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Percy Adams


One of the lesser known names of professional golf in Jersey is that of Percy Adams, who worked as a postman while pursuing a career in golf which led to his being professional at La Moye and participating in international tournaments

A native of St Martin, he was born there on 4 August 1887 and educated in the parish. He served in the army during the First World War and on his return to the island he married Hilda May Le Monnier.

After the couple moved to St Brelade, where Mr Adams had a postal round, in the 1920s he took up golf at La Moye, a course created by George Boomer, the first master at La Moye School.

Coached by Mr Boomer, who also had a hand in the careers of Open Champions Harry Vardon and Ted Ray, as well as his own son Aubrey, Percy Adams proved to be a very talented golfer and participated in tournaments in France and the UK, describing himself in his passport as a 'professional golfer'. He worked at La Moye as course professional until 1927, and then returned to his job as a postman until he retired at the age of 60.

He and his wife are buried together in St Brelade's Churchyard.

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