is close by. There are windows at first floor level and long narrow slits above. The spire has been struck by lightening three times, in 1612, 1843 and 1848.

Inside there is a nave with two aisles; north transept (Lady Chapel); crossing; south transept, containing the organ and library; north-east chapel and choir vestry. At one time this was a garrison church for St Peter's Barracks.

There are some unusual stained glass windows, one devoted to farming and the other about the airport.



13th Century

  • Nicholas Le Galicien
  • Thomas Malherbe 1292
  • Guillaume Payn 1292-1309

14th Century

  • Richard de St Gillas 1349
  • Robert Le Vavasseur 1349
  • Roger Hasteyn 1350
  • Johan Condit 1371

15th Century

  • Jacques de Briqueville 1485-1496
  • Nicholas Gibaut 1496-1507

16th Century

  • Jean Larbalestier 1507-1532
  • Nicolas Le Brun 1546
  • Pierre de Chaumont 1576
  • Guillaume Eschart 1577-1583
  • Pierre de la Place 1583-1585
  • Pierre de Chaumont 1585-1586
  • Thomas Milet 1586-1610

17th Century

  • Elie Messervy 1614-1626
  • Daniel Gruchy 1627-1651
  • JosuĂ© Bonhomme 1660-1672
  • Hugh Grandin 1672-1731

18th Century

  • George Lempriere 1732-1742
  • Richard Le Feuvre 1742-1788
  • Jean Mallet 1789-1800

19th Century

  • Francois Ricard 1800-1815
  • George Balleine 1815-1829
  • Philippe Filleul 1829-1848
  • Clement Le Hardy 1848-1877
  • William Brine Le Maistre 1877-1897
  • Francis de Gruchy 1897-1940
Montague Wallis

20th Century

  • Montague Wallis 1949-1954
  • Charles Thacker 1955-1963
  • Evelyn Chavasse 1964-1973
  • Barry Giles 1973-

21st Century

  • M Poolton

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