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Philip Bessom's will was written on 1 September 1797 and he died on 1 January the following year

"I bequeath to my loving wife Sarah the use and improvement of my whole estate both real and personal, for and during the time she shall remain my widow, with power to sell if in need. After my decease or her widowhood, to my son WIlliam and his heirs, the dwelling house in which I now live with the land under and adjoining, and the barns and building thereon, the said land consisting of about 23 acres bounded NW on th highway, SW on land formerly of SParhawk, SE on Marblehead Harbor, NE on land of WIlliam Waitt; to son John the E half of my lot lying in the town of Lyndsborough, County Willsborough, NH, called No 51 in the 2nd division of lots in said town, the whole lot containing 130 acres. After the decease of my wife or her term of widowhood shall expire, I give the reswidue of my estate to be equally divided among my children and grandchildren as follows: to my daughter Ruth Blaney and her heirs, 1/6 part; to my daughter Sarah Barker, 1/12th part; to my daughter Margaret Grant, 1/12th part; to my son John Bessom, 1/12th part; to my son Philip, 1/12th part; to the children of my daughter Grace Nance, 1/12th part, to be equally divided between them; to the children of my son, Joseph Bessom, 1/12th part to be equally divided between them; to my daughter Jane Freeto and her heirs, 1/12th part; to my daughter Mary CHinn and her heirs, 1/12th part; to my daughter Susanna Strong and her heirs, 1/12th part; to my daughter Hanna Anderton and her heirs, 1/12th part.

Signed Philip Bessom, 1 September 1797


Capt Philip Besom, Marblehead, Yeoman, Probate #2432, Essex County, Salem MA

Household and farming goods valued at $1248 Real estate valued at $5390 The schooner Peacock valued at $1100 Real estate:

The homestead (no address given) $2500
8 acres Neck Lane $560.00
Upper Division $150.00
½ Farm at Lyndesborough (Hillsborough County, New Hampshire) 125 acres $1050
Northerly end of dwelling at Nick's Cove $500
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