Partage of Servais Le Breton's héritage

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Jersey Archive document L/C/133/A/6 Partages des Héritage between Jehan de la Haye, Pierres Beaucamp, Thomas Dorey and Pierres Le Geyt on behalf of their wives, part heirs to the héritage of Servays Le Breton son of Pierres. Records the partition of the héritage of the late Servays Le Breton. Jehan de la Haye acting for his wife Margueritte receives land including; in Clos de ses Cosines and rentes. Pierres Beaucamp acting for his wife Laurence receives unidentified land and rentes. Thomas Dorey acting on behalf of his wife Marie receives land in Clos de la Gommare and Les Costils du Douaire and rentes. Pierres Le Geyt acting on behalf of his wife Guillemette receives land in Clos de Perronet, land in Clos de la Gommarre and rentes.

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